Get Your Own

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This is for Charlotte in my attempt to make her feel better! all fluff and cutsie..I am thinking there might be more not sure! if there is rating will change to M for what I am planning on writing. ; ) (unbetad all mistakes are my own)

Wilson unlocked the door and dropped his briefcase behind the couch.

"Greg?" He looked around the livingroom surprised that House wasn't in his normal place, sprawled out on the couch.

"In here!" he heard House and took off his coat laying it on the couch and making a mental note to hang it up later.


"This place isn't that big! I'm in the kitchen!"

Wilson suddenly stopped and, startled, "Doing what?" Wilson forced a laugh and made his way into the kitchen.

"Making dinner" House said matter-o-factly as he saw Wilson walk in.

Wilson gave him a tired smile and walked up to him, "Mmm...I love it when my man makes me dinner," he met his lips with House's and kissed him softly, he slowly pulled away and rested his forehead on the other man's, then kissed him again. This time much harder, pushing his lips apart and slipping his tongue into a mouth he knew to well.

Mmm..either someone died today or you are cheating on me and feeling guilty about," House looked at him, searching Wilson's face. There was something in his features, but it wasn't guilt.

"What is it?" House asked lifting his chin, making Wilson look up at him.

"I am not cheating on you" Wilson answered, exhausted.

"I figured that much" House let go and turned to the stove, "and no one died"

"No" Wilson agreed making his way to the fridge for a beer, "want one?"

"yeah" House turned to watch as Wilson bent over to grab two beers from the fridge, he smiled at the first thought that came to him at the sight of Wilson...

"I got a call today" Wilson said as he handed him the beer, House said nothing and looked at him waiting for him to continue.

Wilson took a sip and contemplated a moment, "Stacey's in town" he said finally.

House could suddenly breathe again as he realized he had been holding his breath. He looked down at his beer and took a drink.

"She wants you to have dinner with her" House finished for him.

"Yeah" Wilson took another drink feeling his throat dry up suddenly.

"Do I have to see her?" House smiled and looked at Wilson's face at it suddenly lit up.

Wilson laughed with relief, "No if you dont want to"

"Ok" House nodded, he kept a straight face but laughed a little inside at how cute Wilson's insecurities were sometimes. "She left him didnt she?"

"Yeah" Wilson said a little to quickly.

"Did you tell her?" House leaned on the counter and raised an eyebrow.

"What- oh about us?"

"No about Chase and Cameron" House rolled his eyes

"Uhh no not yet" Wilson looked down.

"Why not?" House looked at him, his eyes narrowed as he thought about what had held Wilson back. He could have easily told her he was with House.

"I couldnt...Greg...she's here because..." Wilson didnt even have to finish, House knew, "She's here for me" he finished for Wilson and took another sip of his beer.

"Dinners ready"