Hi everyone! well here is another chapter, Its rather short but the next one will be sure to satisfy. Enjoy!

Warning: House being House

"Don't do it" House said with a warning tone as he walked into Cuddy's office, coffee in hand.

The Dean looked up from the papers sprawled out on her desk and sighed, "Ok.." she turned her attention back to the paperwork, "I wont?"

House rolled his eyes taking a seat across from her, enjoying his coffee. He began to stare, Cuddy tried for as long as she could to ignore him but finally gave up, "What?!" she said slamming her pen down.

"Nothing, I just need to know you wont do it," House leaned back, finishing up his coffee.

"Do what?" Cuddy glared, "What is this, are we role playing?"

"Oh you know I only do that with Wilson nowadays" House smirked tossing his empty coffee cup into the wastebasket.

"Thank you for the images" Cuddy rubbed her temples looking up at him.

"Mmm.. Wilson in his naughty nurse uniform. I play the brilliant and sexy Doctor-"

"House!" Cuddy hissed leaning forward, "is there a point to you being here or are you just here to brag about your sex life…and the fact that you finally actually have one" she smirked at the now glaring House.

"Touchez" House remarked getting up, "Stacey's back-"

"Yeah she left a few minutes before you came in" Cuddy tried to read House's expression but it was blank.

"What did she want?" House asked looking at the door and back at Cuddy.

"She just stopped in to say 'Hi', she was supposed to meet with Wilson but apparently he was running late" Cuddy watched as House processed the information.

"She didn't say anything about getting her job back?" House raised an eyebrow at her.

"No…do you want her to get her job back?" Cuddy's thoughts turned to Wilson.

"No, she shouldn't be here…" House looked down trying figure out a way to finish the sentence.

"Coming between you and Wilson?" Cuddy offered.

"Trying…but its not going to happen. I have a good thing with him" House suddenly felt embarrassed for admitting that to her.

"Yeah…" Cuddy tried to conceal a smile, "well she didn't ask."

"And if she does-"

"And if she does…I will have to let her know there is no opening… so don't worry…

House nodded and turned to leave, "House!" Cuddy called after him.

He winced and turned to face her, "Do I want to know why Wilson was late today?" Cuddy asked, looking at a wide eyed House.

"Probably not… we were having sex" he said and left, leaving Cuddy rolling her eyes and shaking her head.

"Good morning children!" said House as he walked in to the conference room to find his three ducklings. One was busy with a crossword puzzle, one checking House's email, one pretending to read a medical journal, and none with a file that might indicate they had a case.

"How nice of you to show" said a bitter Foreman not looking up from his journal.

"Yes well how could I miss all this excitement?" House shot back walking over to the coffee machine.

"I see your finally bringing Wilson down with you" remarked Cameron looking up from the computer screen, "He made Wilson late" she informed a wide eyes Chase.

"I've been bringing Wilson down with me for quite a while now…if you know what I mean" He gave her a devilish grin and winked.

Chase suppressed a laugh as both Cameron and Foreman rolled their eyes.

"But don't worry, I think he likes it. He does come every time." he finished stirring his coffee and began to walk out but stopped and turned to Chase, who was now flushed from trying to hold back his laughter.

"You" House pointed at him with his cane, "come get me in five." He opened the door but changed his mind again, "make it ten and knock."

Chase shrugged his shoulders and turned to look at a now glaring Cameron, "What?" he asked innocently, " You brought it up!"