A/N - Sooo...I came out with another Grey's Anatomy story! I guess you could call it a "crossover" of sorts. It's basically just Dirty Dancing with the Grey's Anatomy cast. This has sort of been a fantasy of mine so I decided to write it down. And I liked it so much that I wanted to share it with you guys! Consider it a gift from me to you. And as of right now, the rating is T, but could change to M depending on how descriptive I want to get. ;)

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Cast (in case you get confused) -
Frances (Baby) Houseman: Meredith (Mer) Grey
Johnny Castle: Derek Shepherd
Dr. Jake Houseman: Dr. Ellis Grey
Mrs. Marge Houseman: Thatcher Grey
Lisa Housman: Lexie Grey
Billy Kostecki: Mark Sloan
Penny Johnson: Addison (Addie) Montgomery
Neil Kellerman: George O'Malley
Max Kellerman: Richard Webber (for the sake of making sound okay, the mountain house is still going to be called Kellerman's)
Robbie Gould: Alex Karev (I'M SORRY!)

Chapter 1

"Mer? Mer, we're here."

Reluctantly, Meredith Grey opened her eyes and glanced out the window. Kellerman's was everything her mother described to her: teeming with families playing croquet, charades, and doing the bunny hop on the green. It wasn't exactly her idea of a summer to remember, but she wasn't here for herself. It was high time her mother took a vacation and if she had to fox trot on the side of a mountain to get Ellis Grey away from the hospital, then she'd do it.

Lexie Grey peeked out the window too and groaned when she saw one of the bellhops bringing in a huge stack of shoes while another one was rolling in a huge rack of clothes. "Oh my God. Look at that! Dad, I should have brought those coral shoes. You said I was taking too much."

"Well sweetheart," reasoned Thatcher Grey who was still sitting in the passenger's seat trying to comfort his daughter, "you brought ten pairs."

"But the coral shoes matched that dress!" she whined.

Ellis and Meredith glanced at each other and rolled their eyes. "This is not a tragedy," Ellis informed her youngest daughter. "A tragedy is three men trapped in a mine, or police dogs used in Birmingham."

"Monks burning themselves in protest," Meredith added as she leaned against the hood of the car.

"Butt out, Mer," Lexie growled.

"Doc!" The four Greys turned and saw a tall, aged black man walking towards them with a diplomatic grin and a boy in a white t-shirt, a red sweater, and jeans following at his heels. "Doc!"

Ellis smiled back. "Richard!"

He laughed. "Doc, after all these years I finally got you up on my mountain."

"How's the blood pressure?" she asked him.

Richard turned to her two daughters and gestured to Ellis. "I want you girls to know…if it weren't for this woman, I'd be standing here dead." Then he turned to the boy standing next to him and muttered, "Mark, get the bags."

Mark nodded, and murmured, "Right away, Doc, right away," as Thatcher handed him the keys and a tip.

Richard turned back to the rest of the family as he told Ellis, "I kept the best cabin for you and your beautiful family."

Always the helping hand, Meredith went around the car to help Mark with the bags. After he opened the trunk, she pulled out two of the bags and laid them out on the grass. "Hey, thanks a lot," Mark said with a smile. "You want a job here?" Meredith grinned back, hoping that perhaps this vacation wouldn't be so terrible.

Meanwhile, Ellis and Thatcher were talking to Richard. "There's a merengue class in the gazebo in the next few minutes. The greatest teacher. She used to be a Rockette."

"It's her first real vacation in six years, Richard," Thatcher said with a smile as he wrapped his arms around his wife. "Take it easy."

Richard shook his head. "Three weeks here, it'll feel like a year."

Moments later, Meredith found herself in the middle of a huge crowd in a gazebo stomping to an upbeat Latin song, trying to follow the movements of a tall, skinny red-headed dance instructor. "Come on ladies! God wouldn't have given you maracas if He didn't want you to shake 'eeeeeem!" she shouted as she leaned forward with her arms outstretched and shook her ample bosom.

Ugh, Meredith thought to herself as she danced with a lady that looked like she lived through the Jurassic era, Why am I here again?

Later that night, Meredith managed to slip out of her cabin. If she had to listen Lexie complain one more time, she just might have strangled her. "Mom, Dad, I'm going up to the main house to look around."

From her cabin, the main house looked like one of those old fashioned boarding houses in Europe. Dusk was descending upon the mountain and the lanterns were lit, giving the whole place cozy, yet elegant glow.

Meredith walked around the building, but stopped when she saw Richard talking to a horde of waiters in the dining room. "There are two kinds of help here," he said. "You waiters are all college guys, and I went to Harvard and Yale to hire you. And why did I do that? Why? I shouldn't have to remind you. This is a family place. That means, you keep your finger out of the water, your hair out of the soup, and show the goddamn daughters a good time." He glared at them. "All the daughters. Even the dogs. Schlepp 'em out to the terrace. Show them the stars. Romance 'em any way you want."

Meredith felt a wave of disgust course through her. She couldn't believe Richard's hypocrisy—as much as he wanted to sell this place as a family resort, he was using all of his resources to suck all the money out of his guests.

At that moment, several guys in red shirts were led by a very tall man with curly, unruly black hair and shadows across his cheeks. Though his face was hidden behind a pair of dark sunglasses, Meredith could tell by the rest of his face that he was incredibly handsome with a chiseled, rugged bone structure, but she wished he would take his glasses off so she could see his eyes. He wore a tight striped shirt that showed off just how distinct his prominent muscles were, and it certainly helped that he had his jacket tossed carelessly over his back, showing the definition in his biceps. Richard saw them cross the dining room and growled, "Hey, hold it! Hold it!" They all stopped, and their apparent leader turned to face Richard. "Well, if it isn't the entertainment staff. Listen, wise ass, you've got your own rules. Dance with the daughters. Teach 'em the mambo…the cha-cha, anything they pay for. That's it. That's where it ends. No funny business, no conversations, and keep your hands off!"

One of the staffers snorted. "It's the same at all these places. Some ass in the woods maybe, but no conversation."

"Watch it, Rodriguez," Richard growled.

One of the waiters smirked at the guy in the sunglasses. "Can you keep that straight, Derek? What you can and can't lay your hands on?"

Derek walked back to the table the waiter was working on and smirked. "Just put your pickle on everybody's plate and leave the hard stuff to me." And with that, he swatted the carefully folded napkins off the table that the waiter had so meticulously laid out and walked off to the laughter from the rest of his friends.

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