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Death Is Eternal

Chapter Twenty-One

Fallen Angels

Bella's POV

The search for Jasmine was on. During the family meeting, everyone had agreed that James would not have hid Jasmine very far away. In fact, the Cullens wanted to search the woods and mountains behind the mansion. I asked Alice if she had, had a vision of Jasmine, hoping to get a lead. To my disappointment, she shook her head. Noticing my sad face, the pixie smiled reassuringly.

"I'll keep looking for her," Alice said cheerfully, "don't worry so much, Bella."

Like I needed more people to tell me to relax and not worry. The next person who did was going to get a nice slapping. Vampire or not.

"Edward, Bella, Jasper, and Alice," Carlisle said, "you will all head towards the mountains. The rest of us will go look in the forest. "

Edward intertwined his fingers with mine and began to walk/drag me to his car. Jasper and Alice already there, were waiting impatiently in the backseat. Edward started the car and I stared out the window. Luckily, no one felt the need to fill the silence. I do not think I could have talked anyway. My thoughts were only on my daughter.

In no time at all, we were at the base of the mountains. Edward stepped out of the car and took a deep breath, trying to see if he could smell Jasmine. He shook his head as the rest of us climbed out of the car. We walked for at least ten minutes, none of us saying anything. I was not sure exactly why I was here. I was useless. Unlike the Cullens, I do not have super vision and enhanced sense of smell.

"Guys, stop," Jasper said suddenly.

I turned around to see that Alice was standing stock-still, not moving. Her blank face stared straight ahead. She was having a vision. It only lasted a few seconds.

"Did you see her?" I asked, excitedly.


"Well, was she okay?"

"Um, she was lying on the ground. She was not moving, but she could have been sleeping. I only saw her backā€¦.she had blonde hair right?" Alice questioned.


"Then it was her. She was lying in the mouth of a cave. There was snow...so I'm assuming it's higher up in the mountainsā€¦."

"Let's head there then," Edward said. He pulled his phone from his pocket and probably called Carlisle. He talked too fast for me to hear, and the conversation did not last long.

Edward pulled me onto his back and we were off. I was able to keep my eyes open this time and I kissed Edward's neck. He smiled and whispered a "thank you." We only ran for about five minutes. I did not want to know how far we were from civilization. It was snowing up here and when I looked behind me I could see almost all of Washington. No exaggeration.

I also made the mistake of looking down. It was a long way down. If I lose my balance for even a second, I would be tumbling down to my death. Good thing Edward was here. I pulled my coat closer around me and followed the three vampires through the snow. There were a lot of sharp twists and turns in the narrow passage. I clung to Edward's arm, as my feet danced crazily on the ice. Alice had wandered several yards ahead, probably searching for the cave.

I was too busy putting one foot in front of the other to notice that Edward had stopped moving. I crashed into him; he was so hard that I might as well have run into a brick wall, it felt about the same. As I rubbed my now sore nose, I glanced up in the general direction of Alice.

I froze.

Alice's face was a mask of horror. Her topaz eyes wide as she covered her mouth with her hands. Her eyes met Edward's and his grip on me tightened.

"Edward! Edward, what's wrong!?" I shouted in fear.

I started moving forward, towards Alice. But, Edward held me back. I turned to him, growling:

"Let go of me!"

Shocked by the venom (no pun intended) in my voice, he let go. I darted, my feet slipping and sliding on the ice. As I reached Alice's side, I briefly heard Edward cry:

"Bella! No!"

I barely head him though. My ears were ringing and black dots filled my vision, my legs gave out from under me. I collapsed on the ground and I cut my palm on a rock. I distantly felt something warm sliver down my palm. As I stared at it, I could not recall what it was.

Until I heard a snarl rip through the air. I looked up in time to see Edward launch himself at Jasper whose wild black eyes were focused on my hand. Alice was helping Edward pin Jasper down. I cringed and started scooting away from the fighting vampires.

One minute I was moving away and the next I was tumbling through the air.

End of Chapter Twenty-One

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