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Free Fall Part I

Based on an idea from Sifichick…


...exit light… enter night… take my hand…we're off to never never…

"Dean, you okay?"Sam looked over at his older brother who was clinging to his seat with clammy hands and doing everything he could not to freak out completely.

"Uh… what? Oh yeah… just peachy, Sam!" Dean took an even harder hold on his seat as he noticed the tiniest movement from the flight. Why the hell did I agree to this…? AGAIN!

Sam couldn't help it and let a little grin appear on his face. He knew he should at least try and have some compassion when it came to Dean's fear of flying but he could never really get used to the fact that his superhero of an older brother was afraid of something, let alone flying.


24 HOURS EARLIER – Motel room

"Dude I seriously hope you're kidding, and even if you are, it isn't funny." Dean grunted from his bed, face buried in the pillow, not even awake enough to determine if this was a dream or not.

"Dean, come on, get your ass in gear." Sam walked into the room with two cups of what used to be fresh hot coffee but now had turned cold.

"Whaaat?" Dean grunted still trying to get a few more minutes of sleep.

"I got coffee?" Sam said with an evil grin upon his face, and finally Dean's head rose up from the comfort of his pillow.

"Why didn't you say so right away?" Dean got up to a sitting position in the bed, snatched the coffee from Sam and started to sip it down before he spat it out again as his face crinkled in distaste.

"What the hell? Sam! This is cold!"

"Never said it was warm." Sam grinned. "I had to do what I had to do to get you up."

Dean grunted again and fell back into his favorite sleeping position, trying to ignore his younger pain in the ass brother.

"Dean!" Sam sat down on his own bed. "I really think we should check it out. It doesn't have the feel coincidences and besides, it's only in the next town...would save you some driving?"

Dean lifted his head up again. "First off...I'd rather drive a whole month with my girl than to the neighbor town of nowhere-city with you. Second, we just finished a hunt like five hours ago… how about a day or two off?"

"This is what we do, Dean. If we don't, no one will and more people will die." Sam gave his big brother the 'puppy eyes of eternal hope for goodness in the world'. Dean knew he didn't have a choice, cus once his brother was set on something he wouldn't give up unless Dean could come with a better counter-argument, and really, that didn't happen very often.

"Fine, fine, fine!" Dean sat himself upright in the bed again. He shot a hopeless look towards Sam before he let his hands run threw his hair not really helping the bed-head look he was currently sporting. "What've you got, Sammy?"



The plane had leveled out now but Dean was still looking like a scared squirrel where he sat humming Metallica songs over and over.

"You want me to go through it again?" Sam asked. He knew that Dean knew the story by heart and that he really didn't need to hear it once more, but he thought that maybe it would calm his brother down a bit having him focused on the case and not the flying aspect of it.

Dean didn't speak. He only looked over at his brother, then straight ahead, then over at Sam again before he nodded 'yes' and turned his head forward again.

"Over the last ten years there have been several parachute accidents. At first most of them look like 'normal' accidents and many of 'em probably were, this place has always had a more than the 'normal' amount of accidents but nothing people would really notice. Over the last few years the number has increased, but it wasn't until about 3 months ago that the rate really sky rocketed." Sam looked over at Dean who for the first time was extremely focused on what he said. Not necessarily because it was interesting, but more because he wanted to stop focusing on the fact that he was in a little plane that sounded like it would fall apart at any given time. "Everything I found all came down to the same conclusion, it had to be a vengeful spirit. Now typically this would be an easy case…"


22 HOURS EARLIER - On the road

"What about bones and salt and burning and all that cozy stuff?" Dean looked at Sam with hope.

"There are no bones. They never found Harrison's body."

"Why now? I mean why's the spirit so pissed off now? So... all of a sudden?" Dean had been throwing questions at Sam all morning in hope of finding some kind of loophole that would make Sam question this thing enough to let it go.

"Well we both know that when a person dies and become a spirit it doesn't necessarily have to be "evil" from the get go. Often it can take many years before a sprit becomes vengeful at all. This one's probably been on the vengeful side for a long time but only in the last few months has it started to go after whatever it can get it's hands on. Story goes that someone tried to sabotage this Harrison's jump and that whenever he appears he takes over the jumper's body and re-lives the jump that killed him, which is probably why this spirit has become so vengeful so fast. If he doesn't know that he is a spirit, and he only exists whenever he takes over a jumper…it would be like living your worst nightmare over and over." Sam drew a deep breath that caused Dean's eyes to fill with worry, knowing that he wouldn't like what was coming next.

"SAM! Spit it out!" Dean growled weakly.

"I looked into some of Dad's old stuff, and some of Bobby's, and found some stuff on my own at the library. If we'd get close enough to the spirit we could do this ritual chant that would send this spirit to it's final rest."

Dean spocked an eyebrow and tilted his head to the side. "And how are you planning on getting close enough?"

Sam drew another deep breath. "We…" he paused and saw how the look in his brother's eyes changed, "…have to jump out of a plane, find the spirit and do the ritual." Sam tired a smile to ease his older brother's mood.

Dean didn't answer. He didn't want to answer cus either way he would lose big time.

"You got an better idea?" Sam asked knowing his suggestion might seem a bit off, even compared to the regular crazy that they did all week long.

"Well how could I ever top the fact that you want to jump out of a plane to do a ritual to send this spirit to...wherever they go?" Dean said sarcastically.



"You do realize I hate you right now, Sam?" Dean said with his teeth clenched together.

"I told you that you could stay behind, I could do this on my own."

"Yeah over my dead body. No way am I going to stand on the ground while my little brother is fighting off a spirit that takes over people making 'em re-live its final fatal nightmare before sending 'em crashing down to the ground face first. Yeah, I think I'd rather be here than to scrape Sammy parts off the asphalt later." Dean tried to joke but not even he found it remotely funny. "Besides… this is a two man job. If the spirit appears it's gonna take over one of us, which leaves one to do the chant." Dean paused before he continued, "And when were you going to tell me you had done this before?"



"Hi my name is Sam Jones and that," he pointed through the window toward his big brother who seemed to be staring trance-like out the windshield of his Impala, "...is my brother Dean," Sam smiled.

"Drew Simpson." He shook Sam's hand. "What can I help you boys with today?"

"It is his birthday so I thought I'd take him for a jump." Sam started to explain. "We've had our courses and got the licenses but we were wondering if you could give us a speed course to kinda refresh our memory before going up. Better to be safe than sorry you know?" Sam smiled.

"Sure no problem. When do you guys want to go up?" Drew asked.

"Soon as possible…today would be great?"

"I think we can arrange that. Wait right here and I'll see if I can find you someone who's available at the moment." Drew turned and went into the office building.

"What did he say?" Dean asked as he walked slowly up to Sam from behind.

"Hey, you got brave enough to get yourself out of the car! I am impressed!" Sam grinned while he applauded, his smirk gently mocking his brother. He nudged his Dean's shoulder gently to show he may be teasing him but that he was there for his brother. "He said he'd try and find us someone who could be our instructor right now. The faster we get this over with the faster you can relax right?"

"Yeah Sam… Yipp-ie..." Dean scowled at Sam.



"Well it never came up Dean." Sam answered his brother's question, "Did YOU ever think that skydiving was something that we were suddenly going to be talking about"

"Well guess what Sam... looks like it just did come up."

Sam grinned again.

"Stop that!"

"What?" Sam chuckled.

"That grinning… this isn't funny dude!"

"Nah, you're right. It was better when you were trying to convince Hayle that you had jumped before."



"Wow, who's that?" Dean asked grinning as Drew came back out with a girl in her mid twenties walking beside him.

"This is my daughter Haley."

"Hi" was the only thing she managed to say before Dean cut her off, almost jumping in front of Sam to get the first greeting.

"I'm Dean!" He put on his best smile.

"Hi Dean." She smiled back, mostly because of his enthusiasm.

Drew shot Dean an evil eye that made him back off a few paces. "She will be your instructor."

Sam nudged Dean to snap out of his steering mode. "That will be great." Sam shook Drew's hand again before Haley motioned the boys into the hangar.

"So you've done this many times?" Haley asked.

"Uh? We have? I mean, we have!" Dean stumbled in his words and gave Sam a confused look.

"Yeah we took our licenses some years ago, but it's been a while since we've jumped." Sam shot in more confident than his older brother, almost too confident. Like it wasn't even a lie...


"You should have seen the look on your face Dean" Sam laughed. "It was priceless!"

"How was I supposed to know my brother had done this before? Thought you wanted SAFE in your life?"

"Jess challenged me. We took a course together and had a few free fall jumps on our own. There really isn't anything to it. It's just taking that first step out of the plane." Sam smiled, he couldn't help it really. Dean was trying so hard not to be nervous as hell and had turned most of his feelings into halfway suppressed anger towards Sam.

"Of course it is only to take one step Sam, even I know it's kinda hard to go back once you are flying sky high."



"So why lie to go skydiving?" Hayle asked Dean who was sitting beside her on the hood of the Impala. Sam was inside to pay for their lesson and set up a plane for the next day.

"What? Lie? We haven't…"

Hayle raised her eyebrows at him

"When did you notice?" Dean asked.

"I think it was during the first five minutes of the lesson when I gave you your 'chute and you didn't know what was what." She giggled.

"You're going to ground us?" Dean asked almost hoping that she would.

Hayle looked over at Dean. "Well… first off you are a fast learner. Even if you haven't done this before I think you'd survive the jump…"

"Thanks a lot." Dean shot in. "Glad you got hopes for my survival" he grinned.

She laughed and smiled back at him. "But…" she paused, "You have to give me a good reason. No one wants to jump out of a plane not knowing what they are doing for no apparent reason. And I know that you aren't suicidal 'cause then you wouldn't have had me give you a lesson."

Dean sighed, "You wouldn't believe me even if I lied,"

"Try me."


"How did you get her convinced anyway?" Sam asked.

"Wouldn't you like to know…?" Dean grinned. "You see these eyes? You're not the only one who can do the puppy eyes you know."

"Eh… whatever dude!" Sam giggled.

The plane shook and Dean's face suddenly went from his confident snarky self back to 'scared to death of flying' mode. "Sam… this is NOT normal!!" Dean screamed through his clenched jaws.

"Dean!… Dean!… Dean!" Sam shot his elbow into Dean's arm. "Relax Dean, I am sure it's just an air pocket that's causing some turbulence."



Next chapter will be up very soon it is just that this was a bit long for a one shot, and if I am lucky someone will find this interesting and be around for the next chapter. But trust me… there will be some kind of thrill… hopefully.