Free Fall Part II

Based on an idea from Sifichick…


"…princeps milÌtie celestis, Satanam aliusque spÌritus… spÌritus…?"

"…malÌgnos.." Sam tried to help as he entered the room but the look Dean shot him didn't seem too pleased. "What?"

"It won't stick" Dean got out of bed where he had been lying trying to memorize Latin and walked over to a fresh cup of coffee Sam had brought him. "And for the record…" he took a sip before he continued, "I think this idea is suicide beyond any doubt."

"Dean I know you're worried... but you'll be fine… we'll be fine. Haley did tell you that you were a fast learner, and most likely you would do just fine…"

"Yeah Sam that is the point…"

Sam raised his eyebrows at his elder brother, "What? That you'll do just fine?"

"No… that I MOST LIKELY will do just fine… and this is the jump… not considering the fact that if one of us gets taken over by a spirit and the other one has to be close enough to chant Latin that we have to remember just right, if not, it might go more wrong than right. To be honest I don't think MOST LIKELY is a good enough reason to sacrifice ourselves. If people want to jump out of planes maybe they deserve what's coming to them?" Dean took another sip of the coffee.

Sam knew that his brother was…actually rational, but he knew Dean knew that this was the only thing they could do to save other jumpers and to get this spirit. Sure it was a bit of a long shot but he truly believed that this would be just fine. He also hoped that the spirit would take over Dean. If so Sam knew that he would manage to get himself to follow Dean and he already knew the Latin chant. He never mentioned this to his brother though. Why cause him more worries than he already had?



Sam was getting a bit worried himself. He saw the anxiety that shone threw his brothers eyes as the planes turbulence stopped. A few drops of sweat rolled down Dean's face and his grip on his seat was so hard that Sam was sure it would give at any moment. He knew his brother would be bothered by this case, and he knew he might have pushed a bit too hard to handle this thing, but he'd really had no clue that it would be THIS bad.

"Dean?" Sam said in a calming voice.

"Sam!" Dean responded in a more tense tone giving Sam the heads up that he was not a happy puppy at this moment.

"Dean… we can cancel this…" Sam said, knowing that it might be a big mistake but not wanting to have his brother die from the shock either. Dean turned his head over at his baby brother who seemed so understanding. And even if Dean felt weak for freaking out like this he couldn't help the surprised happy look that came over him. "Really?" He said sounding a little too much like a little boy filled with hope.

"I didn't think it would be this bad for you, Dean… All I cared about was stopping this spirit NOW and I didn't take your fear of flying into consideration…at least not enough." Sam paused a few seconds. "I will tell the pilot that we're not doing this… okay?" Sam got up and walked towards the cabin.



"You sure you got it?" Sam asked as he looked away from the view his passenger window provided over to his older brother.

"I got it Sam! I spent half the night to memorize it right I got it!" Dean said his voice a bit harsh but Sam knew this was only 'cause of nerves.

Sam looked back out the window and a smile came over him.

"What?" Dean asked.

"Heh, nothing…" Sam answered still smiling.

"Dude come on… what?"

"I was just thinking… the things we do…"

"What about them?"

"They're crazy!" Sam laughed.

"Yeah Sam… kinda figured that out a while back!"

"No… really… we live crazy lives, and the worst of it is… most times… we look at it as a normal day. We've got a trunk full of weapons, fake id's, other magical stuff… all the different characters we 'act' to get information… running from the cops AND FBI…"

"Dude… you're an idiot!" Dean said though with a lighter tone in his voice this time and with a hint of a smile. Sam only looked over and grinned knowing what was coming next. Name calling.





"SAM!" Dean yelled after his brother and Sam stopped and turned.


"Get your ass back here!"

"Dean… what?" Sam moved towards Dean.

"Ok… let me admit something to you. First of all, I am scared to death. At this moment I would happily consider spending eternity in hell rather than do this."

Sam raised both his eyebrows not sure where his older brother was going with this and even more surprised Dean could admit to his fear.

"BUT… you're right!"

"I am?" Sam questioned.

"Yeah I know… it surprises me too Sam." Dean almost smiled. "We need to do this… if not more people WILL die, and it will be their blood on our hands. I can't live with that and I know you can't live with that either."

Dean looked into his baby brother's eyes. They used to be filled with such life… such innocence… such hope for better things. Now, now they were filled with guilt… guilt of not being able to save everyone… guilt of having visions… guilt of feeling that he constantly put his loved ones in danger...

"I can do this, Sam!"

"Are you sure? I won't blame you for anything… we can figure something else out, I'm sure…" Sam looked surprised.

"Shut it and sit down! Let's just get this over with!"



"You sure you want to do this Dean?" Haley was walking with Dean over to the far too tiny plane he and his brother were going up inn. "You look… not so good".

"Sure… I'm fine… just…. a bad breakfast." Dean lied.

"Yeah right you brave little boy you…" She joked and nudged Dean. "I've seen many people go up there, and I can pretty easily recognize when someone is scared to death."

Dean stopped and took a deep breath. "Honestly… how can you let me and him go up if you for one know we've got so little experience with this, AND you get that I am scared shitless of going up at all? To be honest I don't think that is very responsible of you!" Dean sounded almost a bit angry.

"You know… first off I trust you boys to know what you are doing." Dean let out an unintended "hah" at this. "Second… I've run in to one of you guys before…"

"You've what?" Dean asked almost sure he hadn't met her before.

"No I mean…" she leaned in to whisper, "...someone who goes after ghosts and other... supernatural stuff!"

"Really… you have?" Dean tilted his head to the side.

"A few years back a couple men showed up. A bit older than you guys going after some kind of spirit or something weird. They had followed a string of strange deaths here. I don't know what happened… or what it was… but they saved me. They saved me and made the thing go away. Therefore I believe in you boys, I believe in the spirit and I believe that you can stop it."

Dean was a bit stunned. What were the odds really? The one person that could ground him and his brother and prevent them from going up really believed in them and spirits… and it didn't even take any convincing because she'd be saved by hunters before.

"At least that makes one of us." Dean said as they both joined Sam in the plane.

"Besides… I'm coming with you!"

"On the plane?" Both boys asked simultaneously.

"And in the jump."

"What? You can't!" Dean protested.

"Listen… if anything happens to either of you it's on my shoulders, I can't bear that…and if one of you get's overtaken by some evil spirit and your chute gets messed up, you're going to need someone to hold on to going down and somehow I think that would be the biggest of your problems in the end!"



"KAY… WE ARE READY WHEN YOU ARE!" The copilot signaled Sam as Haley came out and joined the boys.

"You ready Dean?!" Sam asked checking his parachute for the last time.

"As ready as I'll ever be!" He looked over at Haley who gave him a trusting nod.

"Ok… you remember? You have to keep track of how long the free fall is before you release the chute. If either one of us does it too late we're screwed."

"Yeah Sam… Asphalt mush… I got it! Thanks for reassuring me!" Dean smiled a sarcastic smile at his brother.

"WE'RE READY!" Haley yelled to the copilot who moved towards them and opened the side door. "Have a good flight!"

No sooner than the door had opened Sam felt a cold stream go threw his body and he felt like someone pushed him backwards out the door. He could barely hear Dean calling for him before any sound was gone and he was left with nothing but the absolute quiet inside his helmet. It was as if someone had pressed a giant mute button on the remote control of the world.


"SAAAAAAM!" Dean yelled reaching for his brother not fast enough to grab him before he flew out of the plane, without so much as a single thought his body reacted, jumping straight after his baby brother only to go tumbling into the air, literally sky high.


Sam opened his eyes slowly to get the view of earth from far above it. Somehow this whole thing felt really weird. He couldn't control his body yet it did seem to descend with some level of control… like he was being used by someone who really knew what they were doing. He felt calm and relaxed and didn't have a worry in sight.


FREAKIN HELL I AM GOING TO KILL SAM IF I EVER SEE HIM ALIVE AGAIN, Dean screamed out in his mind as he fought to regain control over his body. Okay okay… remember what she said… relax… yeah that's friggin easy to say standing with both your feet on the ground! Cut the crap, Dean… you need to get this… or Sam will be dead! Dean focused on what he had learned not too long ago and after a little while his body flattened out. Now… where the hell are they?


Something is wrong! A sensation suddenly overwhelmed Sam and a feeling of panic slowly closed in on him and he could almost imagine himself hitting the ground though he wasn't sure why. As the feeling of claustrophobic panic kept getting bigger Sam realized that these weren't HIS feelings, but it must have been what Harrison had been feeling when he had jumped his last jump. He knew this was up to Dean now but where the hell was he?


Dean caught a glimpse of his brother and to his relief he wasn't too far away. Okay okay... how the hell do I get to him? At that thought he felt something fly up behind him and he jumped, shifting his balance and causing him to do a roll before Haley grabbed his right arm firmly. She looked into his eyes telling him that he had to trust her before she signed her instructions to him. Dean nodded and she let go of his hand before they positioned themselves for the midair dive that would get them to Sam.


Sam opened his eyes again. He felt like he'd just been knocked out, and now everything was just black. What the hell? Is this hell… really? This can't be! It was like a dream and suddenly Sam could feel the air under him. He felt it but couldn't see it and only knew that he was still falling. Out of instinct his arms and legs starting to kick in mid air and he started to tumble uncontrollably. He wanted to scream… he wanted to call for Dean… he wanted his big brother to come and save him… like he always did! But he'd been in free fall for too long, he knew everything that was about to happen to him, but what he didn't know was where Dean was?


Suddenly he felt something crash into him. He was terrified of what it could have been and even more terrified by the fact that he couldn't see WHAT it was.


"Sancte MÌchael Archangele, defende nos in proelio contra nequÌtiam et insÌdias diaboli esto presidium..."


It felt like something huge had grabbed a hold of him and he tried everything in his power to fight it off.


"Imperet illi Deus, supplices deprecemur: tuque, princeps milÌtie celestis, Satanam aliusque spÌritus malÌgnos…"


A burning pain shot through his body making all his muscles clamp in mid-air spasm. Whatever it was that was holding him grabbed an even harder grip around him and Sam realized that this thing wasn't going to let go at any cost.


"…qui ad perditiunem animorum pervagantur in mundo, divÌna virtute, In infernum detrude. AMEN!" Dean screamed at the top of his lungs pleading for this to work. He saw how Sam's body was fighting and hard. Haley was struggling to hold on to Sam as his body spasmed uncontrollably. His eyes filled with worry when he watched as his brother went fully limp in Haley's grip.

She motioned to Dean to come around and help her. With all the power left in him Dean slowly moved around them both and managed to attach Sam to Hayle's harness and thereby her parachute. She gave him a thumb up then motioned Dean to pull the cord.


"Am I dead?" Sam was slowly waking up. He noticed that he was lying on the ground though he hadn't dared open his eyes yet.

"No Sam… you're not dead… yet." Haley answered.

"And Dean is ok?"

"As far as I know, yes he is."

Sam frowned straining to listen, to see if he could hear Dean, but he couldn't.

"Did we get the SOB?"

"As far as I know we did… we did at least get you back." Sam could almost hear Haley smile.

He took a few deep breaths and tasted the fresh air that surrounded him.

"Hey Haley … what did you mean with 'your not dead… yet?'"

Haley laughed as she noticed Sam slowly opening his eyes and looked over at her. "Well you see… I think your brother kinda hates you right now… Not just for the plane thing… not even for the fact that he had to jump out of a plane… but…" She motioned for Sam to look over to the right towards something shaped like his brother. "… I think it was the fact that we didn't get to teach him how to do a proper landing that tipped the cup over… that and the fact that when he actually was on the ground the wind picked grabbed his parachute and dragged him all the way over there…"

A growl sounded as Dean came closer and Sam got up on his feet, slid out of his harness, and starting to run with his brother hot on his heels apparently highly motivated to catch him.

-The End-


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