The curtains reveal only a background with a small sunset up on the right, a small tree to the right, and a Japanese castle background over to the left side. The announcer announces, "Long ago, in the distant land, the town was in a big threat of the terrorists thieves that want money, power, and greed. The emperor and empress were in a panic of another assault."

Jack whispers, "Is Pikachu the emperor?"

Joey whispers, "Not yet. Just watch."

"In the kingdom of Fujiwara, the emperor is in a struggle of the big threat. Why, with the fortress in danger, the assault is coming."

"What are we going to do?" Ask the emperor.

"Hey, is that?" Ask Jack.

Joey replies, "Yeah. It's the emperor. The emperor is played as 'Clefable'."

"Dear father, what are you going to do with those soldiers?" Ask the young princess.

"And I suppose the princess is 'Clefairy'?" Ask Jack.

"Jack, no more talking." Said Joey, "Just watch the show."

"My dear, we have the end the war from tyranny, or the evil lord, 'Meouth' will take over the kingdom."

"But then, a voice called," "Sire! We have an emergency!" "The emperor and the princess got the royal guard's attention. "He's coming! He's coming!"

"The emperor and his daughter become surprise." "The Meouth Lord?" "Ask the emperor."

"That's right." "Said the royal guard." "What are you doing to do, sire?"

"The emperor thinks this clearly. But, taking down the Meouth Lord will not be an easy battle." "I guess we have no choice, but to fight."

Jack is starting to feel so tired, for he was fighting too much enemies and rouge ninjas. Jack felt his eyes sleepy, and then, he fell asleep. Jack dreams about the story, walking through the fields.

"What?" Ask Jack, looking around the fields. "What's going on? I was sleeping at the theater." He looks around, and looks at his body. "Agh!" He was surprised to see small yellow hands, and turns around to see a lighting shape tail. "Okay, I feel disturbed."

The announcer spoke, "Meanwhile, over at the horizon, there is a small young samurai whom has journeyed through the fields and would like to help out with the battle from the Meouth Lord."

Jack looks up, and said, "What in Zucions is this? I'm a samurai?"

"He replies, speaking to the sky." Said the announcer.

"Hey! I wasn't talking to the sky!" Jack shouted, "I was talking to you!"

"He calls, pointing at the sky." It seems the announcer is ignoring to what Jack is saying. Until, Jack finally gave up.

"Never mind." Said Jack. "I guess I have to play along until the story is done." He moves up, trying to walk right.

"And so, the young samurai known as 'Samurai Pikachu', head to the fortress of Fujiwara."

"Okay." Said Jack, confused. "So, I'm a Pikachu, and I need to help Fujiwara." He thinks, "This is going to be tougher than I thought."

"Samurai Pikachu talked and thought to himself." Said the announcer. "The young samurai arrived to the village, and reach to the castle of Fujiwara. The guard stops the Samurai in a cry," "Halt!" Jack is surprised, and stopped at his tracks. "No one is allowed to come in the castle of Fujiwara. State your business!"

Jack thought, "Whoa. An Electabuzz."

"Samurai Pikachu has confronted with Guard Electabuzz. How will Samurai Pikachu work things out? He needs to speak to the emperor for the help with battling the Meouth Lord." Said the announcer.

Jack smirks with an idea, "Wanna bet? I slept as a Pikachu, and I can outsmart this Electabuzz." He spoke, "Guard Electabuzz, I am Samurai Pikachu, the warrior who has come to help Fujiwara from the threat of the Meouth Lord."

"Please." "Said Guard Electabuzz." "I wouldn't allow a pest like you stumble around this place."

"Are you sure?" Ask Jack, "Because, if you don't let me in to help the battle against the Meouth Lord, then this lard will be nothing but waste." He looks at the guard, "What do you say? Will you allow me become a soldier in battle, or let this land die? I am a great warrior."

"The Guard grabs Samurai Pikachu, and threats him." The guard grabs Jack, and threats him for being a smart aleck. "How dare you try and sneak your way in, peasant!"

"Okay then, how about a challenge?" Ask Jack.

"What's this?" The announcer spoke, "Is Samurai Pikachu challenging the Guard to a battle? Samurai Pikachu doesn't have the guts to fight the guard." "You? Fight me?" "Ask the guard. He laughs." "Foolish little mouse. You better leave before things could get ugly."

"Try me." Said Jack, pulling his…toy sword? "What the?" He asks, "Ugh, could you excuse me for a minute?" He backs away, and looks at his toy sword. He calls to the announcer, "What gives? I need a real samurai blade, not this!"

"Samurai Pikachu spoke to the skies again." Said the announcer.

Jack feels annoyed, "You know, this is really starting to bug me. All I have to fight is a toy sword, and you've turned me into a Pikachu with samurai clothes." He looks at the guard. "Are you ready?"

"So, Samurai Pikachu is ready to fight against Guard Electabuzz." Said the announcer. "The battle begins."

Jack pulls out his toy sword; charging at Guard Electabuzz, and attacks. "Fra! Agh! Fra! YA!" Whack! Whack! Whack! WHACK!

"Guard Electabuzz took a lot of hits. What courageous power Samurai Pikachu had." Said the announcer. "By shock, Guard Electabuzz goes down after a mighty blow." "Agh! No way! Beaten by a rat." "Said Guard Electabuzz, on the ground." "Fine, you win. You may see the Emperor. But you'll have to beat the other guard to gain the Emperor's trust."

"Sweet. Thank you." Said Jack, raising his small yellow paw with a smile. "Now you know how it feels to be beaten by a true warrior." Jack hurries over the knocked out guard, and into the castle.

The announcer spoke, "After the defeat of Guard Electabuzz; Samurai Pikachu hurries into the castle of Fujiwara, and hurries his way to the emperor's room. While there, Samurai Pikachu opens the large door, and into the next room. Samurai Pikachu is in the throne room, and was surprise to see the emperor and his little daughter in a big threat."

"Dear father." "Said the princess." "Please calm down. It won't be so bad."

"I got a distinct feeling my heart won't stop pounding." Jack thought, disturbed.

"My dear lady," "Said the emperor," "We have no choice. We must surrender to the Meouth Lord right now."

"Oh! Father!" "The princess and the emperor become more concerned to the war, and the safety of the village. By the emperor's decision, he has no choice by to surrender and negotiate the battle to the Meouth Lord."

Jack spoke to the announcer, "You know. Why don't I help out fight against the Meouth Lord?"

"Ask Samurai Pikachu, talking to the ceiling." Said the announcer.

"Yeah, you're no help anyway." Said Jack, ignoring the announcer. "I'm going to save this village from this, Meouth Lord. Excuse me." He walks to the emperor and the princess, and said, "Hello?"

"The emperor and the princess were surprised, and hide behind their chairs from shock." "Agh! Who? Who's there?" "Ask the emperor?"

Jack replies, "It is I! Samurai Pikachu, at your service." He bows.

"You?" "Ask the emperor, coming out of the chair." "Samurai Pikachu? State yourself."

"Oh! Right." Jack explains, "I hear there is big trouble at the castle Fujiwara from the Meouth Lord, so I've decided to help out for the war to take down the Meouth Lord. It would an honor if I take on the Meouth Lord myself."

"Samurai Pikachu is doing a big favor for the emperor, and would risk his left to save the village from the Meouth Lord." Said the announcer. "How does the emperor reply?" "If you wish to help out, you must prove yourself worthy." "Said the emperor. He calls," "Bring Guard Hitmonlee." The brown figure with tough legs, no mouth, and long legs appeared.

"Come on." Said Jack, prepared, "I wanna fight against the Meouth Lord; not take fighting dancing lessons." He pulls out his toy sword. "Oh well. I guess he'll have to turn the hard way." He charges at the guard, and attacks. "Fra! Ho! Ha! YA!" Pow! Pow! Pow! POW! The guard takes a big hit, and falls down in defeat.

"The emperor and his daughter are surprised to see an easy fight." Said the announcer, surprised. "That was…tremendous!" "Said the emperor, happy. He bows to Samurai Pikachu." "Dear, Samurai Pikachu, hear my plead." Jack got the emperor's attention. "My village is in a big threat, the Meouth Lord. I will make you an offer something for saving this village from that monstrous tyrant. What do you say?"

"That, I have to think about." Said Jack, thinking.

"How is Samurai Pikachu going to fight against the Meouth Lord? Even with a lot of armies of cats, the emperor's army is nothing but small red dogs. And Samurai Pikachu is just one Pokémon to face the tyrant lord." Jack hatched an idea.

"I got it." Jack said, "You just order your army to take down those stupid cats." He looks outside, "I'll deal with the Meouth Lord myself."

"Dear Samurai Pikachu, are you sure?" "Ask the princess."

Jack turns around, and nods, "I'm sure. You can count on me." He asks, "When does he attack?"

"At nightfall." "The emperor replied."

"Then we'll strike at nightfall." Said Jack, prepared.

The announcer spoke. "When night came, Samurai Pikachu and the emperor's armor of small red fire puppies watch over the village, waiting for the armor of cats to come and attack. Samurai Pikachu seems very serious to fight against the Meouth Lord."

"Come on." Jack thought, "I know you're going to attack."

"Waiting for the Meouth Lord to attack, a voice shouted through the village," "The Meouths are coming!" "Samurai Pikachu is surprised to hear a crier shout around in town. "The Meouths are coming! The Meouths are coming!"

"It's them!" Said Jack, prepared, "Everyone! Get up. They're coming."

"The red dogs growl at something over the horizon." Said the announcer.

"Let's go." Said Jack.

"Samurai Pikachu takes the army outside, and wait at the battlefield." "Sir, are they coming?" "Ask one of the army."

"Soon." Jack replied.

"By surprise, a big large army of cats with their foreheads that is shape like a long coin come out to fight." Said the announcer.

Jack shouted, "CHARGE!"

"The army and Samurai Pikachu charge in the attack. It was mass chaos in battle, from dogs versus cats, and Samurai Pikachu knocks out every cat one-by-one. At the end, a nasty feline with a silver charm on its forehead, robes, and two long whiskers on each end appear with a long toy sword."

Jack becomes surprised and calls, "You!"

"So, you're the pest that's been interfering with my plans." "Said Lord Meouth." "You shall be punished."

Jack pulls out his toy sword, and shouts, "That's not ganna happen, you stupid pussy cat!"

"Stupid Pussy Cat?" "Ask Lord Meouth, surprised. "I'll show you stupid pussy cat, you little rat!" "Lord Meouth charges at Samurai Pikachu with a valiant toy sword. When suddenly, Samurai Pikachu turns around, and stops Lord Meouth dead at its own tracks." "Huh? What the?" "Samurai Pikachu stopped Lord Meouth by using his lightning tail."

Jack laughs a little, "This is just too easy for me. Oh well, I've always wanted to do this."

"No!" Said Lord Meouth, stunned.

Jack waves his hand, "Bye-bye." And then Jack blast out a Thunder on Lord Meouth. "CHUUU!!!!"

"Lord Meouth took a lot of shock of electricity, feeling massive pain. At then end, Samurai Pikachu stops, and then Lord Meouth falls to the ground in defeat." "Curses." Said Lord Meouth. "I surrender. You win."

Jack does his victory pose and said, "Hey, Meouth, take care."

The announcer spoke. "The Meouth Lord and his army are finally defeated. Fujiwara is saved. Samurai Pikachu and his army of red dogs come back to the village alive, in honor of their victory against the Meouth Lord. At the throne room, the emperor and the princess are happy to see Samurai Pikachu defeat the Meouth Lord."

"Oh! Samurai Pikachu." "Said the emperor, impress." "You did it. You saved the village of Fujiwara."

"Oh, thank you." Said Jack, scratching the back of his head.

"For saving the village," "The emperor spoke," "You have the privilege of, 'marrying my daughter'."

Jack is surprised. "! What? Marrying?"

"The princess nods in blush."

"Uh, you know." Said Jack, making an excuse, "I would love to marry your princess and messing up the story, but…I have to go!" He dashes out of the room. "Bye!"

"! Samurai Pikachu!" "The princess calls, surprised," "Where are you going?"

"I'm getting out of here!" Jack shouts.

"What? Hey! What are you doing?" The announcer calls, "You're ruining my story. You get back here and kiss your princess!"

"No way!" Jack shouted, running through the fields. "I rather wait until I grow up than marrying a Pokémon princess. See ya!"

"I wouldn't do that if I were you!" Said the announcer. "Because you're about too…"

By surprise, Jack jumps very high up over the cliff, and falls all the way down until he touches the floor. "Bye!"

Jack finally wakes up from his sleep, and looks around. He yawns, and tries to see the show of how it's supposed to really end. By surprise, the story had already ended. This time, the curtains come down, and the show ended.

"Huh? What?" Ask Jack, stretching. "Is it over?"

"Yeah." Joey replied. He looks at his cousin, "Were you sleeping?"

"I'm sorry." Jack replied. "I was tired."

"You missed a good ending." Said Joey.

"Well, how did the story ended?"

"Well, Samurai Pikachu kisses his princess, and married the princess."

"What? Whoops!"

"What do you mean, 'whoops'?"

"I was dreaming. I dreamt about me as Samurai Pikachu, fighting against Lord Meouth and won."

"By using a Thunder trick?"

"Yeah. And at the end, I was supposed to kiss the princess, but I didn't because I ran away."

"Sheesh." Said Pikachu. "I'll stay with girl Pikachus, and not Clefairies." "Unless they're extra cute Clefairy girls." He thought.

Jack tries to shake it off. "Ugh. I guess I fell asleep during the story. Maybe it would be best for me to wait until the story ends."

"Ladies and gentlemen." Said the announcer, "Well, just two boys and their Pokémon. Sorry about the incident with Samurai Pikachu messing up the incident of my story. But, I'm glad we end the story right here, right now."

Jack calls, "Excuse me!"

"Sir, do you have a question?" Ask the announcer.

"I don't mean to be rude, but do you happen to know Samurai Pikachu jumping off the cliff on purpose?" Jack asks.

The announcer replies, "Pikachu jumped off the cliff to look for a special ring in order to marry Princess Clefairy."

"Oh." Said Jack, surprised. "I thought it was something else, like waking up from a dream."

"Waking up from a dream?" Ask the announcer. "Are you…the dream?"


"Oh well." Said the announcer. "I guess we can wait. If you were dreaming as Samurai Pikachu, then we have a special treat for you."

"Jack, I have a bad feeling about this." Said Joey, aware.

"Ladies and Gentlemen, we have a special honor tonight." The announcer announces, "It seems we have the Pokémon Warrior, played as Samurai Pikachu to wake up, we will give our hero a reward for finishing the story with a simple 'leap of faith'."

Jack pulls out his sword and shield. "What are you up to?"

"Ladies and Gentlemen, meet the number one and only one who rocks this world!" The announcer pulls the curtains up, and reveals a man with long silver hair, blue eyes, black punk clothes, a silver ring on his nose, and talks trash. "Welcome! White Wolf Guitarist!" There was a very big applause around the walls.

"White Wolf Guitarist?" Ask Joey. "Wait a minute! Now I know why you sent Henry Fang and Blood Beast after us." Joey figured it out. "You were trying to get rid of us."

"That's right. But call me, Wolf." Said Wolf, pulling out his axe. He strums his axe, "My boss sent me here to look for that badge you mutts were sniffing around, so I decided to look for the badge in this place because I will be the first to get that badge before you two do."

"So, there really is a badge here." Said Jack. "No wonder."

"Okay, Wolf." Said Joey. "Since you're here, time to beat you to a pulp. Demon style."

"Whoa!" Wolf interrupted. "Why are you mutts coming after me?"

"Because, you're working with your boss, Hadean!" Pikachu shouted. "So, you need to be punished just like Faimi and Ivre."

"What? No! You're not going to face me. No." Said Wolf. "I'm not your opponent."

"You sure?" Ask Joey.

"I'm sure. I'm just trying to look for love." Wolf turns away. "I never have a special girlfriend in all my life. I really wanted a woman: to hold, to snug, to feel, to love, and to dream. Oh, I would perform a perfect music for my special girl."

"You're crazy." Said Jack. "I won't let you get away."

"Oh, foolish little boy." Said Wolf. "Don't be lonely; I have a special friend just for you."

"Special Friend?" Joey thought, "What's he up to?"