"Seeing you be this great mother Xena, just makes me happy for you and plus the Warrior Princess bouncing babies is not something you see everyday." Said Gabrielle.

"Well, since you said that, I'm going to fix her and the boys a mid meal, while Auntie Gabrielle bounces my little girl, isn't she, that's right. That's my bouncy little girl, huh, huh."

"Xena, when are you and the Gods of play going to name these kids? There becoming bigger each day. You can't keep calling them boys and girl all the time.

"Well we finally decided that based on some of their personal traits, we can finally name them. Matter of fact we are doing that this evening. Can you and Ioalus join us for dinner?"

"Are you cooking? I mean, uh, is Cyrene cooking?"

"Very funny. Yes Cyrene is bringing dinner just for this occasion. She had the same reaction when I kept calling my little girl; little girl."

"Well it's about time. We were beginning to think you guys forgot."

"Well, Hercules, Ares and I have seen some signs of certain godly powers."

"Oh, which would be?"

"Well you just have to wait and find out my friendly bard. Plus, I want you to document the event and their names."

"Oh Xena, I would be honored, yes I would, yes I would. Oh, Xena she is so precious. She looks more and more like you everyday."

"That's what Hercules said. I think the boys look like each of their fathers. Plus they seem to have their traits. Oops, I wasn't supposed to let that out."

"Don't worry Warrior Princess. Your secret is safe with me." Gabrielle was still playing with the little tyke.

"Hey, I think she just raised her eyebrow at me."

Xena turned around and smiled. "That's my girl."

Both the boys and their fathers entered the home first. Followed by Ioalus who immediately went over to Gabrielle and kissed her. The boys immediately went over to their mother and hugged her while her daughter looked on, clapping as Hercules picked her up and hugged her.

"Hey, have you been good for your mother?" Smiled Hercules.

The little girl, knowing her father was slightly amused at her shaking her head yes, hugged her father again. "Yep".

"Why don't you boys, go wash up, while we ladies set out for the meal, and yes, my mother cooked the meal, now hurry." Stated Xena.

"I don't know where she thought we were going to ask if she made the meal. I didn't even know she couldn't cook." Smirked Ares.

"Ok guys, and Ioalus, your heard the Warrior Princess." Laughed Gabrielle and Cyrene. "Out all of you until you're clean. I don't want it in my scrolls that Xena served up a meal to the dirtiest men in the land."

Both Xena and her daughter had the same exact expression on their face and both had their eye brows slightly raised as to how serious they were. Ares, Hercules and the rest knew that look already. No messing with the Warrior Princess and her daughter.

Cyrene was smiling to herself, while pulling out her food for her family. It had been a long time since Cyrene had seen her daughter this happy. All the pain she had been thru to get to this point in her life.

Gabrielle had also seen how happy Xena was for her new family and having everyone together for this joyous occasion. Xena had kept to herself about naming the boys and her daughter and only knew that Xena wanted everyone she cared about with her for the namings. Everyone was sitting at the table, the boys sat together and Xena's daughter sat in between Hercules and herself. Ares sat next to Xena on the other side of her and then Gabrielle, Ioalus and then Cyrene. Everyone was enjoying the moments together. Ares had not experienced such joy in his entire Godhood, and it still was unnatural to him, but he couldn't help feel comfortable and happy that Xena was enjoying her children. Something he never imagined would ever happen in Xena's lifetime our his.

Hercules was watching Ares slightly. He almost thought he saw him smile watching everyone eat and laugh. Hercules himself couldn't remember a happier time. Xena had her strength back, she was absolutely glowing with happiness, and it was infectious. Ioalus was watching his friend Hercules. He still couldn't fathom, Ares and Hercules sitting at the same table, with a whole family and Gabrielle. He can see it, but didn't believe it.

"Alright everyone, while everyone is in a festive mood, I think it's time that we name our little brood instead of calling them boy and girl all the time." Smiled Xena.

"Well it's about time." Gabrielle, playingly ribbed Ioalus in the side.

"Now Ioalus, be quite and listen. Go ahead Xena."

"Well this outta be good." Ares leaned back in his chair, watching the boys.

"Go ahead Xena, we trust you." Hercules was tickling their daughter.

"Well, I've given this a lot of thought and it's time. Girls first and I've named you my little warrior Althea; which means healer and wholesome." Their daughter was elated and hugged everyone around the table, except the boys. She stuck her tongue out at them and sat back down.

"Wholesome, huh. Lot to live up to there, huh boys?" Both nodded and relayed their tongue sticking out to Althea.

"Now boys." Firmly stated Hercules.

"Ok, next my two boys, since you both look alike, but so distinctly different personalities." Xena pulled one of the boys in her lap. "You young man will be Zollo; meaning lively." Xena tickled him and he jumped into Ares lap.

"Zollo………. Zollo,……… Zollo." He repeated his name until, Ares intervened. "Ok, Zollo, let's see what your mother has in store for your brother."

"And your brother is named, Alcander; meaning strong. Though you both take after your fathers in each way."

Both Hercules and Ares looked at each other, then the boys and then back again. "Well we know who's the lively one now, don't we boys?" Stated Cyrene, laughing.

"Xena, you did a great job naming our children." Hercules leaned over and kissed Xena on the cheek.

"Yuck." Alcander and Zollo both said unanimously. Everyone started laughing around the table. Gabrielle couldn't help pulling out her scrolls to records Xena's naming ceremony. This was going to be a interesting story when she's through.

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