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"No…no, you're…you're lying," Luke sputtered, still struggling to get out of Vader's hold.

Vader's breath slowed even more, "I am not lying…my son."

"NO!!" Luke screamed, anger rising in him, spilling into his limbs. He broke free from Vader's restraints and called Vader's saber to him. He ignited it and it blazed red.

Vader straightened, appreciating where the conversation was going. Suddenly, Luke thrust the saber at him, the red hue barley grazing Vader's neck.

"Tell me the truth," Luke growled, his eyes taking on a yellow-ish tint.

"You're not strong enough to kill your own father, young Skywalker," Vader taunted.

Luke pushed the saber a little closer, "Yes, I am. Now tell me the truth."

Vader leaned away from the saber, "Prove it," he said simply, and then shoved Luke against the wall, grabbing the saber.

Luke was up in a second, using the force the throw Vader across the room. He heard Vader's breathing hitch as he slammed into the wall. Luke stood menacingly above Vader, this time holding Vader to the ground.

"I am strong enough," he stated.

Vader attempted to override Luke's hold over him but he couldn't.

Luke searched the black planes of Vader's masked, "Tell me the truth." He enunciated each syllable slowly.

Anakin awoke with a start, his body drenched in a cold sweat. His chest heaved up and down, the scenes from his vision still fresh in his mind. He slammed his fists into the bed, screaming in agony.

"Father!" Leia burst into the room, her white nightgown billowing around her pale legs. She was at this side in an instant. Anakin took one look at her, remembering her baby face from moments ago; seeing just how much she looked like her mother. The wound in his heart was ripped open again, threatening to never repair.

"Padme!" he screamed again.

Leia grasped his arms, trying to hold him down, "Father! Father! Calm down!" In his torment, one of Anakin's hands broke free and slammed into Leia's side, sending her to the floor with a large thump. She groaned in pain, clutching at her stomach, her knees curling into herself.

Han entered into the room and rushed over to Leia, "Leia! Are you alright?"

Anakin stared down at his shaking hands, then into Leia's scared eyes. He fell to the floor on his knees, reaching for her, but she scooted back, taking protection in Han's arms.

"Leia," Anakin whispered, "Leia, I'm so sorry….I'm so…..so…." his eyes filled with tears again and he began to sob into his hands, "What have I done," he wailed.

Leia looked at Han and untangled herself from his grasp. "Leia," Han cautioned.

Leia slid have to Anakin's side and picked up his hands, holding his large ones in her small ones. She looked into his red eyes, her own eyes welling up, spilling down her cheeks, "Daddy," she said softly, "I'm here."

Anakin threw his arms around his daughter, clinging to her, "Leia…Leia…"

"The truth?" Vader asked, gulping. People never asked him for the truth. Rather they just did as he told them to keep their lives.

The saber inched its way closer to Vader's neck, "The truth," Luke growled.

"The truth is that, we were meant to rule this galaxy as father and son. You need know no more than that."

"What makes you think you're my father? I know my father. And he would never become something as disgusting and horrific as you!" Luke spat down at Vader.

Vader couldn't lie; the words stung. Disgusting…horrific… the words replayed in his mind, making his mechanized blood boil.

"You'll see," he murmured.

Leia watched her father buzz around the room, absently throwing things into a brown sac, muttering things to himself.

"I don't understand. You mean you know what happened to you?" Leia inquired.

Anakin paused in the middle of yanking a nondescript tunic out of his night side drawer, "Not exactly. I just know I have to get back."

Leia grabbed his arm, "Back where?" she asked, raising an eyebrow.

"Back to the past of course," he pulled away, shoving the tunic in the bag. "I have to save her."

"Save who?!" Leia yelled, exasperated.

Anakin shook his head, "No one…"

Leia shoved her hands on her hips, her foot beginning to tap an irregular pattern on the egg white floor, "And just how do you expect to go about doing this?"

Anakin hesitated in the doorway to his bathroom, his toothbrush in hand, "I'm not sure I should tell you…"

Leia stomped her foot, "And why not?"

Anakin walked over and placed a hand on the side of her face, "Because I don't want you to worry, my little girl."

She pulled her face away, her eyes flashing, "I am not a little girl," she complained, she gritted her teeth, "Now tell me where you are going."

Anakin sighed, slinging the bag over his shoulder, "Fine. You win. I'm gong to the old Jedi Temple. I'm going to see if I can find anything there to help me."

"The Jedi Temple? No one's been there since Order 66." Anakin began to walk out of the room towards the hanger, Leia close at his heels.

"Just what do you think you're going to find there?" Leia nagged.

Anakin spun around, gripping her shoulders, "I don't know, Leia. But I have to try. I can't let this happen," A look of cold determination set in his eyes, turning the deep blue into ice, "But I have to try something. I can't stay here forever."

A tear slipped down Leia's cheek, the thought of her father leaving again scared her more than she cared to admit.

"But you can," she whispered.

Anakin pulled his only daughter into a tight hug, "I promise, Leia, I'm going to fix this," he murmured into her thick hair. He let go, taking one last look at her. He leaned forward, placing a kiss on her forehead, letting his lips linger, "I love you, baby girl."

He didn't wait for her to respond, not sure he could make himself leave if he did. He jumped into his ship and fired up the engines as quickly as he could, punching in his coordinates…and they were definitely not to the old Jedi Temple.

Leia stood at the foot of the hanger, watching her father's ship blast off. She wrapped her arms around herself, "I love you too, Daddy."

Vader had Luke backed up against the railing to the long shaft that certainly spelled out his doom.

Luke's arm flailed as he fought to control his balance. Vader took advantage and in one swift motion he sliced through the bone that connected Luke's wrist to his hand. Luke screamed in pain as the lifeless hand tumbled through the bottomless shaft.

Sweat trickled down his brow as he hopped over the railing, clinging to anything that would hold him.

"it's no use!" Vader bellowed, "You have no where else to run!"

Luke glanced all around him; Vader was right; there was no where to go. Luke felt his heart rate pick up, panic seeping into his blood.

Vader continued closing on his son, "Just think my son! What a team we would be! You and me! Ruling the galaxy! We'd be the most powerful team in history! Imagine it. There are so many things I could teach you about the Force. Things Yoda could never dream of."

Luke's head turned towards Vader's mechanical voice, intrigued, "What kind of things?"