A/N: Alrighty folks. this is NOT my first fanfiction story. I've had another account, but I got sick of my stories and no longer wish to be associated with them.

Anyway, this is the prologue of my first story on this account.


April Showers, May Flowers


Before I say anything else, let me just clear a few things up. I did not hate my sister. On the contrary, she was my best friend. I loved Lily, as I love her son. I know I treated him wrong. I know he could have had a better life. I know. And I regret so many things.

Lily was the best thing that ever happened to my family. She brought us so many things. She was the light that lit up our darkest winters; the one that held me together after the tragic death of our parents. She was the one that saved me.

You all know Lily Evans-Potter's story, now I beg you to here mine. I know not many of you like me; I know most of you would attempt to wring my neck if you could. But I just need to tell this. I need someone to listen.

This is my story. The story of Petunia Isabella Evans-Dursley.