Tenchi Back Home Chapter 1 Yugi Awakens

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Tenchi walked down the stairs to kitchen. He sleepily rubbed his eyes and followed the smell of food to the kitchen.

" Good Morning Tenchi!" A child-like voice greeted him.

'Sasami must up already.' Tenchi thought. However when he saw the owner of the voice he woke up immediately.

"YUGI!" The nigh omnipotent mutant smiled cheerfully. She was wearing an apron and looked as she did when she appeared to Sasami with her hair down and dressed casually.

" Yep. I'm glad you remember me." She grabbed Tenchi's hand and lead him to the table which was ladened with food. Tenchi starred at the hand pulling him and noticed metal gaunlets on both of her lower arms.

" Tenchi what's burning?" Ryoko asked as she phased into the kitchen. Her yawn was cut short when she saw Yugi. Her eyes narrowed and she formed an energy bolt. "Stand back Tenchi! I'll handle her!"

" I'm not going to hurt Tenchi!" Yugi protested. The yelling woke everyone else up and soon the kitchen was filled with the rest of the Masaki family.

" Yugi, I didn't know you were up." Sasami said. Yugi looked at first friend with sad eyes.

" I just woke up, last night." She meet the eyes of everyone in the room. " I thought about what I did while I was asleep." She looked down at her feet "It was wrong of me to take over the world and especially to force Sasami to be my friend. I'm really sorry." She bowed to everyone. When she rose she was smiling again. "Sasami said actions speak louder then words so I decided to start making up to you with breakfast."

" When did Sasami tell you that?" Mioshi asked.

" Sasami visited me every day when I was asleep. One day she told about the time Ryoko ripped Tenchi's mother's kimono(1). She that Ryoko apologized but Tenchi didn't stop being angry untill Ryoko sewed it back together."

" Badly, I might add." Ayeka commented. " I had to come to the rescue." Ryoko's head inflated and she glared at the princess.

" That's not the point!"

" Can we really trust this food?" Kyone asked, poking the food with a stick. It didn't look at all apetizing. Yugi frowned

" I didn't poison it!" She protested again.

" I'll voch for that." Washu said. The Evil Genius had taken out a gizmo and was scanning the food.

" I meant that it looks kinda..." She paused as if searching for the right word and failed. "... gross." Yugi looked to Tenchi to see if he agreed. The Planet Guardian didn't say anything but he stared warily at the food. Yugi looked down as her eyes starred watering

" That's nonsense!" Sasami said. " It looks good for a first try!" Yugi brightened at Sasami's praise and smiled at her. Sasami smiled back.

" I can teach you how to cook later." Yugi clapped her hands together.

" That would be wonderful."

" It'll be fun." The others were not so enthusastic about eating Yugi's cooking in the future. Grandfather cleared his throat.

" Come now, Yugi has done all this for us and I think we should appericate it." Grandfather said to everyone. " Yugi has dug the hole, and I think we should toss the hachet in." There was no arguing with Grandfather so everyone sat down and began eating.

" Hey Yugi." Tenchi said.

" Yes?"

" What are those gauntlets on your arms for?" Yugi glanced down at the gauntlets in questions.

" Oh those?" Washu asked. " Those are dampeners for Yugi's power. It turns out the reason she fainted a month ago was because she was using up too much power at once. What with creating powerful sentient life forms, forming pocket deminsions and freezing time, I'm surprised she didn't collapse sooner. Those gauntlets will keep her power at a level where she won't be at risk for another long sleep."

" It has absolutely nothing to do with the fact Washu and Grandfather don't completely trust me!" Yugi added, still cheeful. A cold wind blew through the room and the named laughed nervously. Yugi picked up some food with her chop sticks and held it up to Tenchi's mouth. " Say ahh Tenchi." Tenchi blushed but opened his mouth all the same so Yugi could feed him. Both space pirate and princess were glaring at the mutant.

" What do you think you're doing feeding Lord Tenchi?!"

" Stay away Tenchi you little brat!" Said mutant glared back.

" I'm justing showing my gratitude to Tenchi!" Her eyes got sad again. " He could have killed me or locked me away again. But instead he welcomed me into his home, despite all I've done to him." Her cheeks turned pink. " I want to make it up to him."

" Tenchi, I believe you Yugi has a crush on you." Grandfather spoke as he sipped his tea. Yugi's entire face turned red. She clapped her hands to her cheeks and looked down.

" Grandfather, you're embrassassing me." She went back to feeding Tenchi untill Ryoko and Ayeka moved to sit next to them and feed Tenchi themselves. Grandfather set his tea down.

" I believe life will get a little more interesting here at the Masaki Shrine." He said. His son groaned.

1. I know this didn't happen in "Tenchi in Tokyo" So don't point it out