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Tenchi Back Home Chapter 3 I See More Then the Shadow

The incident had started out innocently enough. The Girls were talking about their favorite shows durring Lunch. Spefically the mushy rommanic soap operas many of them liked. A conversation about rommanic meetings and true love inevitably lead to Tenchi and how each of them meet him. The conversation eventually moved to how Yugi meet Tenchi, and how she was the only one to get a hug at the their first meeting.

" You were hysterical, he was calming you down. That's all." Ryoko had said.

" Tenchi just likes me better, that's all." Yugi had retorted.

Then it happened.

" Tenchi just sees Sakuya when he looks at you!" Ryoko shouted. Yugi's eyes widened in terror and the room went deathly silent. Just after Yugi woke up, The Girls had made a pact not to mention Sakuya or her connection to Yugi in anyway. It was mostly to spare Tenchi's feelings but also for Yugi's sake as well. It had almost been taboo but as Yugi became their friend they had forgotten

Until now.

Yugi ran of the house. Sasami quickly followed her, but not before giving Ryoko a nasty death glare. The other girls stared at the space pirate.

" Ryoko, how could you?!" Ayeka snapped.

" I didn't just slipped out!" Ryoko protested

" You need to apologize." Kyone said.

" I know, I know." Ryoko took flight and phased through the wall. "Though I don't know how much good it'll do." She mutttered.

She found Sasami searching frantically in the front yard. " Where's Yugi?"

" I don't know! She vanished once I got outside." Everyone started looking for the missing mutant. They searched the Masaki shrine from it's roots to it's cieling but still no sign of Yugi. Even when Tenchi got home they still hadn't found her. He came home to see everyone running around the Shrine.

" What are you guys doing?" He asked

" Uhhh..." Ryoko fumbled for an excuse. "..... We're..... playing a game! That's right, we're playing a game." A collective chill swept through Ryoko and she turned to see the others glaring at her. "Alright." She admitted. " We're looking for Yugi, she went missing awhile ago."

" Missing? ! Why?"

" Ryoko said something very mean to Yugi!" Sasami shouted.

" What was it?"

" That you only see Sakuya when you look at her!"

Tenchi's eyes widened then he scowled at Ryoko." How could you? !"


" Tenchi." Washu called.

" What is it Washu?"

" I need your help with something in my Lab."

" I don't have time Washu, I need to find Yugi." Tenchi had already turned away when Washu grabbed his arm.

" It's really important Tenchi." She urged. "There's an issue with that particular jurian energy." Tenchi's eyes lit up in realization.

"...Alright. I don't know how I can help."

" You'll be a big help, come on." Tenchi followed Washu into her lab. What he saw made him both happy and worried

Yugi was sitting on top of pile of science gagdets franticlly trying to work her dampners off. Right now she was using a ray gun.

" She teleported in here a while ago demanding that I remove the dampners." Washu explained. "I didn't of course and so she started going through all my inventions. She's been here since Ryoko's comment."

Yugi moved onto mechanical lock picking ants, but got bitten instead. She vaporized them

" But I don't. When I look at Yugi, I see Yugi."

" You know that, but she doesn't."

Tenchi walked over to Yugi. What she was using right now looked like a giant pair of tweezers. "Yugi, what are you doing?"

Yugi refused to meet his eyes, intent on her present task." I'm trying to get these stupid dampners off!"

" Why do you want to get them off? Does this have something to do with what Ryoko said?" Yugi paused briefly before going at her dampners when renewed vigor. Tenchi walked closer to her

" Don't listen to her. Space Pirates say stuff like that to each other all the time." He walked closer still, " It's how they greet each other." Yugi flashed a barrier when Tenchi got too close.

" What she said is true and you know it! Now I have to get THESE STUPID THINGS OFF!" Yugi was so frustrated she resorted to banging the dampners with the tweezers. Tenchi snuck past the barrier and knelt next to Yugi.

" Yugi, if you take the dampners off you could fall asleep again. Washu said if you fall asleep again you might not wake up again."

Yugi finally looked up from her task and stared Tenchi in the eyes; he gasped. Yugi's eyes were red and puffy. She'd been crying since Ryoko's comment.

" So what?! You'd rather have Sakuya then me anyway!"


Yugi sat wide eyed as she touched the red spot on her cheek. Then she was eveloped in Tenchi's embrace and he hugged her close.

" I do miss Sakuya. But I would miss you too."

" But I only(sniff) remind you of Sakuya! You(sop) see her instead of me!" Tenchi tightened his hug.

" You and Sakuya are different people. You are Yugi Masaki. Not Sakuya Komashiro." Yugi brust into fresh tears and clutched Tenchi's shirt, soaking it. Tenchi smiled and rubbed her back. After a good cry Yugi calmed down. She reached up, hugged Tenchi around his neck and nuzzled him.

" I love you Tenchi."

" I love you too Yugi. Just like I love Ayeka, Ryoko, Grandfather, and the rest of my family."

"Well done Tenchi." Washu said from afar.

Tenchi and Yugi left the lap and told everyone she was safe.

" Yugi......." Ryoko started. " I'm really sorry for what I said earlier. I wasn't thinking."

" It's alright." Yugi said with a shurg.

" .......Really?" Ryoko asked. Tenchi got a sense of impending doom when he saw the evil glint in Yugi's eyes.

" Yep. I got to be held by Tenchi because of what you said." A vein poked out on the forehead of one space pirate and one princess.


Yugi hugged herself in a dramatic fashion and made a look of pure pleasure."He held me with such care and tenderness, like I was a priceless treasure." Tenchi got a fight-or FLIGHT reaction. But Yugi wasn't done yet. " Aaannddddd.......He told me he loved me." Giant Ayeka and Ryoko demon heads glared down at Tenchi.

He frantically waved his hands. " Iiittt wasn't like that! I said loved her like family! Like I love all of you!" But it did no good.


Earth's Guardian was soon running for his life around the Masaki Shrine dodging energy bolts.

" Yugi! That wasn't nice!" Sasami scolded.

" They won't hurt him....not too badly." Yug replied. " Besides, once they're finished, I can nurse him back to health!" She added dreamily. The room was then filled by a giant dream bubble of Yugi in a nurse outfit feeding Tenchi, who was in a full body cast.

Sasami sighed. " Yugi, what am I going to do with you?"

" Reformed evil." Kiyone said. " Is still evil." She glanced over her shoulder. " Isn't that right Washu?" Said Evil Genius whistled Innocently while backing back into her lap.

" It's good to ee everyone getting along again." Said Kamidake.


" YOU WON'T ESCAPE!" Ryoko and Ayeka shouted

" IT'S NOT WHAT YOU THINK!" Tenchi screamed.

" Yes, all's well that ends well." Said Azaka


" WASHU! THAT'S ILLEGAL!" Kiyone screeched.

" Really? I didn't know."

Yugi, Grandfather and Sasami watched as their friends and family wreched havoc. The latter sighing. Grandfather turned to Yugi.

" I trust you're feeling better?" Yugi smiled

" Yep." She replied before flying off to safe her love. ' It was horrible experience.' she thought as she carried a battered Tenchi inside.' But now I know Tenchi sees more then my Shadow.'