DISCLAIMER - Guess what! i don't own these characters or made any cash from them, only the writing is mine.

STORY - Set a fairly long time after the last episode aired.

RATING - R (sexual references)

A/N - Written for the Darkfic 100 Challenge at LJ, this stroy comprises two of the challenges #41 Fixation and #46 Wicked. They were originally designed to work seperately, but they made an interesting way of contrasting two viewpoints. Also both are written in the first person.

Action and Consequence - Part I


I waited near the back to the cave, watching the suns though the entrance.

There was nothing I could do now but wait, but I couldn't stop my thoughts going over and over the nights events. How had I let it happen? How had I gone this far? Everything I thought I knew was wrong or different, as if I'd awoken from a very deep sleep.

I was hardly able to comprehend what had happened between us; but I still wanted to see him again, and feel him again, and I was ready to risk everything just for a few stolen moments of desperate passion.

But it was dangerous, so very, very dangerous. Someone could find me, even hidden under my Cloak. Anyone could be here. Anyone. Maybe that knowledge made it all the more exciting: the fact that I might get caught.

I kept the Cloak pulled up as waited for him. I knew he would keep his promise and come to meet me again, here, now. He had been earnest, almost too sincere, and I wondered once again if he had planned everything down to the final detail. More question resurfaced. How had he found me, last night, when I had needed him most? How had he known how I would react? And how had he known about this cave? Had he planned the whole thing for months, even years? Had he schemed and manouvered me into this position?

I didn't care. Since that one moment of fear and clarity months ago, I'd known exactly what I wanted. Had he known that? I wasn't absolutely sure, but I suspected he didn't; the look on his face as I'd kissed him had hinted. So what if he'd schemed and fantasised, as I had done exactly the same, and taken whatever opportunities I'd been given. That one touch was all it took…

I shivered, and closed my eyes to relive the past in the glorious detail of memory.

Last night I had been touched properly, I'd lost my virginity to a man I adored, and who adored me in return. It had been painful and I was still bleeding, as it was only a few hours ago.

The aching pleasure I felt had been replaced by a dull and lingering glow. But I hurt, and there were times I felt as though I could hardly keep standing. My body felt light as if I might fall and float away, but I felt stronger too, filled with a new purpose that I'd hoped for, but never dreamt I would obtain.

If I'd been with the rest of them today, I would never have been able to keep it a secret. They might have seen the marks of our passion on my shoulders and neck. Diana was observant, and clever, and knew me very well. Diana would have guessed instantly. And she would have demanded details. I couldn't give details. I didn't dare, knowing what they would say.

Suddenly, I was aware of someone else with me. Was it him, was he there, as he'd promised? Slowly, my heart thumping in my chest, I opened my eyes.


The Arch-Mage was waiting in the mouth of the cave, and I froze, unable to breathe. What a maelstrom of emotions! I'd never experienced anything like it before. He was even more beautiful than I remembered. His huge wings were folded back, and he swept into the cave proudly, his head held high. I could see the glint of light in his eyes, the small curve of a smile on his lips. My heart almost stopped.

He looked around, he must have known I was there, but he couldn't see me. Then the smile grew.

'Sheila!' His voice became a low purr echoing round the cave, and I couldn't hold back. I tore off my Cloak and ran forward to kiss him.

But it didn't stop at a single kiss, at that moment, I don't think ever of us could stop ever again. Soon I was tearing at his robe, encouraging him to lift my skirt and take me as fast as possible. Our love was as frantic then as we had been gentle the night before. I fought against his self-control, pushing myself further and harder than ever before. We came together as one in a way I had never believed possible, a fixed point of perfection that I would not forget.

Then, in the serene afterglow of passion, we made our plans and gave our promises. This world was ours to do with as we wished.

Nothing was ever the same again.