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Hinata Hyuga took a deep breath as he came into view. He was walking in her direction. They would cross paths; she would be expected to say something. She began to wonder if today was the day when she would be able to say what she truly wanted to say, what her heart wanted to say more than anything else. She began to wonder if her feelings would be accepted or even recognized. She began to wonder what he would think of her if she told him.

By the time she came out of her wondering he was already there, smiling widely and addressing her with an innocent greeting of, "Hey Hinata. What's up with you?"

Her body seemed to shut down at the sound of his voice. She took several deep breaths before finally amounting the courage to fumblingly stutter, "H-hi N-Naruto..."

Naruto Uzumaki's face distorted with signs of concern as he asked, "You seem a little out of it, Hinata. You okay?"

Never wanting to concern the one she so admired, Hinata allowed herself to mumble, "D-don't worry. I'm fine, N-Naruto."

Naruto looked at her, perhaps unbelievingly, then simply said as he continued to walk his path, "Alright Hinata, see ya around."

Hinata became desperate, she didn't want the conversation to end just like that, she wanted to tell him everything, she wanted to tell him how she felt inside. Lost in the moment she shouted, "Wait!"

Naruto turned in a daze, not expecting the outburst. He responded simply, "Yeah, what is it?"

Hinata cursed herself. She can't say it. How could she even lead herself to believe she could say it. Now she had to say something. She could try. She opened her mouth and tried to force it out, "N-Naruto I-I..."

"Yeah?" Naruto asked, his inherent curiosity now piqued.

"I-I..." Hinata stumbled on the next words. She continued to curse herself under her breath.

"Hinata?" Naruto returned to the concerned tone again.

"I-I..." She needed to say it now or else never. She couldn't keep this going. That's what she told herself, but it proved to be in vain. Several hard breaths later she made her decision, "I'm sorry" She yelled before running hastily from the scene, darting into one of the nearby shops and out of his sight.

Variations of this scene had occurred all too frequently since the day she learned his name.

This time was different however. By chance, the shop she had chosen in her hasty escape had contained a watcher. Someone she knew, someone who knew the meaning of the scene she had just witnessed.

"You know he'll never recognize your feelings if you don't just up and tell him." The cheery voice of Ino Yamanaka chimed from behind the counter of the Yamanaka family flower shop.

Hinata gasped. She had been watched. Someone knew her feelings now. They were not hers alone anymore. Her heart was still racing and her breaths were still heavy as she turned to face the flower seller. After taking time to collect herself she hung her head as she spoke meekly, "I know..."

Suddenly Ino jumped over the counter. She had a look about her similar to that of a child who has just discovered something new to play with. Her blue eyes were focused on Hinata's pale, nerve wrecked frame as she opened her mouth to speak, "Well apparently you don't, Hinata, if that's as far as you ever get."

Hinata looked away from the other kunoichi. She was uncomfortable, embarrassed, and most of all unsure. Ino was so cheery and kind, though; She was someone Hinata could at least talk to if need be. Maybe if she was able to talk about her feelings for Naruto she'd actually be more confident with them. She paused a moment more before finding the jumbled words to convey her struggle, "I just can't. It's too hard to say."

"What's too hard to say?" Ino asked playfully.

Hinata looked at the other girl a little taken aback. Didn't Ino know what her problem was. She gave an awkward glance at the ground at her feet as she clarified, "You know, the way I feel, about N-Naruto."

"Oh really? And how is it that you feel about Naruto?" Ino's voice held a slightly devious tone to it.

Hinata was stunned. Ino wasn't so thick as to be this lost. No she was searching for something here. Hinata knew she shouldn't but part of her really wanted to actually say it aloud. She gave a faint smile as she said shyly, "I admire him." This wasn't enough for her though, and despite the red flush already ingrained into her pale cheeks she made the choice to add, "I really love Naruto."

"Good, now just go tell him that." Ino said as she gave a victorious smirk.

"No, I can't do that." Hinata said at once, unbelieving that the prospect would even be suggested to her.

"You told me. Saying the same thing to Naruto shouldn't be any harder." Ino's seemed brimming with confidence as she said her piece, making Hinata want to somehow believe her.

That sentiment didn't last long as soon Hinata found herself saying, "No! It is different. For him it actually means something. When I just say it to you it doesn't."

"Really? So your feelings are hollow then?" Ino asked feigning disbelief.

Hinata didn't know what to make of this. She smiled awkwardly as she found words to express her confusion,."N-no, I mean, what do you mean by that?"

"This expression of love for Naruto. It's empty when he's not here." Ino clarified herself. She paused before adding, "You only really care about Naruto when he can hear you."

"What? Of course not!" Hinata was shocked at this suggestion. Naruto was always with her thoughts.

"Then how can your declaration of love ever be meaningless?" The Yamanaka girl's words seemed to be seeped in personal experiences with love.

"It's not." Hinata said.

"So if you really mean the words then how is it any different telling him and telling me?" Ino's insidious smirk returned as she asked the question once more.

"Because I'm afraid of what he might think..." Hinata answered, cursing her fear on the inside.

"Do you really want to love Naruto?" Ino now asked, causing the Hyuga girl to turn a shade paler. She continued by adding, "Do you want him to love you? Do you want to be in a relationship with him?"

Hinata didn't know her answer. She always told herself she had these feelings for Naruto. But in truth it was never her who sat with him in her dreams. It had always been a mere shadow of her. The dream-birthed illusion of whom the intolerably weak Hinata Hyuga wished she could be. She always thought that if she could become that dream Hinata, Naruto would be hers, or consequently, if she was able to win Naruto's heart she would inadvertently morph into that other Hinata. Either way she wanted to be a part of those scenes. She found herself telling the blonde girl, "Yes. Yes I do."

"If it's what you want, and it's what you believe, then all that should matter to you is what you're feeling." Ino said taking a more reflective, melancholy tone. She punctuated this by saying, "If you worry too much about how they'll react you just end up setting yourself up for sadness and regret."

The words hit Hinata like they were the wisest thing ever uttered. It made sense to her. If she was so determined to love Naruto then not telling him would only ensure her own depraved sadness. She was still shaky, unsure. She knew she would still be met with failure when it came time to tell Naruto. She still couldn't see herself doing it. When next she spoke, it was in a nervous tone, "I'm still not strong enough, and I don't think I ever will be."

"Not strong enough, eh?" Ino surveyed the girl from head to toe. Through her eyes a devious plan could be seen brewing in the depths of her mind. "What exactly do you mean by that?" She asked with a soft smile.

"I have trouble saying things sometimes. I spend too much time worrying about what others might do. I get nervous and I get scared and sometimes I don't even know why."Hinata explained in a frantic breath.

"Is that so?" Ino said calculatingly. She then added deviously, "I can help you with that."

"Y-you can?" Hinata responded a little baffled by Ino's claim.

"Yup." Ino nodded enthusiastically. She began to explain in an energized manner, "You will become my student. I will teach you how to leave that self-doubt behind and become more assertive." She then gave a short haughty laugh and added perhaps jokingly, "By the time I'm done with you. You'll be able to forget about confessing to Naruto. He'll be begging you himself to be yours."

Hinata thought a moment. Ino Yamanaka had one of those commanding personalities that was impossible to ignore. This coupled with her incredible beauty made her popular. The guys Hinata's age all wanted her and the girl's her age all wanted to be her. Hinata had previously not shared this sentiment to any real degree but now as she thought, she could only come to the conclusion that if she was Ino Yamanaka, she could easily have Naruto if she wanted him. She found herself agreeing at once, "Yes. Please teach me how to be like you, Ino."

Ino gave a wide smile at her new project then replied with a slight laugh "Alright Hinata. As you wish. Starting tomorrow you are my disciple. In a week's time the men will fall to their knees at your feet."

Even though the only man Hinata had ever sought had been Naruto, the thought of her becoming some strong, powerful goddess, admired by all, made her heart skip as she found a smile grace her lips as they formed the words, "Thank you Ino!"

"No that won't do." Ino shook her head with a laugh. She then smiled as she said, "For the next week you will address me as sensei."

Hinata laughed at this ridiculous notion and smiled as she nodded and said "Yes, Ino-sensei."

"Good. Now you can run along. But be sure to be here early tomorrow morning so I can start your training." The blonde kunoichi ordered in a dead serious voice.

"Yes, Ino-sensei." Hinata repeated, smiling again as she turned around, giving a skip as she proceeded toward the small flower shop's door.

Hinata was happy. It would only be a week and she would be someone strong, beautiful, and amazing like Ino. Someone who could do anything and say anything to anyone no matter what. Naruto would be hers. She would finally become someone right to be her father's successor. She could have everything she ever wanted. It was like a dream, and it was all thanks to this beautiful, wonderful girl. It had only been through a coincidence that Hinata had ended up choosing that flower shop to hide from Naruto, but now she was telling herself that that rushed decision had been the smartest choice she had ever maned. Part of her still doubted Ino could have any luck with a girl like her, but something about Ino just forced her to remain optimistic. She didn't know if Ino could change her to the degree she claimed, but what she did know is that Ino had for that moment made her happy.

As the door closed Ino continued to stare at the Hyuga girl through the window. The blonde gave a sigh as she felt the wide smile fade form her face to be replaced by a more somber expression. As she turned around to return to her place behind the counter Ino found herself uttering aloud, "This way, someone else won't make the same mistake I did."

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