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Pleasant dreams clouded Ino Yamanaka's consciousness as she slept serenely. She was peaceful; a look at her sleeping face was all it took to reveal that.

Suddenly Ino felt a slight nudge at her side which began to stir her from her rest. A soft call accompanied it, "Ino. Ino! Wake up."

The blonde girl opened her eyes drearily. Slowly the visage of a beautiful young girl came into focus. Hinata Hyuga was beside her, she was without clothing, and a frantic look was visible in her clear pearl eyes. Ino gave a faint smile as she remembered the previous night.

With a hard yawn, Ino spoke, "Yeah, lover. What's up?"

"Well, you see, we were both sleeping naked on the floor of the flower shop." Hinata's voice was wrought with panic.

Ino took a moment to try to digest Hinata's words through her sleep induced daze. It proved to be in vain. Lazily she asked with worry in her tone, "Do you not remember the fun we had last night...?"

"What?! Of course I remember. It was amazing. I'll always remember that..." Hinata spoke rapidly without lingering on any of the words.

"Then can't I just lay here a little longer? Enjoy the sweet smells of the flowers and the radiant warmth of your body..." Ino started in a soft whisper as she forced an arm around Hinata and pulled her into an embrace; feeling the flesh of her new lover against her own was still a new sensation for Ino and she felt an electric pulse surge throughout her body as their body's touched. Now in a sensual coo she added to her words, "Or perhaps we should get an early start today and see what kinda magic we can make right now, love..."

"Ino! Look at what time it is!" Hinata about shouted as she struggled out form under Ino's arm. Letting her voice come back down to a normal level she said, "Isn't your father coming here in like fifteen minutes to open the shop today?"

Ino sat up at once to stare in the direction of the nearest clock. Hinata was right, they needed to get the hell out of there right away. Sounding somewhat surprised at there actually being a real reason for her to get up, Ino said "Wow you're right. I can't believe we slept this late." She smiled fully before adding playfully, "I guess that's what happens when you have a lover as hot as you..."

Hinata got to her feet without a reply. Swiftly she began to toss Ino her clothes which lie strewn about the area, some crowding and covering flowers. Without wasting a breath Ino began to dress herself as her beloved did the same. Once dressed, the two proceeded to tidy up the area a bit in hopes of masking their presence there, before leaving the shop and locking it behind them.

"Now dad will never know we borrowed the shop for last night." Ino proclaimed happily as she and Hinata walked forward aimlessly.

Hinata didn't seem as enthralled. Her expression seemed to be a little doubtful. Taking a sad tone, Hinata asked, "but where are we, where are we going to do those things from now on?"

"Hmmm, what things could you possibly mean, Hinata?" Ino gave her own question, toying with the other girl.

Hinata shot her lover a glaring look but then let it transform into a slight smirk as sher replied in a sexy way, "Making hot love together, of course."

"Oh, well there are all sorts of places we could do that. I'd be willing to have our little fun together anywhere you ask, sexy." Ino answered the initial question in a playful, sensual manner.

Hinata didn't seem satisfied with this answer. Her smile faded back as she asked with a hint of melancholy, "So, you're not going to tell your parents then?"

"If it's what you want we can turn around right now and go tell dad everything this minute." Ino offered in a confident voice.

"What? You actually would do that?" Hinata seemed surprised.

"Of course. If it's what my gorgeous girlfriend wants I'd do it without even thinking." Ino smiled as she began to look into Hinata's eyes. Then reflectively she added, "Besides, I've been lying for so long it'd be nice to actually start telling people the truth."

"I love you, Ino." Hinata said with an excited grin as she gave Ino a soft kiss on the cheek, not caring that the people they shared the street with might see.

"Oh wow." Ino blushed as she rubbed the spot where Hinata had kissed her. In a happy, level tone she asked, "So, we going back to talk to dad?"

"No. We don't have to right now. It's just that I..." Hinata spoke, happier but still not completely satisfied.

"You want the two of us to have a place where we can just always be together?" Ino finished for her lover, offering support in her kind smile.

"Yeah." Hinata replied softly.

"It's sweet, all it took was one night and your ready to commit yourself to me completely." Ino said with a short laugh.

"I never knew anything could be as wonderful as last night was..." Hinata sighed longingly.

"Yeah, you said it. I'm still having trouble distinguishing it all from my dreams." Ino said romantically.

"I've never seen a dream as amazing as you were then." Hinata admitted in a soft voice.

"I could probably say the same thing. I doubt I could find a better girl than you even in my wildest fantasies." Ino cooed lovingly, punctuating her sentence with a slight giggle.

"What about Sakura?" Hinata asked with slight reluctance.

"As I see it, it's real luck that I never got around to confessing to her I wouldn't of wanted to miss out on you, my cute little Hinata." Ino said maintaining her blissful smile even as she spoke of the one who she once suffered on behalf of.

Hinata blushed at hearing Ino say this. Nervously she questioned, "Do you mean that, Ino?"

"Yup! I sure do. You've got a cuter face and a much better body. Not to mention you're a lot more fun." Ino explained with love in her voice.

"I'm happy." Hinata said as a single tear rolled down her cheek. Ino stopped it with a finger and then gave her a brief kiss on the lips. Hinata didn't fight it even though people were starting to stare.

"Let's start looking into getting an apartment just for the two of us." Ino said in a conclusive tone that made her lover's eye light up.

"You really mean it?" Hinata exclaimed, elated.

"Of course. Being with you all the time is what I want too, you know." Ino said in a loving fashion as she placed a hand to caress Hinata's cheek lovingly.

Hinata gave a faint blush as her lips formed a smile. Then she became alerted to a familiar presence and altered her gaze slightly as she said with a short laugh, "Hey, look Ino!"

Ino turned her head at her lover's call. At once she saw what Hinata had seen. There were Sakura and Naruto, peacefully strolling down the street in the opposite direction as herself and Hinata. There was the one who had so long captivated her, yet now for the first time she felt content with herself as she met Sakura's gaze. Ino smiled as she felt firsthand her freedom from Sakura.

"Hey Ino! H-Hinata..." Sakura called out readily noticing the other two girls; the way she said the Hyuga girl's name led Ino to believe Sakura still wasn't too fond of the girl's "new look."

"Oh Hi, Sakura! Naruto." Ino returned the call with cheerful enthusiasm as the four shinobi rushed forth to meet each other.

Hinata and Naruto both nodded at Sakura and Ino respectively as well as at each other.

"You sure seem happy today Ino..." Sakura said in a slightly patronizing way as she noted her best friends level of excitement.

"Yup. I am. Today every thing's lookin' up for me." Ino maintained a dumb over-excited smile as she spoke. Then with a slightly devious tone and a short laugh to herself Ino asked, "What about you, Sakura? Anything good happen lately?"

Sakura gave an immediate blush. Stumbling with the words, she began in a low, embarrassed tone, "Well, yeah, you see, umm, it's hard for me to say it, but, umm, God this is embarrassing, you see Ino, me and Naruto, we've, we've started seeing each other." Sakura's struggle made Ino laugh hard on the inside, since she of course already knew this much.

"And what's so embarrassing about being with me?!" Naruto started in a clearly irritated voice.

"N-nothing, it's just it's hard to tell Ino stuff like that." Sakura forced herself to say hastily, she still seemed vulnerable under Ino's eyes.

"Oh, that's nice Sakura. So how long have you two been together?" Ino wore her oversized smile once more.

"We've been seeing each other about a week now." Ino's reply came from Naruto. He punctuated this by saying in an accomplished tone with a slight grin, 'Things didn't get real serious 'till last night though..."

Sakura readily punched him in the arm as she near shouted with heavy blush, "You don't need to tell them that!"

"Wow, Sakura. So you must have had some good fun last night then." Ino said, in a very pointed though still happiness veiled tone.

"Well, I, I guess..." Sakura was a full red as she admitted her enjoyment.

"Aww, no need to be embarrassed, Sakura. From the sounds of things it seems like me and Hinata are the same as you two." Ino continued to speak in a gleeful tone; she turned to see Hinata's expression, receiving a smile and a soft nod.

"Oh, that's gre-, Wait!You and H-Hinata..." Sakura started normally but went into a shock as it hit her. Desperate for clarification, she asked, "What do you mean that y-you're the same as us?"

"I mean me and Hinata's relationship is like a perfect parallel to you and Naruto's." Ino said, loving the reactions she was getting from her friend.

"What, so, so you and Hinata, are involved, with one another, like romantically?" Sakura looked hugely uncomfortable even thinking about this, much less saying it.

"Exactly." Ino found it hard not to burst out laughing.

"Ino. Hinata's a girl." Sakura took a serious tone to say.

"I think I know that much, Sakura." Ino said while giggling.

"But, when did you-, since when are you-." Sakura failed to complete a thought. She then rushed toward Hinata to say in a voice similar to that of a concerned older sister, "Hinata! You don't have to do anything strange just because it's what Ino says. You can tell her no, and you should if she's gone completely insane..." Sakura gave a bewildered glare at Ino as she finished in a very pointed manner.

"You don't understand Sakura. Ino's done so much to help me become someone better. She's such a great person. That's why I love her and want to stay with her always." Hinata said with a calm smile exacting a proud nod from Ino and a look of horror from Sakura.

"Wait! So that's it then!" Naruto exclaimed as if he had solved some great puzzle. With confidence in his voice he concluded, "Ino's the one who dressed Hinata that way!"

All three of the others turned at once to glare at him, each offering their own pity laugh. Ino, still laughing said with deep sarcasm, "Gee, Sakura, your lover sure is perceptive."

Sakura gasped as if admitting Naruto's incompetence. Then trying to laugh it off she made her own stab, "Well at least my lover isn't a girl, Ino."

"And what exactly is wrong with that?!" Ino said raising her voice with a degree of anger.

"Uhh, nothing, I guess..." Sakura shook her head, still very uncomfortable with the topic. In a sharp tone she said with thought, "Didn't you like guys...?"

"Nope not really. I was just afraid to really go with what I wanted until I started things with Hinata." Ino said in a offhand manner as if it were no big deal.

"But what about Sasuke and all those years fighting over him?" Sakura asked in a now demanding voice.

"I never was really interested in him either. I just thought it'd be fun to compete with you." Ino widened her smile at the look of disbelief on Sakura Haruno's young face.

"R-really?You've seriously been a lesbian all this time?" Sakura seemed far from satisfied with this conclusion.

"Yup. I sure have!" Ino chimed back happy to admit it.

"So, how, how long have you known?" Sakura asked now with a look of seriousness on her face, finally completely convinced this all wasn't some elaborate joke on Ino's part.

"I'd say I've been pretty confident in my sexuality, since the day I met you..." Ino admitted, spacing her words to feign deep thought.

Sakura's face contorted all at once with various emotions, key among them was disturbance, embarrassment, and disbelief. Shaking, Sakura asked sounding somehow terrified, "And, w-what does, what does that mean Ino?"

Ino gave a soft smile as she spoke lightly, "Absolutely nothing now that I'm completely one hundred percent satisfied with what me and Hinata have together."

Sakura still seemed to be having trouble sorting everything out. Now fairly clear on the meaning behind Ino's well placed words she said with a soft smile, at once apologetic and friendly as it was still plagued with surprise and disbelief, "In that case I'm glad you're happy now Ino."

"Yeah..." Ino sighed thankfully returning her own friendly smile.

Sakura then turned her attention to the other girl. In a more level tone she spoke, "And you're into this too, Hinata? I never would have placed you as a lesbian..." .

"Yeah. I really like being with Ino." Hinata said with a confident nod.

''And before that did you also know this was what you wanted?" Sakura seemed unsure of how to ask Hinata this question.

"Actually, no. Back when I was weak, before I met Ino, I never thought about being with anyone really, well except for Naruto." Hinata kept her composure all the way through.

"What? What do you mean except for me?" Naruto exclaimed in complete surprise.

"I had a crush on you since I met you." Hinata said quite bluntly.

Naruto gasped. In a voice that made his total surprise clear, he said, "I, I never would have ever guessed..."

"Sakura, your boyfriend really is kinda slow..." Ino said with a short laugh.

"Yeah, it was pretty obvious, wasn't it."Sakura gave her own laugh, failing to defend Naruto.

"Then how come I never noticed. Why didn't anyone ever tell me?" Naruto questioned loudly.

"Why? Aren't you satisfied with me?!" Sakura shot Naruto an angry glare.

"Of course. I just would have wanted to know..." Naruto backed down at once as he clenched the spot where Sakura hit him last.

"Well it wouldn't have worked out anyways since she turned out to be gay, so you really didn't miss anything."Sakura began to sound a bit envious, but still mostly angry.

"Maybe she'd end up liking both..." Naruto suggested.

"Uhh, no. Hinata likes me and thats all. Anything else should not even be suggested." Ino said, sounding quite possessive.

After a moment of brief silence and intense blushing on Hinata's part Sakura said reflectively "I still can't believe the two of you are seriously together."

"Were a good match, really. I don't think it's that weird. What bugs me is you and Naruto. I always thought you hated him." Ino replied lightly.

"Sell. I guess he sorta grew on me or something..." Sakura said, seeming unsure about the matter herself

"So were still friends, Sakura?" Ino gave a question, sounding finally serious.

"Of course we are Ino, even if you are a bit stranger than I would have thought." Sakura replied with a deep smile.

All four laughed and talked a while longer. It made Ino feel truly happy for the first time in a while. She had someone she truly loved and she also had Sakura, whom she cared deeply for, as her dear friend again.

As the two couples said their goodbyes, wishing each other luck in their new lives, and parted in opposite directions Ino wore a smile. Excitement bubbled over in her being as she looked toward the future, confident that it would be a happy one spent with Hinata the one she loved.

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