A/N: Challenge response, the challenge was to write a story based on the quote "Everything good happens over coffee". This will be multi chapter, starting from a very important pre-series moment, and will span to post-finale. It will also follow the JavaJunkie relationship. Enjoy!

Lorelai groaned as she turned over in her bed. It was morning already. Somehow, the amount of sleep she got seemed to be much less than the amount of time she was awake. Maybe that's why she had such a headache. She stretched and realized that the headache wasn't from lack of sleep, but rather, from a severe lack of coffee.

She threw on her slippers and slowly made her way downstairs, where Rory was already dressed and ready for school. She sat at the kitchen table, eating cereal and reading a book at the same time.

"I thought I'd have to wake you up again today!" Rory said, looking up from her book when she heard Lorelai open the cabinet. "What are you looking for?"

"Coffee," Lorelai mumbled.

Rory cringed as the box of cereal hit the floor. "Ah, Mom? I don't… I don't think we have any."

Lorelai put her head on the counter. "Rory, sweets, what did I tell you about playing mind games with Mommy so early in the morning?"

Rory got up from her seat and opened the other cabinets. "Sorry, Mom, I wish this was a joke. We don't have any coffee for you."

Lorelai slumped down onto the floor, moaning as she put her hand to her head. "Come on, let's get you to school, and I'll find coffee after."

Lorelai got dressed, attempting to focus on bringing Rory to school. She walked Rory to school, trying her best to act like herself, or as close to herself as possible. She gave Rory a kiss, some lunch money, and began her mission to find coffee.

Weston's had a line out the door, as that morning was free pastry morning at their lovely establishment. She refused to give in to the hype, and walked some more. Al's had stopped serving coffee awhile back, and his new menu was not very appetizing. Lorelai was about to drive out of town in search of her beloved coffee when she came across a small diner.

Lorelai stopped in front of it, analyzing its outer features. The "Williams Hardware" sign above it had thrown her off many times, but she knew it was a diner because there was a man in flannel and a backwards baseball cap serving an elderly couple their breakfast. For some reason, she just never made it in there to eat. She didn't know why, but the opportunity had just never presented itself.

The sign that caught her eye next was what looked like a yellow coffee mug, with the word "Luke's" written in red. Or maybe it was Duke's. The withdrawal was blurring her vision. She sighed, relieved she was now in the vicinity of coffee, and walked through the door.

The diner was busy, not as busy as Weston's, but busy. Lorelai anxiously looked for the man in flannel. She caught a glimpse of him and waved in his direction.

"Ah, excuse me, you in the nice flannel shirt? Coffee to go, pronto," Lorelai demanded.

The man turned around. "Look, lady, you're going to have to wait your turn for coffee like the rest of my customers did. Are you capable, or did you miss that lesson in Kindergarten?" he shot back.

Lorelai followed the grumpy diner man. "Ah, well, my friend, I don't think you know the extent to which coffee is necessary right now. It's so necessary, in fact, that I am willing to beg you for it."

"You're willing to beg?"

"On my hands and knees, add song interlude here."

"What else are you willing to do?"


"Then wait your turn."

"…but that. Anything but that," Lorelai added.

The man turned around, ignoring Lorelai once again. Lorelai smiled when she saw a man sitting and reading the newspaper.

"Ah, sir, can I pay you for that paper? And you can get another one? Thanks," she said, giving the man all her spare change and fishing through her purse. "Hey, burger boy, what's your sign?"

"This is a diner, not a singles bar."

"I have that power on men, but not when I'm deprived of coffee. What's your sign?"

"Scorpio, okay? I am a Scorpio. Now wait your turn," the man demanded.

Lorelai tore the horoscope for Scorpio out of the paper. She blackened out everything at the top, because that was all a bunch of meaningless astrological mumbo jumbo anyway, and wrote a new, improved horoscope underneath.

"What's his name?" Lorelai asked the gentleman she took the paper from.


"Oh, LUKE!" Lorelai said, waving the new horoscope in the air. "Happy belated birthday."

Luke took the piece of paper from Lorelai's hand and read it out loud. "You will meet an annoying woman today. Give her coffee and she'll go away."

"Do as it says, my friend, and keep this horoscope in your pocket, and it will bring you good luck."

Luke stormed behind the counter, poured the coffee in a to-go cup, and handed it to Lorelai. "First time, and last time, in your case, customers are on the house."

Lorelai smiled. "You are the sweetest man I have ever known." She exited the diner and took one sip of coffee, realizing that it wouldn't be the last time she went to the diner.