Lorelai sat in the kitchen, staring at the lack of coffee in her new coffee mug. It had been a pretty awesome birthday, that's for sure. Rory came home, with lots of presents, April was on break from school, so she also visited, and Luke made sure that her triple chocolate cake came out perfectly. She glanced to the framed picture above the coffee pot, a gift from April. It read "Everything good happens over coffee". Smiling, and getting up to refill her mug, she realized how true it was.

Her coffee addiction had brought her so many things. It brought her Luke, of course. It brought her closer to Rory. It was her means of survival as well as an emotional comfort.

"Want me to make a fresh pot?" Luke asked, watching Lorelai get only half her mug filled with what was left in the coffee pot.

Lorelai grinned. "Do you have to ask?"

"I still wonder how you sleep at night," Luke muttered, rinsing out the pot.

"I stay up really late and sleep in, it's that simple," Lorelai mused, sitting down at the table.

Luke finished making the coffee and sat at the table, waiting for it to finish. "So, did you have a good birthday?"

"The best. Although that's what I say after every birthday," Lorelai said, waving her hand and taking a sip of her coffee.

Luke took her hand. "We wanted to make sure it was a good day for you."

"And you did a great job," Lorelai said. "Makes me look forward to my other birthdays."

Luke shook his head. "It's only four o' clock, and you're looking forward to next year? This birthday isn't over yet."

"It's not?" Lorelai asked, feigning surprise.

He smiled. "Nope. You still have eight more hours."

"And one minute," Lorelai added.

"Sure, that too," Luke said, pouring her a new cup of coffee.

She smiled as she sipped the new cup of coffee. "And all the things we can do in eight hours…"

"Lorelai, jeez," Luke grumbled.

Lorelai laughed out loud, putting a strand of hair behind her ear. "I wasn't thinking that, at least not until later. I have eight hours left of me telling you do to whatever I want you to do."

"Within reason, jeez, I didn't say I'd be your slave," Luke grumbled.

"Why don't we take a walk? You know, just to walk, no particular reason other than that," Lorelai said. "And we can hold hands and be all lovey dovey, and make out on the bench!"

Luke turned another shade of red. "We are not making out on the bench."

"Fine. But will you take a walk with me, please? We've never just… walked. I'll bring Paul Anka so there's some sort of purpose to the walk, in disguise, to save your masculinity!"

Luke groaned. "Where's the leash?"

"I'll get the leash, you get me a to go cup," Lorelai insisted, and went in search of the leash. She went into the living room and put Rory's feet on the coffee table, crawling underneath them to search under the couch for the leash. "This is why I was never good at limbo."

"What are you looking for? I'm sure April can tell you where it is, she organized your house," Rory teased, flipping the channel on the TV.

Lorelai slid out from underneath the couch, holding Paul Anka's leash. "This. She missed that one."

"Is there anything in the cushions, like on that Comfy Couch show with the clown who pulls all sorts of stuff out?"

"Nah, I'm no Loonette the Clown. No rubber chickens, no mats shaped like a clock, and no mailman boyfriend with helmet hair that rides a unicycle," Lorelai teased.

"Does Luke have hat hair?"

Lorelai laughed. "Why do you care?"

"Well, hat hair is the precise reason I don't wear hats often," Rory replied.

Lorelai shrugged. "I don't care. The hat hair wears off."

Rory gasped. "Mom, seriously! April's right in there."

"Oh, April's had that talk, sweets, don't worry. Paul Anka's the one you should be worried about," she said, putting Paul Anka on his leash. "Luke! Dog's on the leash and birthday girl's ready to stroll!"

"Aww, you're taking a birthday stroll?" Rory asked, grinning.

"It's not a stroll, and we're walking Paul Anka," Luke insisted.

Rory nodded knowingly. "Way to give him a man cover, Mom."

"Did someone transplant parts of each other's brains into your own?" Luke asked, taking the leash.

Lorelai shook her head. "No, we're not Angelina and Billy Bob. That's kinda creepy."

Rory giggled. "Speak for yourself, I have your name tattooed right here," she said, lifting up her sleeve."

Luke groaned. "Don't encourage each other. Let's go."

"Ta tah! We'll be on a stroll if you need us," Lorelai said, waving to Rory as she walked out on the porch. She walked down by the Jeep and waited for Luke and Paul Anka to emerge from the house. She switched her coffee to her left hand and took Luke's left hand in her right.

"What are you doing?" Luke asked.

Lorelai sighed. "Compromise. We hold hands, you walk Paul Anka, and I drink my coffee. We call it a 'walk' and not a 'stroll'."

"It's your birthday," Luke groaned.

Lorelai walked with Luke and Paul Anka, smiling ear to ear and politely thanking the many citizens passing by who wished her a happy birthday. She turned to Luke and sighed. "Thanks for putting up with this."

"You're welcome," Luke said. "I think Paul Anka needs a rest."

Lorelai looked down at Paul Anka, who had fallen asleep. "He never can make it through a walk. I wonder if he has narcolepsy."

"I wouldn't be surprised," Luke teased, sitting down on a bench nearby.

"Are you sure we can't make out on this bench?" Lorelai teased.

Luke laughed. "You are never going to give up on that, are you?"

She shook her head. "No," she replied, moving closer and putting her head on Luke's shoulder.

"And you're not sitting on my lap, either," Luke said, putting his arm around her.

Lorelai looked up at Luke, smiling. "This is fine."

"You're easily pleased all of a sudden," Luke pointed out.

She gave a slight giggle as a response, opting not to come back with a sarcastic comment. She wanted to just take in the moment, instead of being so eager to fire a comment back. It was a nice moment, being with Luke on the bench by the gazebo, in the town square, on her favorite day of the year.

"Where did Chatty Cathy go?" Luke teased.

"Probably on some recall list," Lorelai replied, giggling. "Sorry, I had to. No, I just wanted to… enjoy the moment."

"We were having a moment?"

Lorelai sighed. "Yes, Luke, there was a moment. Do we have to define a 'moment'?"

"No. I just wanted to make sure that you thought there was one," Luke said. "That we were on the same page."

"I'm reading the same book you are, but sometimes I think you're way behind me," Lorelai teased.

Luke shrugged. "What can I say, I like to comprehend every word instead of getting straight to the ending."

Lorelai nodded. "Someone's awfully good at metaphors and analogies."

"Yeah, you're not so bad with those," Luke teased. "In fact, I find it amusing."

"You do, do you?"

"It makes you who you are," Luke said, playing with her hair. "And I love you. A lot."

Lorelai grinned. "Good, because the real Lorelai's not wanting to switch back, either."

"Moment," Luke gently reminded her.

She bit her lower lip, mentally chiding herself for ruining a moment. She smiled and sighed. "Moment."

"And I uh… wanted this birthday to be really special for you, because you deserve a special… birthday. I love you Lorelai," he said, reaching into his pocket.

Lorelai knew what was coming. She shook her head, realizing that Luke was way ahead of her on that one. She was totally blindsided for once, she had no idea it was coming until Luke pulled the box out of his pocket. She smiled as the tears started coming, trying not to say anything, letting the moment take over.

"Lorelai Gilmore, will you marry me?"

She couldn't say anything. She simply nodded in acceptance and leaned in to kiss Luke, pulling away after what she believed was a reasonable length kiss.

"That's it?" Luke laughed, putting the ring on her finger.

"You didn't want to make out on the bench," she said, smiling between tears.

"As long as I hold onto Paul Anka's leash, there's no fine that can be imposed on us," Luke said, pulling her in for another kiss.

When they finally broke apart, Lorelai looked down at her hand. "The thing by the coffee pot is right. Everything good happens over coffee."

"Moment," Luke reminded Lorelai once again, leaning in for another kiss.

Paul Anka stirred and Luke pulled away, causing Lorelai to giggle. "Looks like he caught us. Time for the talk," she teased.

"Okay, moment over," Luke said, taking Lorelai's hand and standing up again.

Lorelai sighed. "Sorry, moment." She walked with Luke and Paul Anka, still trying to comprehend the weird tingly feeling she had in her left hand. A ring couldn't do that, could it? A ring couldn't make her hand tingle, Rory would surely say that it was psychological. It was something they'd have to discuss over a cup of coffee before Rory left again.

The End