Ritsuka never thought of himself as gay, because he wasn't. He didn't like guys, not at all. He just liked Soubi was all. He loved Soubi and Soubi just happened to be a guy. That didn't make him gay. It made him something much worse. Obsessed. He dreamed of Soubi's touch, of only of his touch. He didn't look at other guys and wonder about them, nor with girls.

His sexuality wasn't a question to him. If someone asked him about it he would say obsessed. Not that anyone asked him. They saw him with another guy and assumed he was gay. They made the same assumption about Soubi, which for him, was probably true. He claimed to love Ritsuka, but he also loved Seime.

It didn't matter to Ritsuka though. Soubi could be gay all he wanted. In fact, Ritsuka tried to encourage it. He wanted Soubi to flirt with other men, when he knew that at night it was his bed the Soubi came back to. He wanted others to pine for Soubi so much that it hurt, and then, just when they thought they had him, Ritsuka would show up. Because Soubi belonged to Ritsuka. That's how obsessed he was over the older man. He wanted to break others hearts just to make himself feel better.

Ritsuka was addicted all right. He was obsessed to the point of wanting physical and emotional pain from Soubi. He wanted to be hurt so that Soubi could make him feel better again. He wanted Soubi to feed his obsession over him. That was one of the few things that made him such a child.

So when slow people that couldn't comprehend situations would ask Ritsuka about his sexuality (which they rarely did) Ritsuka would always answer "Obsessed" and walk away into Soubi's waiting arms. Because Ritsuka wasn't gay. He didn't like boys or girls. He only like tall, blond men named Soubi Agatsuma.


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