Disclaimer: I do not own Heroes. Boom.

Pointless? Yes. Stupid? Yes. Necessary? No. Fun to write? Yes indeed! So here, I introduce: The "Heroes" chatroom fic! It's rated T, mainly for language.

There aren't too many people in the first chapter. More people will come later.

Also, the chapters will be very short, but updated frequently. Plus, the chatspeak will also come to a stop eventually.

See if you can guess who's who (part of the fun, if you ask me). But if you're confused, don't hesitate to ask.

ManNurse30 has signed on

FryingMan has signed on

ManNurse30: cool! my first time in a chatroom! i wonder where everybody is?

FryingMan: I don't know.

ManNurse30: u know Nathan, u don't have to use correct grammar in a chatroom

FryingMan: Okay, then.

ManNurse30: wat's with your screenname

FryingMan: It was given to me by Hiro. I'm using it so people don't hack it because I'm a famous politician.

ManNurse30: whatever

CheerleaderInTexas has signed on

ManNurse30: hi Claire!

CheerleaderInTexas: hi Peter!

FryingMan: Hi, Claire!

FryingMan: …

ManNurse30: wow it seems everybody hates u Nathan. what did u do at your last speech, eat live puppies?

FryingMan: Ha ha, Peter. I said, hi, Claire!

ManNurse30: say hi to him claire, so he'll shut up

CheerleaderInTexas: HI

FryingMan: I can feel the love.

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DLphantom has signed on

FryingMan: Hi, Niki!

FryingMan: …

FryingMan: Screw it.

FryingMan has signed off

DLphantom: what's his problem?

CheerleaderInTexas: maybe he has to go take his constipation medicine

ManNurse30: LOL

HighAsAKite has signed on

HighAsAKite: Hi!

ManNurse30: Isaac? Aren't you dead?

HighAsAKite: …

HighAsAKite has signed off

NikiMM: Well that was weird

ManNurse30: why does your screenname have MM in it?

NikiMM: Mirror mirror

CheerleaderInTexas: u like mirrors or something

NikiMM: sure, why not


SuperHiro1 has signed on

SuperHiro1: yay chat instead of work!

FryingMan has signed on

FryingMan: Well, at least now I might have someone to talk to.


SuperHiro1 has signed off

FryingMan: Ugh…

SuperHiro1 has signed on

SuperHiro1: you used frying man! (:

SuperHiro1 has signed off

FryingMan: What in blazes is that?!

ManNurse30: wat?

FryingMan: That little face that Hiro typed!

ManNurse30: yeah that's a smiley icon Nathan

SuperHiro1 has signed on

SuperHiro1: Ando says I should stay on IM because there nothing better to do at work

BoomGoesThePeter has signed on

BoomGoesThePeter: Cool! Making a new screenname is easy!

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BoomGoesThePeter: I can hear you signing off IRL…


BoomGoesThePeter: Oh, hello, Hiro. (:

SuperHiro1 has signed off

BoomGoesThePeter: Fuck a doodle doo!

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