This is pretty short, but I will write more new season stuff, so be patient. So yeah. I'm back in the game. New season. Ultra-terrifying Mama Petrelli. Ultra-kickass Sylar. Ultra-... non-Mohinder-ish Mohinder. Sheesh, I wish he'd just die already honestly.

So, my cowriter/partner in crime/brother/beta/Gaear Grimsrud avatarjk137 said he was (SPOILER) disappointed in how the German guy, who he liked, was gone so quickly. I also liked the little group of villains. So I gave them their own mini-chatroom.

P.S. Normally I like you to figure it out on your own the first time around, but I'll just give this to you: CrankUpTheVolume666 is the noisy guy, I think his name is Jesse, but this is when Peter was in his body (how the hell did he get that power anyway? Whatever.)


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FearMe56: The first meeting of the super kickass villain club now commences.

FearMe56: Roll call.

Himmelfahrt: We're already signed in, you fool.

FearMe56: Shut up, you German freak.

LightYourAssOnFire: YEAH.

CrankUpTheVolume666: Guys, please don't get into a fight.

Himmelfahrt: A fight?

Himmelfahrt: Splendid idea!

FearMe56: What are you gonna do? Magnetize me over your internet connection?

Himmelfahrt: What are you going to do? Smell my fear over your internet connection?

FearMe56: Speaking of smelling, why does your name have fart in it?

LightYourAssOnFire: YEAH.

Himmelfahrt: It's "fahrt"! Not "fart", you immature American!

FearMe56: Then it's fahrt. Forgive me. It's still stupid.

CrankUpTheVolume666: What does it mean, then?

LightYourAssOnFire: YEAH.

Himmelfahrt: Heaven flight.

Himmelfahrt: :)

FearMe56: That still sucks.


CrankUpTheVolume666: You guys, come on. Weren't we in here for a reason?

FearMe56: Oh yeah.

FearMe56: Now!

Himmelfahrt: Down to business!

FearMe56: Right!

LightYourAssOnFire: YEAH.

FearMe56: That's what I said… anyway. How do we terrorize people some more?


LightYourAssOnFire: YEAH.

FearMe56: Shut the hell up, pick a side already. And duh. What else would I call you in for?

FearMe56: Cupcake recipes?

CrankUpTheVolume666: …

LightYourAssOnFire: That actually sounds really good.

FearMe56: Whoa. Yeah. Ohmygod. It really does, doesn't it?

FearMe56: Where could we get some cupcakes?

Himmelfahrt: I bet old ladies make them.

Himmelfahrt: Let's steal them! :D

FearMe56: I'm so game! Then we'll light the ladies on fire!

LightYourAssOnFire: YEAH.

FearMe56: Okay, you get that one.

CrankUpTheVolume666: WHAT? Stealing cupcakes?

FearMe56: Let's go! :D

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CrankUpTheVolume666: I like cookies better. :(

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