The Tomb Club

Chapter 1: The Secret Tomb Club

The group was looking for a club to join. It was Club Week (man, was their school lame-- Club Week? Seriously) , so they had to choose. Taya had joined the Dance Club, which was made up mostly of transfer students from New York, and most of them had been to Broadway at some point in their lives, and Tristan had gone off to the Amish Club (he figured that he needed a little time away from technology, after he failed the math exam last week, because he'd conveniently "forgotten" to study, on account of he was trying to reach level fourteen on his video game) to join that. Ishizu and Odion were exploring, checking out the other clubs. They were always with Marik at school, but figured they should let him and his friends decide on a club themselves.

"Hiya, guys!" cried a high-pitched, slightly nasal voice. A girl swung forward from the top of a jungle gym, her knees hanging onto the bar, smiling at them. Her silvery-blonde ponytails shook and her blue eyes sparkled with laughter.

"Gaah!" Joey jumped back. "You set up a club?!"

Yugi laughed. "Hey, Upside-Down Girl," he greeted her. "What's up?"

Upside-Down Girl smiled even wider, if that was possible. "Yugi, shouldn't you know by now? To me, you have to say 'What's upside-down'!"

Yugi laughed again. "Good one, Upside-Down Girl. You have a club here, too?"


"What's the name of it?"

She pointed to the sign on the table. "Look at the banner." She brushed some loose hair out of her face.

Bakura bent down and read it aloud. "The Secret Tomb Club," he said. "Wo, that does sound fun, Upside-Down Girl."

"You guys wanna join?" she asked. She pulled out a model pyramid. "It's, like, about ancient Egypt. It's really fun. We dress up and role-play and everything! Well, we would if I had any other club members."

"Oh, that does sound cool," Marik said. "Hey guys, why don't we sign up? I think it would be really fun to try. And Upside-Down Girl seems like she knows what she's doing. It'd be cool to really get to know her."

"If you're joining," Upside-Down Girl said, "then you can call me by either my real name or my codename for the club. My real name is Dehina. My codename is Queen Isis. Pick one, or call me either one when you see me, if you want." As she talked, she swung back and forth on her pole. "You don't have to; you can go right on calling me Upside-Down Girl if you like."

"Your real name is Dehina? My goodness, that's such a pretty name," Bakura told her. "Well, why on Earth would you want to be known as Upside-Down Girl instead of Dehina?"

Dehina shrugged. "Let's just say I have my reasons and leave it at that, eh? So, are you joining?"

Ishizu and Odion walked over. "Marik, you would not believe some of these silly clubs," Ishizu laughed. "They have a club for macrame."

"Hey, Ishizu, Odion," Dehina said.

Ishizu smiled. "Hello, Upside-Down Girl. You have a club?"

"The Secret Tomb Club," she answered proudly. "It's really awesome. It's all about ancient Egypt. By the way, you can call me by my real name, Dehina, or my codename, Queen Isis, if you join. Hey, I just had a wacky idea. Why don't you two join, too?"

"Egypt, you say? Well, that does sound interesting. What do you think, Odion?"

"It would be a rather pleasant experience," Odion nodded.

"Great!" Dehina pulled out a clipboard and slid it forward. "All members, sign this. It's my club member sheet. Meetings are every day-- even weekends-- at say, 3:30 P.M., at my house, first meeting today after school."