Chapter 2: The First Secret Meeting

Everyone gathered at Dehina's house at 3:30. "Hey, everyone!" she greeted them. For once, she was on her feet. She was dressed in Egyptian clothes. She wore a long white robe, many necklaces-- made of gold, lapis lazuli, pearls-- reed sandals, kohl (black stuff Egyptians used as eyeliner), dark green eyeshadow, a black wig in a sort of Cleopatra design, and a queen's crown of Lower and Upper Egypt. "Glad ya all could make it."

"Where did you get all that?" Marik asked.

"Don't worry. I didn't steal it, if that's what you're thinking. Mum's an Egyptologist, so she gives me all this stuff, she gets it from the Egyptians she works with. Well, most of it. She makes some of it."

"Drat," mumbled Yami Bakura. He's been Thief King in ancient Egypt, and thought that Dehina was going to make him happy by taking after him. "I thought you were following my footsteps."

"Sorry to burst your bubble, Yami B," Dehina apologized. "Come on, guys. Did I mention you all get codenames?"

"Wow, cool!' Marik said. "I wonder which one I'll get. Who goes first?"

"I write all the names." Dehina took out a scroll of papyrus paper. "See, I even have paper made from the papyrus plant, just like the ancient Egyptians!" She began to write. She wrote quickly but gracefully. She displayed it to them when she was done:

Secret Tomb Club Members

Dehina Delfino-- "Queen Isis, Mistress of Magic"

Yugi Moto-- "Geb, God of the Earth"

Yami Yugi-- "Ra-Atum (Ra), Supreme God"

Joseph Wheeler (Joey)-- "Shu, God of Air and Light"

Ryou Bakura-- "Thoth, Ibis-Headed Moon God of Wisdom"

Yami Bakura-- "Apis, the Sacred Bull God"

Marik Ishtar-- "King Osiris, Green God of the Underworld"

Ishizu Ishtar-- "Sakhmet, Goddess of War and Destiny"

Odion Ishtar-- "Ptah, God of Creation and Crafts"

Serenity Wheeler-- "Tefenet, Goddess of Morning Dew"

Mai Valentine-- "Hathor, Gentle and Tough Goddess of Love"

"Is everyone happy with your matches?" Dehina asked.


"Good! Now, let's move on. Our first order of business-- dressing up and looking the part of your characters. Come with me. I have a trunk full of Egyptian stuff in the attic."

They followed her, and were soon indistinguishable from ancient Egyptian gods. Dehina smiled at her work. "Come along, now! Much to be done, much to be done! We are venturing to the palace, which is where Yami Yugi-- I mean, where Ra-Atum, the king of Egypt, lives."

"Ha!" Yami Yugi whispered to Yami Bakura. "You thought you'd be the Pharaoh this time. Well, too bad, thief. I'm still the Pharaoh. I'm still the king around here!!!!!"

"Yeah, King of Boredom," Yami Bakura muttered, faking a yawn.

"Come along!" Dehina commanded sharply. "And watch your step! When I open the wall, it's easy to get lost!" She pulled a lever on the wall in her living room, and the wall opened to reveal a pitch-black tunnel. "Well, then? What are you all staring at me for?"

"But-- But--" Marik stuttered. He was blinking more than usual, and fast. "Isn't... this just a game, Queen Isis?"

"No, King Osiris," the Mistress of Magic answered. "I told you it would be fun. Games are not in my idea of fun."

They walked down the tunnel. The Mistress of Magic held a torch, lighting the way and leading everyone. Bakura tripped, and clung to Isis's sleeve so he wouldn't fall on the ground. "I told you to watch your step, Thoth," she warned him. "I thought you were the god of wisdom, honestly!"

Suddenly, there was a noise from up ahead. Isis held the torch higher. "Show yourself-- we aren't afraid of you!"

"Sp-peak for yours-self," Bakura stammered.

The Mistress of Magic pulled Marik beside her. "King Osiris!" she yelled to him. A mummy with the head of a crocodile appeared in front of them, blocking their way. "With haste, my love! Draw your sword!"

Marik reached into the folds of his robe, frantic. "But I don't have a--" Before he could finish the sentence, however, his hand emerged from his robe holding a gleaming sword. It was a divine sword. Its hilt was made of the hide of some animal, and its blade was silver on one side, gold on the other, decorated with pearls and small marbles of lapis lazuli.

Isis drew a spear, in case she'd need to protect Marik if his attack failed to kill the mummy. "My husband!" she cried to Marik. "Prepare for battle! We must defeat this monster to get through! Raise your sword and prepare to duel!"

Marik gulped. He looked at his brilliant sword. "Prepare for battle?"