Bella's POV'

"Edward I'll be fine! Stop worrying so much. Besides, Alice will be there." I said for the billionth time.

"I know, but I don't like it. Mike and Tyler is going to be there." He said, with jealousy dripping from every word.

" So what? It's just a party. You go and hunt and have fun. I'll be back at your place in a couple of hours." I said. I don't get why he is jealous of Make and Tyler. Like I would pick them over him. HA! Never.

"Okay. I'll see you tomorrow morning then. And try to come home in one pace." I just glared at him.

"Fine. I'll try. But I rely need to go right no, I'm a half hour late as it is." I gave him a quick peck on the lips, and hurried out to the car where Alice was waiting fore me.

At the Party.

"Wow, there's a lot of people her. I didn't think there were so many people in Forks at all." I said, as we walked thru the crowed of people on the dance floor, a.k.a Jessica's living room.

" I know! I haven't even met half of this people!" Alice said right behind me. We made our way to the steers, because there weren't so many people there. But when we got there, I saw Mike smiling at me with a red plastic cup in his hand. Shit, he saw me. We where about to turn around and leave, when Mike shouted my name.

"yes Mike?" I said, with a forced smile on my lips.

"Come here and hang out with us" I rely didn't want to go, but I didn't want to be rude. I glanced at Alice, she gave me a look that said; Sure-but-not-for-long sort of look.

"Sure, but not for long. Were not planning on staying long." I said causally. His face dropt a little, but was soon back to his normal bubbly self.

"Cool! Do you guys want something to drink?" I was thinking about what Edward was doing, so when I said sure, I wasn't rely sure about what I answered. I took the plastic cup he handed me, and started drinking it like it was water. I didn't notice that I drank the hole thing. When I removed the cup from my mouth, everybody was staring at me wide eyes.

"What?" I asked, suddenly self-conches.

" I have never in my life, seen anyone drink a beer that fast." Said a guy, ho looked like he could be in college.

"That was beer?!" I almost yelled. Then I tasted what was in my mouth, and it tasted pretty good.

"Yeah, and you drank it like water. Do it again, please! That was so cool! Hey everybody look what Swan can do!" He yelled. And then Mike gave me another cup.

"Umm Bella, maybe this isn't such a good idea." Alice said with concern all over her face.

" I don't know, I feel fine. And they just want to see me do it one time, it's not like I'm going to get drunk or anything. I'm just having a little fun." how bad can it be? I mean two beer's is nothing.

"Okay, but Edward will be mad." She said.

"I'll deal with him later. He can't be mad about two beer's" As long as I don't get drunk I thought to my self.

I took the beer an drank it one more time. I didn't feel different at all. I don't get why people make such a big deal about it. Everybody cheered at me. That made more people come over, and everyone started chanting " DRINK, DRINK, DRINK, DRINK."

"Okay, okay. One more and then I'm done!" I said and started to giggle. Mike handed me another one. It was empty two seconds later. And when I looked at everybody, they were staring at me in awe.

"You just got to do it one more time!" I heard a girl say from the crowed.

"Bella no. You said you were having two and you have hade three! You shouldn't drink anymore." Alice whisper in my ear.

"Relax ok. I'm just having one ore two more and then I'll stop. Besides I don't feel any different. I think I can handle this stuff pretty good." I said as Mike handed me yet another beer. But this one was bigger.

" Let's see how fast you can drink this one." He said with a smirk. I saw him betting money on how many seconds I could drink it. Many people were betting on me. I like this, it's fun.

"Sure" I said beaming. I was feeling wary giddy. When I was done, a guy yelled; " 5 seconds flat!"

Wow, he looked weird. He hade huge eyes. I started too laugh at him.

"Bella that's it! Come with me right now. We are going home." Alice said. But I didn't want to go home, so when she grabbed my arm, I started screaming, and sat down on the floor. Why would she take me home? There was no beer home.

"Alice! You do not have any beer home. I'm having fun with the beer, the beer is my friend. It said we could be best friends too, but we need more time bonding." I said. The beer was wary nice, it hade a family to it said to me. Maybe Alice was jealous, maybe she thought that me and the beer would be better friends then the two of us were.

"Fine. If you won't go with me, then I'm calling Emmett." She took out her phone and called Emmett.

"Emmett! You need to get here right now… because Bella is drunk and she won't leave with me…stop laughing it's not funny…We are at Jessica's party…. Okay see you in 10, bye." She hung up hung up the phone and turned to me.

"Bella, Emmett will be here in 10 minuets to pick us up okay? So stop drinking." She said firmly. The look on her face was so funny, I hade to laugh at that. She just rolled her eyes and picked me up from the floor to put me on the couch. When my laughter died down, I got serious.

"Alice, don't be jealous of the beer okay. We are still best friend's no matter what. No one can replays you, you're like my sister. But the beer is like a brother too me. I think I need a plan so that I can hang out with both of you so no one feels left out." Poor Alice. She was probably hart broken. But too my surprise she started laughing, witch made me laugh to.

"Sure Bella, what ever you say." She said an walked over too the window to look fore someone, how it was I have no idea. But Mike gave me another beer while Alice was gone. And I drank it happily.

This went on until Alice started yelling.

Alice POV

I can't believe Bella got drunk! She is always so nice and quiet, and now she is the center of the party! Edward is going to kill me. Good fore me that I'm already dead. I stood by the window and waited fore Emmett to come, he was suppose to be her two minutes ago. I glanced back at Bella to se if she was okay. I got so mad when I saw that Mike was giving her Beer.

"Mike what the hell is wrong with you?! Can't you see that she is drunk! She can't even walk! And here you sit feeding her beer! How much did you give her?!" This was the first time I have ever said anything to Mike. And he looked shocked at my outburst. I was so mad! My eyes where probably pitch black. I'm maybe tiny, but I can be scary if I want.

"Umm… err… j-just 7 I-I think" He looked wryly scared. Good, he should be.

" 7?! You gave her 7?! You are the most stupid person in the world! How could you?! How dear you?! I should just kill you right now and cut you up, and feed you to pigs! No, poor pigs, they probably would eat shit rather then you! You know what? I'm just going to tell Edward what you did, so he could deal with you. I don't want to sit in jail for scum like you!" I yelled in his face. Many people stared at me in shock . I don't blame them, this was probably the first time they have herd me say anything. They looked at me like I was crazy. Way to go Alice! Now you are the school's crazy person.

"SHIT EATING PIGS! Hahahaha" Bella screamed, and started laughing her ass of. She rolled on the floor, laughing like crazy. But suddenly she stopped laughing, and started sobbing instead. I sat down next too her.

"Bella, what's wrong?" Why did she start sobbing, she was just on the floor laughing! Humans are weird.

"Poor pigs! They have to it shit! Why can't they eat Mike? It's much more food in him. We have to feed them with Mikes body, or they might die!" She sat up with a determent look on her face. What the hell? She wanted to give Mike to the pigs? Haha she must me more drunk then I thought.

"Bella, there are no pigs." I said to her softly.

"They died already? This is Mike's fault. I hate Mike. Excuse me Alice, I must take the revenge of the pigs." She tried to get up, but fell back down. That got her more mad.

"MIKE! GET YOUR SORRY ASS OVER HER NOW!" She yelled. Mike came over and glanced up at me, he was still scared. HA! The coward.

"MIKE! HOW COULD YOU! I AM GOING TO KILL YOU! YOU PIG KILLER! WHY DIN'T YOU FEED YOURSELF TO THE PIGS?! ARE YOU THAT SELFISHE?! " She thru herself at his leg-from the floor- and bit his leg, hard. He started to scream in Paine. Wow, I didn't know Bella was violent as a drunk.

I was not going to stop her. He did this so he deserves it. And it was wryly funny to look at.

"Bella, what the hell are you doing?" Emmett asked. He hade just walked in the door. This must look pretty weird for him. Our quiet little Bella, on the floor, clinging to Mikes leg, and biting him at the same time.

"DUDE, GET HER OFF OF ME!!AGHHH!!" Mike screamed. Emmett lifted Bella up and held her around the waist. She hade her back agents him so she still saw Mike. He was so shocked.

"COME HER YOU BASTARD! THE REVENGED OF THE PIGS IS NOT OVER! IT'S NOT OVER UNTIL YOU ARE DEAD!" she screamed at him. And he-like the coward he is- ran away screaming.

"OKAY! I'm taking you home now Bella." Emmett said. He lifted her up, and thru her over his shoulder.

"What?! NO! he's not dead! I am on a mission here! I cant go home until he's dead. Put me down!" She said. I have never seen her so angry before. She is like a Edward times 10! Emmett just laughed. He thought this was funny. And I have to admit, I think so to.

"Sure Bella, but you need a plan you know. You can kill him later." He said. How could he help her? Maybe he have had to deal with drunk people before. I don't know what to say ore do with them.Thank god for Emmett.

"But I want to do it know!" Bella whined like a tree year old. He just started to laugh again, and I giggled like crazy.

"Bella not know. Later." I said, trying too sooth her. It seemed to work.

"Fine. I'll wait. But when I get my hands on him, he's going to wish he was never born!" She said. She looked wryly scary. I did not want to be in a car with scary-Bella. She looked so evil that I wanted too hide. Good thing Emmett didn't see her face, cuz if he did, I'm sure he wouldn't want a 10 minutes drive alone with her.

"Emmett, you can take her in your car. I need to… um… by somethingbyegotago." I quickly got in my car before he could answer. That was a close one.

Emmett POV

I saw Alice get in her car, and drive away faster than Edward. And Alice is slower then Esme. Wonder why she was in such a hurry. I went over to my car and opened the passenger side. I sat Bella in there, and took her seatbelt on her. Now I know why Alice was in such a hurry. I looked at Bella, and she looked seriously scary. I gulped. Now I have to drive, alone, in a car, with this new scary-Bella. Dame Alice. I quickly got in my seat and started up the car.

I glanced at Bella, and she still had that evil look on her face. Then she started laughing. Not her normal nice little laugh. No, this was the new scary-Bella laugh. She sounded like Cruel' a De will from 101 dog movie, with all the dog's that have spots.

"MUHAHAHA! Mike look out, I'm coming to get you! Mohahaha!" She exclaimed. Okay! this is a car ride I am looking forward to end.