Edward POV

We where outside Mike's window. It was four in the morning so we knew he would be sleeping.

This was going to be grate! I cannot wait to smash that dumb look off his stupid, ugly, gross, disgusting, miserable, dog-shit-like-face.

I have never seen Bella so angry. I am so glad I am not Mike. The whole car ride her, she was muttering disturbing things to do to him. Again, really, really glad I am not Mike.

We all agreed that Emmett was the one that was going in and get him. It would not look so suspicious for him to be carrying Mike like nothing around.

Once they were out of the window, Mike was up. He looked so scared. Good, he should be scared.

As soon as he had his feet on the ground--Emmett still holding his upper arms--Bella walked over to him and punched him in the face. All of us were too shocked to do anything.

"Mike, what the HELL where you thinking?! You get me drunk and you drugged me?! What has gotten in to you?! You stupid, sorry son of a bitch!" She lunged at him, but I quickly caught her mid air.

"Bella calm down. You'll get to take you're swings at him soon enough." Emmett said, grinning like a child on Christmas morning. He was enjoying this a little too much, but that was fine with me. Mike was going to get it.

"Fine. But only if get the first punch." She snapped, sending death glares at Mike, who looked paler then us.

We got into the Volvo. I was driving and Bella was in the passenger seat. Emmett and Jasper sat in the back, and Mike was in the middle, looking scared to death.

"Bella, I didn't drug you! I swear! Pleas let me go, I didn't do anything" Mike started begging. Well I did drug her, but she does not have to know that. He though.

Bella glanced at me, and I shook my head no. he was lying and it made me mad. He was SO going to get it.

"Oh pleas, like I don't know! Alice saw you put it in there, so just stuff it up your fat ass!" She said through clenched teeth.

Emmett and Jasper where trying to hold in there laughs, but I could tell that they where about to burst. They did. They started laughing like there was no tomorrow.

"Ha ha, that's so funny! Because he douse have a fat ass! Just look at it! It's like a jiggly-but!" Emmett exclaimed ones we were out of the car. Mike was red in the face from the embarrassment.

"Ew! Look at that, that thing! Mike, how can you walk through doors or even fit in your car?! I mean, c'mon! look at that thing, it's huge!" Rosalie shouted.

She was good with insults that she knew would sting. Mike cringed at the words. Guess they where worse coming from Rosalie.

Before anyone could do anything else, Bella lunged at him again. It took me a few seconds to get her off him. She was struggling against me, trying to get free from me so she could beat up Mike. I was tempted to just let her go, but we did not need any burses on him. We had agreed to public humiliation first and then beet him up.

"Edward let me go! I want to beat the crap out of that little fucker!" she yelled at me. Bella was never the one for cussing. I had never seen this side of her. She was so violent, so mean. However, as long as she was mean against Mike, I did not care.

Rosalie looked at her with an approving look. Like she liked Bella now.

"Alice, would you help Jasper get the stuff out of the car please?" I asked in a sickly sweet voice. It was making Mike more nervous. That is a good thing.

"What are you going to do to me?" Mike asked in a voice that sounded more like a little girl's squeal, then a 17-year-old guy.

"Lets just say that no one. And I mean no one, is ever going to do that to my little sister again!" Emmett yelled at him. He cringed, and looked at the ground.

Alice and Jasper came back with a bag. They emptied the bag on the ground. Out fell; some duck-tape, painting, a few paintbrushes, a shaver, and some wax.

Mike's eyes where about to pop out of his head when he saw the stuff.

"I want to shave his head and wax his legs! Can I please, please, please?" Alice asked. She put on her best pout and looked at us with puppy dog eyes. No one can resist Alice's pout. We all sighted in union.

"Knock your self out" Emmett responded. She squealed and took up the shaver. She turned it on (A/N: it is an electric shaver, you know those that make a bussing sound and you shave your head with. ANYWAY) and walked over. She started in the middle of his head. Rosalie took many pictures of this.

"NO! Not my hair! Please, please not my hair! Stop it!" Mike started trashing against Emmett's hold, but Emmett only laughed.

"Well, maybe you should have though of that before you drugged Bella." Alice spat once she was done.

A bald Mike was not a pretty sight. He looked like a frog…Mike the frog. I like it.

Alice ripped of his pajama pants. (A/N: he has underwear you perverts! sorry to you that are not, and thought that he did have something under!)

"Rosalie, the wax pleas" Alice said in a serious voice.

"I'll do anything just please don't wax me! Please! I--AHGE! DAMN! Are you people crazy!? I will get you guys back for this I swear I will--AGHHH! Would you stop that?!" Mike yelled at all of us.

When Alice was done waxing his legs, Jasper handed her the little shaver and some shaving crème. She shaved all the hair on his arms, his eyebrows, and his back hairDisgusting after that, Rosalie pulled out the painting and the


"Can I pleas paint him?" Bella asked. She looked at every one with a pleading look. It was okay with me, I was going to take my revenge later. I was going to beat the crap out of him. Bella, on the other hand, was not. Therefore, I guess painting him was fair enough.

"Sure why not" I said, smiling at her.

She looked like a little kid. She was smiling from ear to ear. After picking up the brush and the paint, she started working.

She wrote on his chest with big black letters; I am a sick bastard. And on his belly, she wrote; I am no mammas boy. And down his legs, she wrote: disgusting, and Creep. After that, she started painting him pink. After Mike was pink

all over the place, we put him in the trunk of my car. The clock was now 05:30 in the morning.

We drove to the school in less than 10 minuets. Once we got there, Emmett and Jasper took Mike out of the trunk.

We snuck into the school, and went into the hall none of the teachers would pass. Alice took out the duck tape and handed it to me. She winked, and hade a mischievous smile on her lips. Emmett and Jasper held him up against the lockers, and I immediately started working. I duck-taped his arms and his legs against the lockers. He looked like a pink star.

God, he looks stupid. Rosalie thought. I just smiled at her, and she smiled back.

"I'll cal the cops on you guys you know. You won't get away with this." He said with a smirk. Nevertheless, it looked really stupid. A pink bald and no hair on his body, hanging up against lockers in his underwear Mike looked seriously dumb.

"And tell my dad what Mike? That you drugged his daughter and tried to rape her? Good luck with that" Bella spat. He looked down at the floor.

"Well we should probably head back home. And try to get some sleep. Not long before school starts you know." jasper said.

"Yes. And we need to be her early to." Emmett stated.

We went quickly home changed clothes-Bella getting breakfast-- and quickly made our way to school. Esme and Carlisle had no idea. They would just try to stop us.

Once there the word was spread around and everybody knew. People took pictures with there phones. Even the teachers where laughing there heads of. Surprisingly, no one hade taken Mike down yet. That is until Jessica came.

"MIKE! Oh my god what happened to you?! Here let me help you down." She helped him down and took him out to her car and drove him home. We where laughing so hard that we fell to the floor clenching our stomachs. The teachers regained there composures and made us go to class.

Mike did not come back to school in 3 weeks. When he did, the whole school was reminded about what happened and started cracking up about it again. He looked embarrassed. Nevertheless, he deserved that.

I do not think that anyone will ever forget Mike Newton.

The End ;)