The Akatsuki Girls: Whose Weak Now?

Summary: Yes, it's another one of those ones where the guys call the girls weak so the girls leave. But I added a twist. The girls leave and become missing nins but are captured by the Akatsuki! Will love bloom? Mabye...

Disclaimer: Sadly, I don't own Naruto. But if I did, it might go like this story...possibly.

Note: This takes place after sasuke left for orochimaru and sakura and naruto brought him back. Now he wears black ninja capris, black ninja sandles,a black fishnet shirt with a black shirt under it and a navy vest over his shirt. Also, Naruto is very OOC. You have been warned.

"bla" talking, 'blah' thoughts

With Ino

"Oh shit! I'm late! Oh crap, crap, crap, crap!" Ino yelled as she shot through Konoha on her way to her training ground. She had been window-shopping on the way and lost track of time. Now she was late.

"Wait, why am I worrying? Shikamaru is probably still in bed. Oh well, I still want to get there."

So, once again, Ino sped off through Konoha. As she neared her training ground, she heard voices and decided to listen in, so Ino hid in a nearby bush. As she peered through it, she was surprised to see Shikamaru talking to Choji about...her?

"Hey Choji."


"Have you noticed how weak Ino is? I mean, she keeps yelling at us to train, yet she is the weakest of us. Not to mention she dresses like a slut! I mean, come on! She thinks she is so cool, but really, she's just in the way. I think we should talk to Tsunade about getting her someone to help her train since she is so hopeless on her own."

"You know Shikamaru, your right. She is really weak."

Weak? Is that what they thought of her? That she was weak? She had barely shown them half of her techniques, and they call her weak? Fine. If they didn't want her around, then she would leave.

With TenTen

Yay! I'm early! Well, actually, I'm later than I usually am, so Lee will probably be there already.' TenTen thought on her way to train with her team. She was only late because she was polishing her weapons.

When TenTen arrived at her training ground, she saw Lee and Neji talking about something, so she decided to listen in.

"Hey Lee, have you noticed how much sloppier TenTen's accuracy is during training? She barely ever hits her mark."

"Neji, you are right! TenTen's youthfulness is leaving her!"

"In other words, she's getting weaker."

"Well, yeah."

"Not only that, but with her buns, she looks like a demented panda."

'What! They think I'm weak? Why? WHY! I thought we were friends! Fine! I guess I'll just leave then.' TenTen was practically sobbing as she ran from her hiding spot. She had to find her real friends.

With Hinata

'I hope Kiba-kun and Shino-kun are there now.' Hinata thought. She had arrived half an hour early and since no one was there, she decided to take a walk. Hinata could see her training ground around the corner and heard sparring, so she figured they were there. As she rounded the corner, she sould see Kiba and Shino taking a break. She was about to walk over to them when she heard something that stopped her in her tracks.

"She is SO weak!"


"I know."


"It's like, no matter how much she trains, she isn't getting any stronger. Not to mention that annoying stuttering. I swear, if I hear her stutter one more time, I'll probably kill her!"

"I will help."

'...Why?WHY? WHY DOES THIS HAVE TO HAPPEN!!?? IT'S NOT FAIR!!!' Hinata ran away from her so called friends, away from them calling her weak, away from everything.

With Sakura

'I wonder if Naruto-kun and Sasuke-kun are there. They probably are since I'm a bit later than usual.' Sakura thought as she walked to Team 7's meeting place. When she got there, she saw the boys (minus Kakashi) talking about something so she decided to listen in from a tree that was far enough away that they wouldn't notice her, but close enough that she could hear them.

"Hey Naruto."

"Ya Sasuke?"

"Have you noticed that no matter how much Sakura trains, she only seems to be getting weaker?"

"Actually, I have noticed."

"Not to mention that humongous(sp?) forehead and discusting pink hair. Who has pink hair anyways?"

"I don't know."

"I think we should talk to Tsunade about having her permanently(sp?) removed from our team. We could do so much better without her."

What? How could they think that?

'I thought I was their friend. I mean, I was hoping we were getting closer since Sasuke came back. I guess not. I need to talk to the girls.' And with that, Sakura jumped out of the tree she was in with tears in her eyes to find her friends.

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