The Akatsuki Girls: Whose Weak Now?

Summary: Yes, it's another one of those ones where the guys call the girls weak so the girls leave. But I added a twist. The girls leave and become missing nins but are captured by the Akatsuki! Will love bloom? Mabye...

Disclaimer: Sadly, I don't own Naruto. But if I did, it might go like this story...possibly.

Note: This takes place after sasuke left for orochimaru and sakura and naruto brought him back. Now he wears black ninja capris, black ninja sandles,a black fishnet shirt with a black shirt under it and a navy vest over his shirt. Also, Naruto is very OOC. You have been warned. Also, in here, I will be switching back and forth between Konoha and Akatsuki.

"bla" talking, 'blah' thoughts

Somewhere near Konoha, Night (around 11:00 pm)

Today was the day that Konoha was destroyed. Today was the day the Akatsuki ended their greatest threat and source of misery. Today was also the 3 day anniversary of the couples; Itachi and Sakura, Hinata and Tobi, Ino and Deidara and Tenten and Sasori. They were all happy together, but knew they weren't safe until Konoha was gone. They had already sent 3 teams of atleast 7-10 members to try to destroy them, all failed. As the Akatsuki neared Konoha, the guys turned to their girlfriends and gave them all something. Tenten got a silver chain necklace with a cloud with a kunai on either side on it, Ino got a gold Chain necklace with a leaf on it, Hinata got a silver chain necklace with a tear-drop and Sakura got a gold chain necklace with a flame on it. The girls all gasped at the sight of the necklaces and hugged their boyfriends, kissing them on the cheek. The guys hugged them back, then Deidara got on a giant clay bird and flew off. He was suppost to surprise them by dropping bombs everywhere. Everything went perfectly. He dropped the first bomb on the hokage tower, then spread out the rest. The Akatsuki could see the explosions going off in the city. The could hear the terrified screams of the villagers, and they knew that it would be fun. A blue explosion went off and the rest of the Akatsuki went in. They all paired off and ran through the village, stabbing people and fighting shinobi. Sakura had just finished her 'Katon: Karyuudan - Fire Release: Fire Dragon Missile' when she heard Itachi calling her. She turned around just in time to block a kunai aimed for her shoulder. When she went to see who threw it, it turned out to be none other than Sasuke. Sakura smirked an turned around to face Sasuke.

"Aww! Po itty bitty Sasuke couldn't even hit me wif a kunai." (AN: no i didn't spell it wrong, she is speaking in a baby voice.)

"Grrr...shut up Sakura."

"Don't tell me to shut up, chicken human."






That set Sakura off. Itachi slowly backed away, knowing Sakura was about to explode. Sakura's eyes turned amber and her hair turned red. This time, her outfit also changed. She was wearing a shirt that was yellow at the top and faded into red at the bottom and it said 'Flame Princess'. Her skirt was blood red and was about 3 inches below mid-thigh with a flame on the side and a slit on the left side about 1 inch long. She was wearing orange army boots with a red stripe. Sakura held out her hands and created a fire ball the size of a house and threw it at Sasuke who tried to dodge, but still got burned on his left side badly. Sakura then placed her hands on the ground and cried YuuhiHo(Setting sun fire). A fire as tall as the mountain surrounding Konoha lept from the ground. It was the colors of a setting sun; pink, purple, yellow, orange, grey and blue. The fire swept towards Sasuke and he dodged, only to be hit from the side. He looked at the fire and saw that it moved like a snake and that it was being commanded by Sakura. Sasuke saw Sakura draw a katana that had a pink hilt with cherry blossoms on it. Itachi's eye's widened at the katana. He knew what she was going to do and smirked. His little brother was finished. Sakura released her sword and it was absorbed by the ground. She said the words 'Senbonzakura Kageyoshi (One Thousand Cherry Blossoms Brutal Shadows)' and 2 rows of 20 huge katana blades each rose from the ground. They glowed for a second then vanished. Sasuke looked at Sakura and was suprised to see glowing cherry blossom petals raining down on him. All of a sudden, he felt pain, everywhere. Before you could see what was happening, Sasuke was surround by the glowing cherry blossom petals and when they withdrew, Sasuke was on the ground, dead from loss of blood. You couldn't even see his face, it had been cut to ribbons by the razor sharp petals.(AN:if you have seen bleach, its byakyas final release.) Sakura smirked and turned her head when she heard Naruto and Kakashi run up. Kakashi looked at her in surprise while Naruto looked at the remains of Sasuke. Naruto became furious and faced Sakura. He charged at her, only to be held back by Sakura's Senbonzakura Kageyoshi. Sakura smirked again and walked up to Naruto. He was struggling against his holds, which were slowley cutting his arms off. Sakura put her hand over his mouth and sent a stream of white hot fire into his mouth, burning him from the inside out. She kept it up until he was dead. She then turned towards Kakashi and walked over. Kakashi backed up against a building.

"Now it's your turn sensei."

"Sakura, why are you doing this?"

"Because you never cared."

"No, that was Naruto and Sasuke. I love you like the daughter I never had. I care about you, and only want you to be happy."



Sakura thought for a while then told Kakashi to stay put. She poofed away and after a few minutes, then came back. She had gone to see the leader to ask if she could spare Kakashi. He agreed, so she went back and told Kakashi that she would spare him. He thanked her and poofed away. Sakura smiled and went to join Itachi in the search for the others.

With Ino, Deidara and Team 10

Ino was up on a clay bird again, throwing weapons at Shikamaru. He dodged and threw some back. Ino blocked them and used 'Doton: Doryuu Taiga - Earth Release: Moving Land River'. A river of mud formed underneath Shikamrau, knocking him to the ground and covering him in mud. Ino smirked when she saw Shikamaru struggling to get out of the mud. Shikamaru looked up at her and smirked back.

"Wow Ino, I never figured you for a coward. You're afraid to face me head on, which is why you stay up there, on your bird."

Ino was enraged. She thought she could get respect before she destroyed him. Ino's eyes turned earthy brown and her hair turned a leafy green. Her outfit changed so she was wearing a dark green shirt with leaves on it that said 'Forest Queen', a brown skirt that was the same length as Sakura's, and green army boots with a brown stripe. Ino pointed her finger at Shikamaru, and said 'Tsuchi Ichiju (earth tree)'. A tree sprang from the ground and coiled it's branches around Shikamaru so he couldn't move. When he was about to comment, spikes instantly shot from the tree into his body, instantly killing him. Just then, Choji and Asuma came up and stared at Ino. Choji became angry and used his 'Nikudan Sensha - Human Juggernaut'. Ino just smirked and summoned a huge Venus Fly Trap, that opened it's mouth and ate Choji whole. Ino came down off of her bird and looked at Asuma. He told her he still cared about her and after some convincing, she also asked the leader. He agreed and Asuma left. Ino then went to Deidara and walked around, coming upon Itachi and Sakura. They agreed to look together and walked off.

With Tenten, Sasori and Team Gai.

Tenten lept up and threw another barrage of weapons at Neji, which he blocked with his 'Hakkesho Kaiten - Eight Divination Palms Swirling Wind Rotation'. She was running low on weapons when Neji spoke.

"Is that the best you can do? Your pathetic. Your a disgrace to all kunoichi."

Oh boy. Tenten was now seething mad. Her eyes changed to grey, while her hair became white with silver streaks. Her clothes changed too. She was wearing a white shirt with a cloud on the chest with words in it that said 'Wind Ruler'. She was also wearing a grey skirt that was the same length as the others and white army boots with a grey stripe down the side. She pointed at Neji and cried 'Tsujikaze Kasui(Whirlwind spike)'. Spikes made of wind came out of the ground and stabbed Neji. He died with a shocked look on his face. Lee ran up and tried to kick Tenten, but was blocked by a wind shield. He was thrown on to the ground and held there. Tenten smirked and said 'Assatsu Tsujikaze(Crushing Whirlwind).' The wind crushed all of Lee's bones in a split second. She then turned to Gai who tried to reason with her.

"Tenten, please stop. I'm not like them. I care for you. I don't want to see you hurt."

Tenten stopped and considered letting him live. She talked to the leader who agreed, so she let him go. Gai thanked her and left. Tenten smiled and went to Sasori, who was standing by the others except Tobi and Hinata. She joined the group and went to search for Hinata.

With Hinata, Tobi and Team 8

Hinata had just finished her 'Hakkesho Kaiten - Eight Divination Palms Swirling Wind Rotation' to block Kiba's 'Gatsuga - Double Piercing Fang'. Kiba flew back and landed on his feet. He smirked at Hinata.

"Jeez, you really are weak. I barely have a scratch, and look you." In truth, Kiba was sweating but Hinata looked like she hadn't done anything.

Hinata was shocked but overall, angry. Her eyes started changing color to baby blue, while her became a shade lighter. Her outfit became a short sleeved silver manderin style shirt with lines of water running across it, a baby blue skirt the same length as the others and silver army boots with a baby blue stripe down the side. Hinata glared at Kiba and yelled 'Assatsu Nami (crushing wave)'. Out of nowhere a giant wave appeared and came down upon Kiba, crushing his bones, then doing the same to Akamaru. Shino came up and looked at Hinata, who just smirked and said 'Hyouheki(Ice wall)' followed by 'Dekishi(drowning)'. The ice box that Shino was trapped in started to fill with water. Shino panicked and tried to get out, but Hinata sealed the top with a quick word of 'Giin(Forged Seal)'. Shino started screaming and was soon drowned. Kurenai watched this all in shock. She looked up at Hinata and started saying that she cared for Hinata. That she only wanted her to be happy. Being Hinata, she smiled and went to ask the leader if she could keep Kurenai alive. The leader agreed almost immediatly after and Hinata went back to tell Kurenai. Kurenai thanked her and left. Hinata found Tobi and they all went to find the others. They found them searching for them. The girls immediatly started chatting about their battles when they heard an explosion. They looked over and saw alot of dust. The girls knew it was Tsunade so they went to check it out. When they got there, Tsunade was standing over a dead Kisame and an unconscious Zetsu. Tsunade looked over at them and smirked. The girls got into their battle positions when 20 other high ranked shinobi appeared. The girls knew they couldn't win with such high numbers so they decided to use 'it'. The girls gathered in a circle and put up a barrior. The put their palms towards the middle and started to recite a powerful jutsu that required no hand signs. It was like a spell.

'Kuriichaa Anoyo Ha Aadakouda Tsume Aadakouda Hakkotsu

Aadakouda Faia Aadakouda Kouki Nemo

Irashitekudasai Arawareru Genzaichi Aadakouda Fujo Kimukau

Chikajika Chin Awaya Otachi Issei'

' Creature of tooth and claw and bone

and fire and scale too

please come here and help us

before our time is through'.

As the girls were chanting this, a glowing ball started to form in the space between their hands. It grew larger as the spell went on, and finally, when they finished, the ball shot into the air and transformed into a beautiful dragon. Tsunade was beyond shocked, as were the rest of the shinobi. Even the guys were speechless. The dragon was beautiful. It was every color of the girls power; red, yellow, orange, blue, light blue, grey, white, green, and a beautiful brown. All the colors blended together. The dragon roared and shattered into pieces. The pieces then fell onto the girl's enemys, killing them all.The rest of the pieces flew across Konoha, bathing it in a beautiful light.Everyone had to squint because it was so bright. When the light stopped, Konoha was gone. Just a pile of ash and the ground remained. The pieces gathered together and flowed back into the girls, giving them energy. The girls all smiled and went to join the rest of the Akatsuki where the gates used to be. Everyone was amazed once they found out what the light was. They all congradulated the girls and headed home.

Me: thats the end of my story. hoped you all enjoyed it and be grateful! do you know how long it took to translate that chanting thing? a really long time. so, please review! and thats the end or as they say in japan, Ijou.