To Lay A Dragon

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Harry sat with his teammates at a table in the Unicorn's Tail. The bar was crowded and the noise level excessive; it was the local hangout of the London based Quidditch players. Teams sat together at separate tables, drinking, and loudly exchanging barbs with other teams around the room.

The Quidditch commission, founded after the war, had completely revamped the world of Quidditch. They had set up a new system with many more teams, including four London based teams in order to try and fill the void of entertainment grossing lacking in most wizards lives after the trials and losses of war.

Harry clapped his beer down heavily on the table and looked up smartly. Draco Malfoy, seeker for the Slayers had just loudly proclaimed that their upcoming game against his team, the Dragons, would be an easy win because "word had it that the Dragon seeker was a pansy."

The Slayer table had met Malfoy's words with loud guffaws and as was the norm, the Dragon's all stared at one another grinning, waiting for the comeback Harry was certain to provide.

They were right of course, 'did I just hear the squawk of a fucking faggot?' Harry barked, tilting his head as if listening intently.

His teammates laughed in support; Blaise Zabini, Draco's best mate, but a beater for the Dragons laughed as loud as the rest. Despite old established friendships and Hogwarts' house loyalties, when on the field or at the bar, the only important factor was loyalty to one's team.

One of the team's 'groupies' sitting at the Dragons table pressed her arm about Harry's shoulder's, 'you weren't acting very much like a pansy last night,' she said lewdly, causing a mild uproar at the table.

'That might be,' Draco said loudly from across the room, 'but somebody might want to explain to said seeker that the snitch isn't located in my crotch.'

More laughter, this time roaring from all of the surrounding tables, including that of the Dragons. Harry too burst into genuine laughter, recalling the last game between his team and the Slayers.

Harry and Draco had been pursuing the snitch and Draco had the advantage. Harry had hunkered down on his broom and jetted suddenly forward and sideways, attempting to knock Draco off balance while lunging with his hand outstretched toward the snitch.

However, his hand had got caught up against the Slytherin's thigh and Draco had reflexively jerked his leg backward, causing Harry's palm to fall on his groin. The Slytherin had quickly crammed his thigh against his broomstick, trapping Harry's hand against his groin and made a sharp turn causing the Gryffindor to lose his equilibrium.

Neither had caught the snitch after the play, having lost sight of it during their private little battle. However, the play had been shown on the big screen at the stadium and on the magical screens now ensconced in nearly every wizard home; few in the wizard world hadn't seen the hilarious and slightly humiliating play.

'One more beer and I won't hear you anymore,' Harry mumbled around his laughter. Malfoy's dark sense of humor didn't bother him; it rather matched his own.

'Bella another beer,' Harry called rambunctiously to Lilac, the part Veela waitress who served drinks.

Lilac sauntered to their table and placed one of the many drinks she carried on a tray before Harry and he in turn pinched her lightly on the butt. Slapping his hand she moved quickly away as laughter rang out at the table. Her allure was incomparable, unfortunately, so was her firm intention to keep the players at bay.

'Nice move, Potter,' Draco's voice rang out moments later, 'you should write a book entitled Great Pick Up Moves.' More laughter followed his statement.

'Wouldn't do you any good Malfoy,' Harry responded, giving the Slytherin a sly smile, 'no advice would ever help you get those little ferret fingers of yours into my boxers.'

Laughter again prevailed. It was well known that Draco swung both ways, but most were fairly certain that he had little desire for his long time rival Potter…fairly certain. Potter they were more certain about. He was a ladies man through and through and proved it on a weekly basis, routinely bedding any cute and willing young witch that caught his eye.

In the five years since Harry had killed Lord Voldemort he had changed greatly. He had quickly grown tired of the wizard world treating him with esteem and honor for his deeds. He had allowed Mad-eye Moody to correct his vision (rather ironic that the man curing his sight stared down at him with a eye-ball whizzing around its socket the whole time), eliminating the need for glasses and then accepted an offer from the Dragons to play seeker for their team.

He began to make good friends among his teammates and other players and allowed himself to be reformed into a world class sports figure with all the trimmings. Ribald behavior, cursing, and drinking became a part of his everyday life; he could even be found smoking upon occasion.

Ginny, his girlfriend after the war had become quickly disgusted with his behavior and ended their relationship. Harry had felt a loss at her deflection, but he was able to let it go fairly quickly; the multitude of witches happy to fill his bed had helped significantly.

Harry wasn't exactly fulfilled sexually or emotionally, but his dalliances kept his horniness at bay and he was overall happier than he had ever been in his life.

'Blaise,' Draco called after a time, 'let's get the hell outta here.'

Blaise, seated next to Harry and speaking to him about their upcoming game looked up at his friend as Draco arose from his table. 'And go where?'

'Let's head over to the Roost.'

Blaise rolled his eyes. Draco was drunk and that meant a crazy night was in store. The Haunted Rooster was certainly the proper place for it.

'Yeah, alright,' Blaise said a little reluctantly.

'If you would rather sit knitting baby booties with Potter, I'll understand,' Draco said, stumbling a little as he made his way from the table.

Blaise laughed and looked at his teammate, 'wanna come?' he asked Harry.

Harry liked the Rooster, he'd enjoyed many ribald nights dancing and drinking the night away and each had generally ended up with him dragging a plastered witch to his home and balling her until he passed out.

Harry contemplated the invitation for a moment and another of his teammates, Michael Corner jerked his head at him.

'Some of us are heading out to watch the Veela show,' he lifted his brows a few times in a lewd manner, giving tribute to the attraction of the Veelas.

However, the Veela show was something Harry took little pleasure in. They performed a sexy show for the audience, but like Lilac, refused to have any contact with the male members of the audience after the show. He had gone once and never returned; what was the point of being excited and then having to apparate home with blueballs?

Harry rolled his eyes at Michael, 'sure Blaise, let's go,' he responded at last and then looked over to the Avenger table where Ron and his teammates had begun singing a rather indiscrete song about stealing virgin witches from their beds.

'Ron, let's go to the Rooster, mate,' Harry called.

Ron looked up, his face flushed, 'the Rooster?' he gave a small moue of distaste, 'maybe I'll come around later, I was thinking of checking out the Veela show.'

Harry rolled his eyes again and got up to follow Blaise who was on the trail of a slightly staggering Draco Malfoy.

It wasn't unusual for Harry and Draco to be a part of the same group out on the town; their rivalry was pretty much limited to team sport. When seeking evening pleasure, players from various teams often co-mingled, their sport rivalry put aside in pursuit of a grander, more disreputable goal.

The three entered the wizard club and headed directly for the bar. They ordered drinks and then stood leaning against the bar-rail looking over the crowd.

Harry reached back to grab his drink and Draco quickly pulled it from his grasp, 'that's mine, bitch,' he said arrogantly.

'If either of us is gonna play the bitch, we both know who that would be,' Harry responded, chuckling a little as he pulled his own drink to his lips.

'Don't knock what you haven't tried, Potter,' Draco remarked, his eyes feasting on a cute red head for a moment. Seconds later she turned and he recognized her; it was Ginny Weasley and he frowned momentarily before his eyes began traveling the room again.

'There are some dark places I have no interest in illuminating,' Harry said, matching Draco's arrogance.

'Right,' Draco responded sarcastically.

Harry looked at Draco depreciatingly, 'don't project your depraved desires onto me; I know I bring out your sordid lust, but try and control it.'

'If I wanted to make you my bitch, Potter, you would be down on your knees gulping me up like a man who hasn't tasted water for seven years.'

'In your most twisted nightmares maybe,' Harry responded offhandedly, his eyes following the trail of a scantily dressed witch sashaying by them.

Blaise, never one to hesitate, quickly caught up with the little witch and trained his way too handsome smile down at her face. She seemed…intrigued.

'Bloody Bastard,' Harry mumbled, watching Blaise make his moves on the young witch, 'he moves faster than a hypograph in heat.'

Draco laughed and then pressed his face a little closer to the Gryffindor's, 'you would be surprised at the content of my most twisted nightmares, Potter,' he slurred a little drunkenly.

'Actually,' Harry said, a small smiling winding its way onto his mouth, 'I don't think I would be surprised at all.'

'Au contraire,' Draco purred, 'you would be quite astonished at some of them.'

'Would I now? Why would that be, Malfoy?'

'Because in some of them you are tied up tightly to my bedpost, naked and writhing, begging me to fuck you.'

Harry laughed, 'and that is supposed to be surprising?'

'No,' Draco said smiling a little evilly, 'the surprising part is that I comply with your request in order to stop your senseless pleading.'

Harry's laughter grew louder, 'fuck off, Malfoy.'

Draco's smile remained plastered to his face as he edged back from the Gryffindor. He slowly lifted his glass and took another sip of his beverage.

A rather plain looking blond witch sauntered up to the two of them and her eyes alighted on Harry. 'Harry Potter?' she asked a little shyly.

Harry grimaced a little, now and again he still had to deal with the admirers of the war hero.

Harry nodded at the girl.

'Harry Potter, male extraordinaire, at your service,' Draco said flamboyantly.

The girl smiled vacantly at Draco and then trained her eyes, a little hungrily, on Harry once more, 'I have always wanted to meet you.'

Harry smiled in a way he hoped was kindly, but his face felt greatly strained.

'My name is Libra,' she said, smiling warmly.

'Nice to meet you Libra,' Harry murmured.

'If you want to play Harry's whore for the night, Libra, forget it; he is rather adverse to power fucks,' Draco said, his dark laughing eyes lighting up joyously as the girl flushed deeply.

'Ignore him, he's drunk,' Harry said to the girl, but he was laughing on the inside.

The girl looked terribly uncomfortable and lowered her eyes, 'well I just wanted to meet you.' She peeped quickly at Harry again before turning and scrambling away.

Harry grinned watching her go, 'that was fucking evil,' he commented to Draco.

'I'll show you fucking evil,' Draco responded, his grey eyes staring intensely into Harry's green orbs when their eyes met.

Harry looked at Draco speculatively; the Slytherin was acting a little odder than usual. He was a little drunker than usual as well, but Harry also felt a unique vibe emanating from his rival seeker.

'I have seen evil,' Harry said, allowing his eyes to slip to his drink, 'enough for a lifetime, but thanks for the offer.' Harry looked up and gave Draco a quick, sarcastic, open-mouthed wink.

Draco turned his attention back to the crowd and resettled his back against the bar, 'that wasn't an offer, Potter. You will easily recognize any offer from me aimed at you because you will have just beaten it out of me.'

Harry broke into laughter then took another sip of his drink, 'you know Malfoy,' he said, his tone still full of mirth, 'if I didn't know better, I would accuse you of flirting with me.'

'Then it is a good thing you know me as well as you do because if you did accuse me of something so outlandish and inane, you would find your face under my foot.'

Harry rolled his eyes.

'Again,' Draco added for good measure.

Harry certainly recalled having his face crushed on the train by Draco's foot back during their Hogwarts days. A grin whipped across his face, 'that was a long time ago, back when you could actually get away with that kind of shit.'

'Childish shit,' Draco mumbled.

Harry's head jerked upward and he regarded Draco again, his eyes narrowed. Draco was definitely acting odd. That last bit hadn't been the witty reply he'd expected.

Just to the left of Draco, however, an adorable, if familiar looking, brunette had arrived at the bar. Harry's eyes slid away from Draco and he began contemplating the little cutie, racking his memory in an attempt to recall where he'd seen her before.

Draco followed Harry's gaze and a moment later he lightly nudged the Gryffindor with his elbow in the ribs, 'look who's here,' he said pointedly, his forefinger sneaking out to indicate Ginny who sat in a corner booth talking animatedly with a tall foreign looking wizard.

Harry's eyes found Ginny and then slowly moved to fall upon the Slytherin's face, 'and?'

'It appears she has found yet another man.'

'Did you expect she would remain a chaste little virgin; sitting by the window at the Burrows hoping I would come running back, begging her to be with me?'

'No, but I thought maybe you did.'

Harry closed his eyes and shook his head lightly with something resembling disgust. He took another sip of his drink. 'I'm all over that. I've set my sights on other waters now.'

Draco smirked and his eyes darkened, 'careful you don't drown.'

Harry once again found Draco's behavior a little odd. It wasn't so much his words as the body language of the Slytherin.

'I don't plan on it.'

Draco nodded over his drink, 'just let me know if you need a life preserver. I have an abundance of them.'

Harry took a long swig on his drink, his eyes once again roaming over the crowd, but quite unfocused. He and Malfoy were not terribly close, but he knew the ex-prince of Slytherin quite well. Draco Malfoy was flirting with him.

Harry and Draco were both distracted from their private pursuits however, when a loud crash resounded to their left. They whipped their heads around to find Blaise and another wizard on the ground…brawling.

Blaise clearly had the upper hand; he sat atop the man pummeling him about the upper torso.

Harry and Draco ran over as one and pulled their friend away from the struggling man on the floor.

'What the hell, Blaise,' Harry said.

'What the fuck are you doing?' Draco asked simultaneously.

'The bastard took a shot at me on the dance floor,' Blaise said angrily.

'Well I-' began Draco, but the club proprietor arrived and cut him off mid sentence.

'Out, all of you, out!' he cried, crooking his finger at a couple of well-built wizards who began walking toward the group.

The wizard had struggled up from the ground and looked as if he were about to attack Blaise, but the two muscular wizards had arrived and began shoving all involved toward the exit, although careful not to lay a hand on Harry.

The wizards bouncers had recognized him and all of the Quidditch players in fact, and had showed them no mercy based on their status as players. However, while they might not admit it, the bouncers had no desire to personally tussle with Harry. Although he'd never made use of his legendary ability as a wizard in public since the war, they weren't willing to chance being the first to provoke him into doing so.

'If you want to fight, do it in the street,' yelled the owner as he tossed them all summarily from the bar.

'I'm gonna kick your bloody ass!' the stranger yelled at Blaise the moment the club employees slammed the door in their faces.

'Come on,' Draco said, dragging Blaise forcefully away.

Harry quickly grabbed Blaise's other arm and helped drag; the last thing he needed was to lose his beater. A public fight would be grounds for sanction.

Blaise finally gave in and the three walked quickly around the corner from the bar.

'Let's apparate to my place,' Draco said.

Harry looked behind them and saw the angry wizard rounding the corner; 'death to Blaise' was written clearly across his features. 'Good idea,' Harry agreed.

Draco, still holding onto Blaise, clasped Harry's arm and moments before the angry wizard was upon them, they apparated.

The three moved into the front room of Draco's house and Blaise began pacing and ranting about the 'idiot' who had come onto the dance floor while he was dancing with the chick he'd found and punched him in the mouth.

Harry and Draco looked on with amusement for a while, but Draco finally had enough.

'Let's get in the Jacuzzi pool and relax a bit, what do you say, Blaise?'

Blaise turned a nasty stare upon his friend, but then his face relaxed and a few moments later he chuckled, 'I wanted to kill that asshole, but in reality the chick was boring as hell.'

Draco smirked as he arose and started walking from the room, 'her dullness wouldn't have mattered one bit once you got her in the sack.'

Blaise grinned, 'yeah if boyfriend hadn't come along, that was the plan. Shut her up and stuff her,' he said lewdly as he followed his host from the room.

Harry hadn't made up his mind to get in the Jacuzzi, but followed the Slytherins to the pool room while deciding. However, one look at the humongous Jacuzzi that in reality resembled a small pool, and he made up his mind. He accepted the trunks Draco provided and began undressing with the others.

Blaise began another small rant about kicking the strangers ass while they changed. Harry missed much of what the Slytherin said however; he was covertly watching Draco who as covertly looking over his body.

Harry changed a little quicker than was his wont and then moved quickly into the Jacuzzi which Draco had set to bubbling.

Once seated inside, Draco used his wand to signal the servants that he desired drinks for his friends and himself. Shortly thereafter the three were lying back taking in the soothing feel of the warm water surging around them and the cool alcohol burning its way down their throats.

'This is great,' Blaise said, snuggling back against the side of the pool.

'You do everything in a big way don't you?' remarked Harry, again noting the size of the large bath.

Draco smirked, 'everything I have is extra large,' he replied, his voice heavy with innuendo.

Harry rolled his eyes and took another swig of his drink. The drink and in fact the several drinks he had had during the night were taking their toll. He was feeling increasingly relaxed and a little woozy to boot. He placed his drink at the side of the bath and closed his eyes, soaking up the invigorating warmth.

Harry jerked awake a little while later to a splashing sound beside him. Blaise had gotten out of the pool and Draco was headed toward him.

'Come on,' he said, his voice edged with drink, 'you can do your sleeping in one of the guest bedrooms.'

Harry looked up lazily and watched Draco dip fully beneath, and then rise out of the water before stepping slowly from the bath, grabbing a towel and leaving the room.

When he departed, Harry sat immobilized in the still bath. Draco, while dipping into the water beside him had allowed his hand to drift between the Gryffindor's legs and pass seductively over his crotch. Harry's groin was tingling with uncustomary excitement and his brain was having trouble assimilating exactly why that might be the case, while at the same time hotly denying that it was the case at all.


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