Okay so I have decided to start this one early for everyone. As mentioned this one coincides with Give It All Up, but will be told from Namine's POV that way you can get both sides of the story. I hope you enjoy this.

'There it's finished,' I thought to myself as I gazed upon the now complete drawing in my hands.

It took me hours to pick the right colored pencils to use and blend them in, creating another piece of artwork to add to my walls. It was of three of the local children sitting atop of the large clock tower in Twilight Town eating sea-salt ice cream bars. The one furthest to the left looked to be the leader had light blondish brown hair gelled back in an odd hairstyle, his dark brown eyes were full of mischief from what I could tell. The one in the middle had jet black hair with a sweat band over his forehead with light brown eyes, from what I could tell when I sketched them, was that he adored his camera because he would often take pictures of his other two friends when they weren't looking.

'How childish,' I thought, as I wondered what it would be like to hang out with them.

My eyes finally looked over to the third person sitting on the far right, the only female of the trio. She had brown hair and jungle green eyes that were flooded with kindness. I am very good at analyzing people and I could tell that she was the most reasonable one of the three, she probably kept them in line when they got into too much trouble.

'I'll never find out though,' I said to myself as I tore out the page and got up from my seat, grabbing a thumbtack from the table in the process.

I could never walk up to them and ask if I could hang out with them, I was too shy and even if I wasn't…there were complications. I can't really explain it myself, but what I do know is that I have the power to alter the memories of people. I have had this power for as long as I can remember and it has always protected me from the dangers of the world.

"Here seems like a good spot," I murmured as I placed the now finished sketch on an empty spot on the wall by the window.

After admiring my work for another moment, I glanced outside the window and noticed lightning striking from one of the clouds in the distance.

"That's odd. It never usually rains in Twilight Town," I stated, placing my hand against the cool glass and listening to the pelting of the rain against my window.

Twilight Town was supposed to be a world of never-ending sunset, that was the reason the mayor had given this peaceful settlement the name twilight. The best view of the sunset by itself was at the top of Sunset Hill, though I preferred watching it my bedroom window since I was able to see the sun's gentle rays bathe the town in a mysterious glow. An artist like myself looks for these aspects when looking for something to draw.

'Although I seriously need to find something else to sketch,' I grew tired of drawing the same things repeatedly, I needed something to inspire me before I lose my love for art and I didn't want that happening.

"There has to be something," I said, becoming lost in the dark clouds above.

I shrieked slightly as the sound of thunder radiated through my ears, completely snapping me out of my thoughts. I never liked thunder, it has always scared me, even though I never hear it often it is able to have that affect one me.

'I better move away from the window,' I thought as I pulled the curtains shut to prevent me from seeing the storm happening outside.

I sighed before walking back to my seat at the table and picking up my sketchbook once again. I stared at the blank page, tapping my pencil against the table for some kind of idea. I looked around the room for anything to draw to keep my mind off the deafening sounds of thunder.

'Ugh…this is so frustrating!' I raked my hands through my blond locks. How hard was it to find something to draw? Honestly, it shouldn't be that difficult! I grew frustrated as I glared hard at the clean sheet in front of me.

Art was the only thing that kept me sane, it kept me from worrying about being alone because I was able to escape into a world of my own, where I wouldn't need anybody else. That is why I couldn't lose the love I have for art, nothing else mattered to me. I never let anyone get close to me, more than likely I will always be alone until the day I die.

'No one will care anyway,'I shrugged, no would miss me. Chances are that nobody would even notice I was gone. I am to live a life of solitude away from the world because of my fear of the power inside me. Although I have noticed recently that my power only alters the memories of people with evil hearts, but I still was not willing to risk the chance of being near society.

I listened to the clock tower begin to chime in the distance, signaling that it was midnight.

'Wow. It's that late already?' I didn't realize how fast time passes when I begin to wallow in my thoughts.

I sighed before I picked up the pencil in my hand once again and began to scribble small lines along the paper. I blew the bangs that had fallen in my eyes out of my face as I continued to scratch shapes onto the smooth surface of the paper, wondering what the result would be. I paid no attention to the small creak coming from the doorway since this mansion was very old and doors tend to squeak even when they were not being opened.

A sound similar to that of a dangling keychain made me jump slightly out of my seat. It was then that I sensed that I was no longer alone in the room anymore and that frightened me.

"W-Who's there?" I asked while turning around to face the intruder and gasped when I saw a figure covered by a black coat standing in the doorway with a strange weapon in his hand. I couldn't make out the upper half of his face because it was covered by a hood.

"What do you want?" I shouted slightly as I swiftly got up from my seat while dropping my sketchbook in the process.

The enigma said nothing as he continued to stalk towards me, tightly gripping his weapon. I backed away from him until I felt my back hit the surface of the wall.

'This man is here to kill me!' I realized as he trapped me in a corner of the room, a smirk forming on the lower half of his face.

Tears began to fall down my face as he pointed the blade at my heart. I may be cursed to live a life of solitude, but that didn't mean that I wanted to die or anything. My eyes caught sight of his for a brief moment, they were the most shade of aqua, I could almost get lost in them. The cold tip of his blade brought me back to reality as I realized that this was it.

"P-Please don't…" I pleaded out of desperation before lowering my gaze to the floor, the sobs echoing off of the ceiling.

I heard him raise his weapon and the sound of it coming towards my heart was all that I could think about as I waited for death.

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