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Here's the summary: There's this mysterious girl that has joined the War Game. She has no affiliation with any group, and she seems to be a woman on a mission. Who exactly is she and why does she intrigue everyone so, especially Alviss, Phantom, and Rolan?

Pairings: OC x Alviss/Phantom/Rolan (going to decide who she ends up with later), Ginta x Snow

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Flashback & Thought mode

Normal POV

ARM - the weapons

This chapter takes place before the Second War Game is declared. Knowledge of MAR is going to be required for later chapters. I'll try not to spoil things too much. This story takes elements from the manga and anime.

Chapter one – The Beginning of an Adventure!"

Mom? Daddy? Where are you? Where is everyone? Where am I? Why am I so sleepy? Ah!! I remember! That strange…ugh…my…head…need to…sleep…

"Are you alright?"

Eyes shot up open and their owner quickly got up and kneeled in a defensive position. An elderly lady was staring confusingly at the poor girlthat was so peacefully dozing a minute ago. The said girl immediately dropped her position and plopped down onto the grass in embarrassment. "Um…I'm sorry ma'am. I just wasn't expecting anyone…here…" The obaa-san began to chortle. "No, it's my fault. I wasn't being considerate. But…that position was very good." Her eyes began to twinkle. "Tell me child, where did you learn to fight?" The younger girl, who was beginning to stare vacantly up at the ethereal blue sky, snapped her full attention to the ma'am. She flushed a dark red. "My family…but I…don't know how to fight…that well…I only picked up on the defensive tactics…" She turned even darker with that revelation to a stranger. Obaa-san, however, was now looking at her quite seriously. "Well, you do it very well. Please, won't you come to my house for something to eat? My home is right down the hill." Seeing the young girl's hesitation, she added, "My name is Adonna. I want to make a deal with you." With that, Adonna turned and began heading down the hill.


"Hmm?" Adonna paused and turned to face the young girl. She was looking straight at the old woman with a passion in her eyes that impressed her greatly. "My name is Amy Connors." With that, Amy stood up and began to trek down the hill. Adonna smiled, and began to follow.


A while later:

"So, what were you doing up there on that hill, Adonna-obaasan?" Amy paused from sipping her drink. It looked a lot like tea, but it had this minty sweet aftertaste that Amy adored. "I was looking for a special plant." The old lady informed her, and then returned her gaze to Amy's arm. It was a charm bracelet with a solitary charm in the shape of a black diamond hanging off it. It seemed quite simple, but it was indeed the opposite…unknown to the young owner."You wanted to make a deal with me?" Adonna was startled out of her reverie with that simple question.

She looked with a new seriousness at Amy. "Amy…this world is under attack." At Amy's startled look, she added, "Yes, I know you're from another world. This world is called MAR Heaven. A group of fiends called the Chess No Kouma or the Chess Pieces are destroying MAR Heaven with the intent of taking it over." Amy's eyes became hidden behind her long, brown hair, so it was impossible to see what her eyes were thinking, but her mouth was twisted in a horrible grimace where she was gritting her teeth.

"A group called the Cross Guard which was started by a man from another world, like you, defeated the Chess in the First War Game, which was a gruesome tournament the Chess hosted, 6 years ago. However, they have revived and I'm positive that they're planning to start a Second War Game. The Cross Guard lost their spark after their leader, Danna, was killed by Phantom. I helped train many of the Cross Guard for the War Game. My deal is: I can train you to learn how to fight and use ARMs. I'll teach you everything you need to know about this world and I'll do it all one condition." Amy was still unresponsive, but Adonna continued anyway." I want you to not tell anyone where you truly came from, and to use the skills I'll teach you only for saving MAR Heaven and its citizens. Do you agre—"

"I'll do it."

Amy cut off the old woman with a new look of decisiveness. Adonna grinned and didn't ask what she meant.

"I'll save this beautiful world, and stop the Chess from hurting anyone else."

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obaa-san: old lady (I think)