I jumped out the window

And was immediately caught by Edward.

Oh Snap I'm in trouble now

"Bella honestly! You left me once you are not leaving again!" shouted Edward while carrying me back to the house.

"But how did you know what I was planning on doing?" I asked.

"It was obvious. We all decided that we weren't going to let you deliver yourself to Damien and then studiedly you decide you need alone time. I should have noticed the signs the first time you left with him."

"But it's the only way! I won't have everyone else risk their lives for me." I said trying to plead with him.

Edward opened the front door and we were back in the living room. Everyone was looking at me with angry eyes. I sheepishly hid my face in Edward's shoulder.

"Bella would you stop trying to be a martyr! We aren't letting you get away with that again." Shouts Alice from across the room.

"I can't believe you thought we wouldn't notice your plan to leave this time. I have been paying attention to your emotions ever since you escaped Damien and I noticed immediately how sad you got when you said you wanted alone time. We aren't letting you go to him again so don't try anymore." Jasper explained to me.

Wow I didn't think they all cared about me this much. But still I know it's the only way Emmet will be saved.

Edward walked to the couch and sat down still holding me. I think he is afraid that if he lets go I will rush off to Damien. Well he's right. I just have the problem of him catching me. Then I have an idea.

"You know I could just freeze you guys and then run out of here." I announce. Oh oops. I really shouldn't have announced my brilliant escape plan to everyone. Good job Bella.

"I figured you would do that. But the problem with that is Alice will be able to see when you decide to freeze us, Jasper will sense your emotions to tell us when your getting ready to freeze, and when I unfreeze I will run after you right away." Edward tells me.

Well great he has this all planned out. I have to think of another way to escape. Funny how a few months ago I was thinking the same thing. Only this time I have to escape from harder captors. My own family.

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