Title: Bond
Rating: K-T
Genre: All probably
Disclaimer: PWND! Not.
: I must be an idiot. I'm actually doing the 100 Quills challenge. 100 set 4. All of them will be Sirius/Harry friendship, they will not all be 100 canon (though I will try to keep most of them that way), and not all of them will be that great, I'm sure. I'm doing this because 1) there aren't enough Sirius/Harry friendship fics out there and 2) I want to improve my writing skills. I always ask for reviews, but this time it's really important to me. Constructive criticism is especially appreciated. If it's good or bad, I don't care, but please tell me and tell me why. It's the only way to improve. : ) Anyway, I hope you enjoy!

1. Admire

All his life, Harry had never had a role model. Sure, there were people he respected, but no one he could really admire, no one to look up to. No one, that is, until he met Sirius Black.

Sirius was everything to Harry. He was the father that Harry never knew and that Uncle Vernon had no desire to be. He was the brother that was everything his cousin Dudley wasn't: smart, kind, courageous, funny, selfless. He was closer than a best friend. Harry almost felt bad that he and Sirius shared something that he could never have with Ron and Hermione. He loved them both, of course. They were his age, had his classes, and experienced many of his problems; he could relate to them. And yet, what he had with Sirius...he couldn't explain it. It was a bond like no other. It was there from the start. It was comfortable. It was incredible.

Sirius was like no one Harry had ever met. With every new thing Harry learned about his godfather, he found himself admiring him more and more. Harry had always been brave, but shy; witty, but not funny; good, but not quite as good as everyone else (except when it came to Quidditch). But Sirius...Sirius was everything Harry aspired to be. He held no worries, except when it came to those he loved. He wasn't afraid to tell people when they were wrong, especially because he was almost always right. He had a sense of humor that was brilliant, if a little off-color at times. But what Harry admired most was that Sirius didn't give a damn about what anyone thought of him, the good or the bad; he just was.

Little did Harry know that Sirius sometimes did care what others thought of him. Well, not so much others, but just one person in particular: his godson, Harry.

From the moment Sirius held his godson in his arms fifteen years ago, he knew that he would gladly change the world if it made Harry happy. Now, fifteen years later, Sirius is finally getting the chance to know his godson. His only concern was what if he's not all Harry wants him to be? For a while Sirius wasn't sure he wanted Harry to come to Number Twelve, Grimmauld Place at all because he was so afraid of what Harry would think of him. What if they didn't get along? What if Sirius wasn't what Harry wanted in a godfather and friend? What if he turned out to be a disappointment to one of the only people he cared about? Sure, they had gotten to know the basics of each other through writing letters, but there was only so much one could learn about a person through owl post. If he disappointed Harry...well, Sirius didn't think he'd be able to handle it.

Little did Sirius know that he had nothing to worry about; Harry loved him just the way he was

Hope you enjoyed, and please constructively criticize!