A/N: Erm, this one's pretty emo. I'll try to negate the emoness with another funny chapter pretty soon. I'm not too fond of it, but hopefully you all will be.

11. Strength

Voldemort was alive and well. Sirius was dead, as was Dumbledore. The Wizarding world was falling apart. And once again, Harry could do nothing but sit in his room at the Dursley's and wait for something to happen.

Harry was fucking sick of waiting.

He laid down on his bed, staring down the tip of his wand. The way he saw it, he was pretty much condemned to death anyway, why not just do Voldemort's job for him? He was quite sure everyone else could handle the rest on their own.

And once again, Harry chickened out of doing what he wanted to do so badly.

Harry sighed and put down his wand. He got up from his bed and went to the window. He could see Hedwig flying around in the clear night sky. There seemed to be more stars out than usual. Harry found Sirius, his godfather's star, but quickly looked away; it made him too depressed. He missed Sirius so much that he couldn't even appreciate the beautiful night sky anymore without being reminded of him.

Harry turned his gaze to the empty street below, only to find that it wasn't so empty. Across the street was a large black dog with huge grey eyes that shone in the light of the crescent moon. The dog barked once, wagged its tail happily, and ran off into the darkness.

Suddenly, Harry had the strength to go on.