A/N: I read Holes a while ago, I recently read the book and I just saw the movie, so I'm hooked now. All the characters I use were in Holes, and I don't own the story

Zigzag was tired. Much too tired. It must be a Thursday. He thought sullenly. Nothing good happens on Thursdays.

Another hole. That's what he was standing in at noon. Another mostly-dug hole surrounded by other mostly-dug holes that the mostly-spent kids were currently digging. He wiped his hand across his forehead, leaving a trial of dirt over the sweat as he reluctantly picked up his shovel again.

More shovels full of dirt tossed out of the hole. It was a little larger now. Nowhere near large enough. He gazed longingly at his canteen, his cracked lips aching for a drop of water. But he only had a few sips left, and he knew enough to wait for the water truck to come by before drinking the last precious drops.

Calls from the other boys. A hand landing on his shoulder sending him into spasms. It must be Caveman. He was the only one who forgot now. Everyone else knew not to tutch Zigzag.

He grabbed the sandwich, taking more then one graham cracker. Zigzag filled his canteen to the brim and took a long sip of the refreshing water. He was a little more then two-thirds of the way done with his hole. He could afford a few drinks at lunch.

"Dude, look, a cloud!" Magnet pointed at the small puffball hovering just over the distant mountains.

X-Ray pushed up his useless glasses. "That's just a wannabe. It's not going to rain on us or anything."

Squid shoved him. "Stop being so down. We can still hope for shade!" He looked at the cloud as he said this, as if pleading.

Zigzag looked at Squid and nodded. If there was anything he liked about this camp, it was meeting Squid. He was the first real friend he'd had. He was the first one to decide he wasn't that crazy. The first one to put the differences aside. The other guys were great...Magnet...Armpit...X-Ray...even Zero and Caveman. They made up the first functional family Zigzag had been in.

He reluctantly jumped back into his hole, shoving the rest of the sandwich into his mouth as he started to move the larger rocks out of the way. It wasn't really that far to go. Just another foot on the sides and a little more then that down.

He had just picked up his shovel and stuck it into the dirt when he heard the scream. He knew that scream. It meant pain. He'd heard it at home. He'd heard it with Barf Bag.

Zigzag jumped out of his hole to see who it was who was hurt, praying it wasn't a Yellow-Spotted Lizard.

It wasn't a lizard. Zigzag barely saw a snake slithering out of sight as he ran towards the group of boys already centered around somebody.

Zigzag turned away as he saw who lay in the central of the group. Squid's loud cries had subsided to whimpers now, but Zigzag knew he'd always hear that scream in his head.

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