Magical Past

Chapter 1

The next morning Inuyasha was up early and started to pack up camp. After that was done he pulled out a map that he had not used in nineteen years, while he waited for the others to rise. It was a map to a portal to Kagome's time that came out near Kings Cross station in London. He had known this day would come from the moment he had met the others. He let out a sigh as he looked at the sleeping figures of his friends. They had, had so many adventures together, and now they would be starting a new one. Three days ago they had found the last jewel shard, and renewed the jewel.

He toke out a piece of parchment and a quill, and wrote his response. Dear Head Master, I have accepted your invitation, and would enjoy working along Remus.


He folded the letter and gave it to Gerando and sent off his owl. After he had he decided to start making breakfast, with a little help from magic. Inuyasha's wand was Ash, Dragon heartstring 13 inches. Just as the bread had been put over the fire to cook Kagome and the others began to wake up. "Inuyasha are you making breakfast? I didn't know you knew how to cook." Sango said as she yawned. "There is a lot about me you don't know." He replied. "Breakfast is almost done." He flipped the bread he had been making to reveal a golden brown bottom. "Something smells good, what's for... Inuyasha you're cooking!" Miroku yelled in surprise. "Yes, why are you all so surprised?" he replied looking at the others as they gathered around the fire for breakfast. "The fact that you never cook might be the reason." Kagome replied.

After breakfast was done the others puzzled over there letters they had received last night. "What do we do with these?" Kagome asked. "You write a reply and send it back with the owl that gave it to you." He said in replied. "Where's yours?" Sango asked. "I've already sent mine back with Gerando." He replied and handed them pieces of parchment. "Write your reply on these and tie it to the owls' leg." "Umm ok." They replied and did as he had instructed.

After they had sent the owls they headed of fallowing Inuyasha who was fallowing the map to the portal. "Inuyasha, where are we going?" Kagome asked. "You all accepted your letters so we have to get you some school supplies." He replied. "Where do we get them, shouldn't we be headed back to Kagome's time." Sango asked. "Yes and no. You see the only place we can get your supplies is in Diagon Ally in London. If we went through the well we would have to travel all the way across the content. I know of a portal that comes out in Kagome's time in London." He answered. "Ohh" they said at once.

After that the day was rather uneventful and went by pretty quick. That evening as they were getting ready for bed Inuyasha pulled out the map and checked it to make sure they were on the right track. "Is this the map you have been fallowing?" Kagome asked. "Yes." He replied. "Why do you ask?" Kagome just surged and said "Just curious." and went to help Sango collect fire wood. He put the map away and pulled out some bread from earlier and ate it. Once everyone had had something to eat they turned in for the night.

The next morning they quickly got ready and headed of. "Not mush further," Inuyasha said at noon. They walk the rest of the way then toke a break before they went through the portal Inuyasha toke out his wand and did a transfiguration charm to hide his ears fangs and claws, he put on some shoes and turned to the others and they set of. When they got to Kagome's time they looked around and then had to hurry to keep up with Inuyasha as he headed to the Leaky Cauldron. When they entered they were greeted by Tom, who looked surprised to see Inuyasha, and went on there way to Diagon Ally and of to Gringots. After they had exchanged some of there money for wizard money, they set out to buy there wands first.

(Here is a quick reference on what wands they got)

Inuyasha: Ash, Dragon heartstring 13 inches

Kagome: Holly Phoenix feather 10 inches

Sango: Maple Phoenix feather 7 1/2

Miroku: Cedar Dragon heartstring 13 inches

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