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Life away from here


'Life. What about it? Does it matter? Does life matter at all? To some, yes, to others, no. People on top, they care nothing about anyone but themselves. People on the bottom, do we matter to anyone?

These are the questions I ask myself everyday when I awake and step out of my bedroom door, usually meeting the floor. My father being the cause. So many times I wanted to get away but couldn't because he was there, In the way.

My name, is Yuna Stiles, but does that even matter? Do I matter? I'm seventeen and my birthday is in two months, not that, that really matters either. After that, I can leave, finally get away. To where I don't know. But it won't be here; it will be far from here. When I was three, my mother died in a car accident when she was driving to get me from daycare. My father blamed me, and still does, everyday, when I walk through the front door. I feel his hatred towards me, in my gut, the head, or anywhere else he can get a hold of me at. He'll hit me or anything, throw empty beer bottles, anything he can do to hurt me when I walk in that door. But even though he does that, I do love him. He wasn't always like that. He used to care. He doesn't now, but he still lets me live here, though it is in the basement, considering he has to make room for Lindsey, my 'wonderful' stepmother, and yes the quotes mean sarcasm. He married her when I was seven, and my life was a lower level of hell. She does anything my father says and more to me. She yells and screams, and everything else. Knock me to the ground, push me against the wall, hit me, you name it she does it.

Then there's the other side of hell in my life. School. Don't get me wrong, school can be sometimes better than home, then sometimes it can't. Nobody, and I mean nobody sees me, no one hears me. The only attention I do get is from girls doing anything they can to ruin my day, or from guys trying to get a one night stand. Yeah, like that's gonna be me. They judge me, by the way I act, which I usually keep to myself, oh did I say usually, I meant always. The way I look, well I have shoulder length brown hair, really skinny, from lack of food at home, I'm not exactly the shortest person, but not tall either. My clothes are decent enough but they aren't great. But the one thing that stands out about me the most, are my bi-colored eyes. One is clear blue, the other forest green. This shows everyone that I'm half-Al Bhed. Which as everyone in Spira knows, Al Bheds are the worst possible thing you can be in a mixed school. That is one of the main reasons that Dona messes with me. She knows I'm Al Bhed, she knows about my home-life. Why? Because, Dona is Lindsey's daughter. I have to deal with her at home and at school, which feeds the giant fire of my life. Guess what? Dona does the same thing to me that my father and Lindsey do. She hits me, hard. She goes after me in the halls and as soon as we walk in the door at home along with my father. Actually, no one even knows we live in the same house. Whenever she wants to have her friends over, I'm stuck locked in the basement, no matter how long they're here. Which for the record can be days. And trust me, after not eating for three days, you'd be pretty tired too. But either way, I go to school and try and get through the day. My life is a living hell. I know what you're thinking; there are others worse off. Yeah I'm sure there are but I've got it bad too, it's been like that for the past thirteen years. I'm used to it though, but maybe things will get better? Then again they could get worse. But, how could it right?

Okay now that you've heard the bad, you probably want some of the good right? Well I'll tell what little there is to tell. One good thing in my life now, and probably the best, are my grades. I'm one of the top five in my class, coming in at number two. And that's pretty much it. Oh and I have my laptop that I won in a school competition. It was real expensive and I was surprised I won it, it was my first year of high school.

Guess what? I do have one friend that I met over the net. His name is Tidus and he lives all the way in Zanarkand. Now I know what you're thinking. I shouldn't be having conversations with people over the net, right? But I've known this guy for three years. And it's not like it's some forty year old guy trying to get girls over the net, because I've seen him and had a conversation or conversations with him, using a webcam. And for your information, he's super cute. He has sandy blonde hair, blue eyes, a great tan and a godly build. A few weeks ago, he said he might just come and visit soon. But he's busy with all the blitzball games his school has been having lately. But he said he'd come as soon as he gets a break though. To tell the truth, he's super nice, and I tell him almost everything. Everything except my home life. I haven't told him and I'm kind of scared to. But I trust him more than anyone else I know. I know, that's a little too much trust to put into someone I've never met in person before, but I do. When I talk to him, I feel like I can tell him anything, cause I know he is listening to me. But if I tell him about home, he might treat me different and I don't know if it could be bad or good if he found out, everyone would treat me different. But either way I can't wait until he finally comes to visit. He's been a real good friend, and one of the only reasons I want to get through the day at school and when I get home. He's so sweet, if he's not on one day, he'll stay on longer the next day to talk. Oh, he's really funny too. He can always get me to laugh no matter how I feel that day.

There's this other guy at my school, Shuyin, who never leaves me alone. He actually looks almost exactly like Tidus. He's always flirting and asking how I'm doing or things like that. He seems nice enough but I'm not so sure. But I don't know if he really cares or not. He knows about my life at home so maybe that's why he likes me. A couple of days ago, he asked me out, and I said I'd have to think about it. Still debating if I should say yes to him or not. He's nice to me too, like Tidus, but he can have a temper if he doesn't get his way or something.

Well that's my life, so suckie or not I have to deal with it.'