My Clanmate, my ally, my loyal deputy
Where did he go wrong? What turned him against me?
Why couldn't he have been content as he was?
From hero to villain, why? What was the cause?
What was so important to cause so much strife?
Why such a sad waste of such a great life?
Where did it all go wrong? Where did he fail?
How could he turn on a fellow cat's tail?

My rival, my idol, my brother, my son
Why couldn't he decide to stop and be done?
If only all of his crimes could be undone
Where did he go wrong? Why did he betray me?
Why couldn't he finish what he had begun?

My warrior, my master, my ruler, my self
Why couldn't you handle the whole thing yourself?
What made you so mousebrained to not think it through?

What made everything turn out badly with you?

Several people have asked me who this poem is about. I'd rather let you decide for yourselves than tell you directly, however. Think about who it could fit. I'm sure it could fit multiple different cats.

Oh, and just to clear this up: it isn't necessarily the same character narrating the whole way through. I don't think it's possible for any cat to be your brother, your son, and your self all at once. ;)