Fayt Leingod was now a free man. Luther knew as much, had seen as much. The entire scenario had played out for everyone in 4D space to see. His counterpart's heart had been broken, thanks to one drunken night, and it had done by the two people Fayt had trusted most.

A part of Luther, upon seeing everything play out, had been overjoyed. It meant, to Luther, that he could entice Fayt to do whatever he wanted and how he wanted. Fayt was vulnerable, after all.

However, overall, Luther was disgusted with what he had witnessed. Fayt had risked everything for everyone in his universe, and his friends had been gutless to tell him the truth. Luther absolutely despised dishonesty.

He typed a few things into the Eternal Sphere program, tracking the progress of Fayt's small shuttlecraft as the twenty-year-old fled from his life. There were a few things he had to take care of first, but he would be waiting for Fayt wherever the young man went. Luther would always be there, whether the his counterpart liked it or not. Fayt would not be able to escape the destiny Luther had in mind for him. He simply would not.