Seduction With Bite

So I know Vampires and Humans cant have um…"physical relationships" but lets pretend they can! I've decided to make the most seductive story I can…

Well here it goes…

Edward POV

It was 4 in the morning. It should have been a typical night. Earlier, at around 9:30 Bella and I got into her bed, and I sang her to sleep. She fell asleep early, at around 9:40. I lay watching her, only thinking about her beauty… until about 1:00. When something happened.

I suddenly began thinking about her body.

I had thought before, but not nearly as dirty as I was now. My thoughts began with just her beautiful white skin, and then I started to think about her breasts, so small and humble but so sexy. Then her perfect flat stomach. The moment I thought about her stomach I started to caress it with one of my hands, the other around her back.

I massaged her stomach for a while, but avoided her breasts, only thinking about them. Then I reached under her shirt and kept rubbing her stomach. I didn't want to but my mind began to wander…

What about her long legs? My hand then and rubbed her legs, stroking back and forth. I was overwhelmed by how amazingly sexy she was.

But then my mind wandered someplace else, between the legs.

Her beautiful human part, I thought about touching it, then taking away her innocence while kissing her neck. Going on for so long, my beautiful Bella making noise louder than Rosalie down the hall when she was with Emmet.

Bella did have a loud voice, she could probably scream and moan so loud. I closed my eyes imagining her doing that while I whispered her name, entering her again and again.

I was disgusted with myself. My hand was off of Bella in the speed a vampire could move. I got off the bed and was immediately sitting on the window looking away from her.

How could I do this to Bella, without her permission all the worse? Not only my touching her without consent, but my thoughts.

I could not do that to her, I could not let my mature mind undress her with my eyes. She told me herself she had never come close to being with anyone her whole life, just like me, waiting for the right person.

She's so innocent…so innocent...

No no NO!! Stop!! What am I doing?

I jumped out her window and ran out into the forest, far, far away from her house. I had never thought like this before, I had always been turned on by Bella, but not so much that I got close to actually doing something to her.

I knew me and Bella could never do anything, I would want her blood too much.

But... I had been resisting her blood for so long, I was so desensitized, I could probably resist her blood if we had sex... I loved her so much I knew I couldn't drink from her if she let me have sex with her.

But she would never let me, she is a delicate, beautiful creature. And I am nothing more than a monster.

I lay in the forest for a few hours thinking, then I realized that Bella was probably awake now.

I decided what I would do... I would tell her the truth.

I began to run back to her house, deciding what I would say to her, and why I left her last night.