A/N: AWE made me cry! I feel so sad for Calypso. And Elizabeth and Will! And Jack... Anyways, hope you like this! AWE spoilers!

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Ten years. Ten years before I see him again.

I was sitting on the beach, sifting the sand with my toes, with a sense of hopelessness.

I wondered without caring whether or not the Court of Brethren would call another meeting; whether or not the East India Trading Company would rise to power. But these things did not matter to me anymore. I was nearly traumatized.

And all of a sudden, without warning, I burst into tears. I felt the warm salty drops slide down my face and my throat contracting and opening again with each shuddering breath I took. Was it fair that this was happening to me?! Had I really done something terrible enough to deserve this?!

Perhaps I had. I had killed Jack, but I had sailed to World's End to find him. He had forgiven, me hadn't he? He had voted me king, he had trusted my decision to fight...

I found myself wishing I had never become a pirate. I wished I had never taken the medallion from Will, never worn that stupid corset and fallen into the water for Jack to save, never fallen in love with Will... No. The marriage, despite the chaotic surroundings, had been the happiest and sweetest moment of my life.

It's always belonged to you, he had said, indicating his heart. I was guarding it for him, I would guard it as long as mine beat in my chest.

I had heard, that if Calypso had remained faithful to Davy Jones after his ten years, he would have been free.

So if I remain faithful for ten years...

It seemed impossible, it seemed ridiculous, it seemed too wonderful to think about, but I knew that I would remain faithful to Will. I would be awaiting his return every moment of the long ten years that stretched ahead of me.

Ten years. One day together, every ten years. Jack had saved him. Jack had given up his oppurtunity of immortality to save Will. Or it would be a lifetime before I could see Will again, in the next world.

Jack. I smiled faintly at the bittersweet memories. He was a good man, noble, even, perhaps, after what he had done. And I felt even worse. I had never apologized. I vowed to do that one day. I would see him again one day, in a friendship way. It had never worked between us, but I would be forever grateful. One day, when Will was freed, maybe we would embark on another journey with Jack, to repay him, to help him find the Fountain of Youth or whatever else he wanted.

Yes, Will would be freed. I was nearly ready for my new life now.

If the Court of Brethren called another meeting, I would be there to attend it. If the East India Trading Company took control again, I would be there to fight. And when I reached victory, at the end of ten long years, I would be right here, on the beach with the chest, waiting faithfully for Will to return.