Never is a Promise: Big Brother 10

By: Nicole Lopez

Disclaimer: I do not own Degrassi, Lizzie McGuire, the Famous Jett Jackson, South of Nowhere, One Tree Hill, MY SO-called Life, Higher Ground, or Smallville

Notes: I'm taking one of my favorite reality shows—Big Brother—which has 14 people living together, competing, and evicting someone new every week. I've taken my original idea and re-done it to include characters from 8 different television shows.

Summary: What happens when best friends Lizzie and Miranda are one of four people chosen to live in a house with 12 other people from all over the world and compete for a million dollars in cash and prizes? Will the game tear them apart? Will they fall for the same guy or let household alliances come between them?

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1)Jett Jackson: a little smug/arrogant, loves being young, doesn't want to settle down, open to new people, kind, flirty, loves to be the protector and the provider, African American, 23, brown eyes, short black hair (The Famous Jett Jackson)

2) Alexandria "Alex" Nuñez: very serious, goes between extremes of being peaceful and calm and getting angry, tries to hide her insecurities, has no problem cutting other people down, lets he a very proud person, outspoken, can be deceitful if she feels threatened, Brazilian-Italian Canadian, 22, dark brown eyes, dark, wavy reddish brown hair (Degrassi)

3) Felix Taggaro: he's really friendly, intelligent, manipulative, falls hard and easily for beautiful girls, hard to read, Filipino, 20, brown eyes, brown hair (One Tree Hill)

4) Ashlee Davies: really mean and moody, wants to have things her way all the time, has anger and trust issues, really self-absorbed, still struggling with having feelings/relationships with girls and guys, against her better judgment has become more like her mother the older she gets, French American, 24, long light brown hair with highlights, light brown eyes (South of Nowhere)

5)Jordan Catalano: really into his music, wants things to be perfect and turn out a certain way, competes to win, energetic, confident, a good person to confide in, soft spoken, Italian American, 21, long brown hair with blonde highlights, blue-gray eyes (My So-Called Life)

6) Hazel Aden: friendly, spontaneous, loves to have fun, fun to be around, gets bored easily, very honest, sometimes comes off as conceited, attracts all types of people, Somalian Canadian, 22, chin-length black hair, dark brown eyes (Degrassi)

7) Augusto "Auggie" Ciceros: loves to have fun, former Horizon student, has channeled his tagging skills to become an artist, talkative, very happy, Mexican American, 26, black hair, light brown eyes (Higher Ground)

8) Claire Miller: went to high school with Miranda and Lizzie, Laid back, semi self-righteous, manipulative, calculating, quick to judge, quiet and seemingly shy at times but it's just an act, loves to compete and usually wins, fierce competitor, African American, 19, curly brown hair, medium brown eyes (Lizzie McGuire)

9) Aidan Dennison: absent-minded, careless, overly trusting, naïve, loves to work out, muscular, immature, kind, a push-over, hopeless romantic, still in love with Ashlee, Israeli, 24, short black hair, brown-gray eyes (South of Nowhere)

10) Miranda Sanchez: becoming more and more outrageous, anti-conservatism, protects Lizzie from the real world, gets obsessive about things easily, guy crazy, avoids commitment, sees things differently from most people, can be eccentric, Lebanese American, 19, bleached blonde and black waist-length hair, turquoise-colored contacts (Lizzie McGuire)

11)Scott Barringer: quiet, withdrawn, almost antisocial, doesn't like to get attached or to have too much attention drawn to him, would do anything to win but is not easily motivated, went to the Horizon school with Auggie, Canadian, 25, curly blonde hair, blue eyes (Higher Ground)

12) Lana "Masami" Lang aka "Ami": has a scarred reputation, on a mission to be accepted by everyone, trusting but not naïve, emotional but hides it with an eerie calm, easily depressed, Japanese American, 28, straight black hair, green contacts (Smallville)

13) Sean Cameron: uses his charm to get on people's good side, gets into trouble a lot but always finds a way out of it, believes that men are physically and mentally stronger than women, Degrassi Community School graduate, business owner, 23, shoulder- length blonde-brown hair, gray eyes (Degrassi)

14) Elizabeth "Lizzie" McGuire: trusting, naïve, scared of trying new things, Miranda's best friend, used to being taken care of, really kind, sensitive, 18, blonde hair, blue eyes (Lizzie McGuire)

Chapter One: You'll Never See the Courage I Know


"House guests, welcome to Big Brother Ten, Battle of the Sexes." Connie Chung greeted us as I stood anxiously. Miranda had somehow talked me into auditioning for the show and I made it!! I was pretty sure that they picked her too, and if they did, we had already established a minimum-contact deal. But, we were still going to look out for each other so that one of us could win.

The only thing better than me winning a million dollars would be to have Miranda win it. Then we could get that apartment like we always wanted together, but I wasn't sure that was going to work now that I had a fiancé.

No one even knew about it. Just me and him. We were engaged. And he was perfect.

"Sean, Hazel, Aidan, and Miranda may enter the house," Connie said, interrupting my daydream about my fiancé. He was talk, dark, and handsome ... everything I'd always wanted Ethan to be.

After five minutes, she announced that, "Alex, Auggie, Felix, Jett, and Masami may enter." I looked around, knowing that I was in the last group, meaning that I'd get an unappealing living situation. But just thinking about how great everything was made it okay. For once in my life, I was truly and immutably happy.


Walking into the house was a dream come true. II had always imagined starring in my own television show, and since my acting sucks, this was a close as I could get. I followed Sean into the house, excitedly. He was a cutie and so was the other guy to my left … Ailan or something.

"This place is awesome." I admitted, with a giggle, walking into the room that had a serene cloudy feeling to it. But a pink sky couldn't be too serene.

"Yeah, if you like this girly stuff." Sean patted on the bed as I looked away embarrassed. I didn't want him to think I was a dork or anything.

"I wasn't talking about the room." I walked out and into the next room, which had a beach-like feel to it.

"You staying in here?" I jumped at the sound of Sean's voice. I didn't know that he had followed me in. Unable to say anything, I nodded, trying to be mysterious. I could so see myself with this guy.

"Okay. I'll stay here too." He winked at me, putting his things down on the bed at the opposite side of the room. I couldn't help but be disappointed ... with him not sleeping next to me, but what could a few feet hurt?


I walked in and examined the entire house, just to make sure that it was acceptable. They had done something different to the house ... tweaked it a bit for us non-celebrities. It was okay. Too bad they didn't give us any toys to play with, I thought. But, with so many different personalities, this could get interesting.

"Boo!" A tall, attractive brother said, scaring the shit outta me.

"When did you get here?" I wondered. He wasn't in my group. They didn't call his name the same time as mine. I was sure of it.

"A few seconds ago. I'm Jett." He reached for my hand to shake. I pulled back.

"Hazel." And hugged him instead. "I don't believe in formalities." I smiled, as we pulled back from the embrace. I

loved the feel of a tall, muscular guy on me ... and when I was done, I would be the last girl here with some arrogant bastard by my side. Ha. This was already fun. I loved life.

"So, what charity are you playing for?" I wondered, unpacking my things in the room with pink everywhere. I hadn't really paid attention to the other rooms, but this one stuck out.

"Make a wish foundation."

"Cool. Relay for Life." I stopped unpacking, noticing that he was so checking me out. "You staying here or are you gonna keep checking me out? Like what you see?" I joked with a smirk.

"Naw. This is a chick's room." He responded, ignoring my other question.

"Can't handle the temptation?'

"I'll see you later Haze." Jett licked his lips, backing out of the room.

"It's Hazel!" I called out after him. He was hella cool and I could tell we were gonna be good friends ... once the sexual tension worse off. "Ha!" I yelled, falling onto my bed. Thank God I wasn't the only person of color ... and that they cast a fine-looking brother.

"This sucks." I muttered, making sure that I was the first in my group to walk into the house, even if it meant pushing past a few guys to do it. I already knew that we were going to get sucky rooms because we went into the house last. I ran to the first room I saw. Pink ... interesting. There was only one bed left

"You staying?" An exotic-looking think girl asked me.

"Thanks, but no thanks." I declined. I could tell that that was going to be the boring Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants-type room. The next room was like a blast from the '70s, in the wrong way. Peace signs were everywhere. However weird it was, it looked like the place that could help me recoup from my sucky situation.

Masami: Confessional

The first feeling that I felt going into the house was fear. A fear of everything backfiring ... of everyone hating me...No one from Smallville was here with me. I still needed to find out how many knew each other before coming into this house. Then, I'd know who to target and if I was being threatened.

I walked into the room where both of the Black girls were. I felt more comfortable being around Hazel. These were the foil people, people that I never hung out with anymore … like who people thought I was when I did cheerleading in high school.

This house is the exact break I need from Smallville. No one knows I am here, in fact I've been "dead" for about 7 years now. After a few years of hiding out in college, I know that now is the perfect time for me to step up. I have to live my life by my own rules now … and make sure no one in this house finds out my truth.

Claire: Confessional

I would have to say that this house is crazy and full of energy. Hazel is just uniting everyone, which may or may not backfire. I, personally, haven't gotten to know anyone, but I'm here to WIN. Not make friends. But, if I have to smile a fake smile to get ahead I will. I won't hesitate ... but I won't kiss ass ...


"I'm Hazel." A busty black girl with a cute haircut introduced herself to me.

"Masami … but you can call me Ami." I started. "Doesn't it feel weird?"


"Being here?"

"Yeah, but that's what drew me here. Plus, some piece and quiet. It's awesome. That's the beauty of this place. No term papers to write, no final exams. No outside contact." Hazel stopped talking as we realized that someone else was here besides us and Claire.

"Is there room in here for me?" A cute blonde-haired girl looked up at me as if she was expecting something. She was so cute and naïve, obviously young by the way she waited for acceptance, but the same could be said for me.

"Sure." Hazel smiled warmly. "I'm Hazel."


"I'm Masami and this is--"

"Claire. Charmed, I'm sure." She glared at Lizzie as I thought I saw a flicker of recognition between the two. "And it looks like you get the cot. Lucky you." Claire answered with a hint of a laugh.

"Yeah, well um … thanks." Lizzie shrugged unsurely.

This was the right decision for me. Of course, I'd have to deal with the consequences of real life, but I was ready for it. Lex couldn't hurt me anymore. In reality my ex-husband should be locked up and unable to touch me. 'This show will free him.' A voice reminded me as I shuddered.

No way. No one knew my real name or my real identity. I was just a nameless look-a-like. And a powerful man like Lex wouldn't have time to look for me … a once-powerful man. He would always find a way if he knew I wasn't Masami Lang, but his Lana Luthor.


"And who are you?" A petite brunette wondered as I almost walked out of the room. She was pushing a little too much, but I returned soon after. This was the only room left.

"I'm Scott."

"Not a very masculine name is it?" She asked the other girl in the room. "But still cute." She added smiling at me the entire time. I could feel her eyes watching me as I dropped my duffle bag. "Great. No bed." I mumbled.

"We can always share." The same brunette offered.

"I don't even know you."

"Ashlee." She shook my hand. "Now we're acquainted.

"And who's that?" I wondered, forcing my attention back to the other girl who hadn't said anything yet.

"Oh her? She doesn't talk. Let's just pretend like she's not there." Ashlee offered.

"Please spare me." The other girl spoke up. "I'm Alex and I'm getting out of here." I nearly nodded in response. I had the feeling that no matter what I said to this Ashlee person, she'd keep laying it on me.

"Taking me up on that offer?" I didn't answer.

"I'm serious. Consider it." Ashlee walked closer to me. "A girl does get lonely." She laughed, patting me on the face as she left the room.

That Ashlee girl was an eerie reminder of another girl I had known in my past. Not Elaine, my ex-step mother who forced herself upon me, but Shelby … the first girl I loved. There was no way this girl was going to have me. No way.


"This is so cool." Miranda commented as she started jumping on her bed. Noticing that everyone was staring at her, she stopped. There were six of us in here—me, Miranda, Jordan, Jett, Sean and Augie—somehow, Miranda ended up being the only girl in room.

I still didn't know much about her, but I was really interested in discovering who else was in the house, especially the girls. I looked back at Miranda who was wearing a huge hat that covered her hair, but a small bleached blonde piece stuck out in the front.

"So what's with the hat?" I asked as she pulled it down even further.

"I just love it." She smiled looking to the left as she said it. Liar. Before I could ask anymore, another girl walked into the room.

"Hey all! I'm Hazel." She smiled brightly. So we had a black girl and … whatever Miranda was … in the house.

"I think everyone heard your loud mouth all the way from your room." Jett commented as Hazel mocked him back.

"You are so annoying. And I wasn't talking to you."

"You came in here for me." He smiled.

"Na-ah." Hazel answered.

"Admit it. Admit it!" Jett flexed his muscles.

"Oh please. You think you're gonna dominate this year, don't you?"

"Hell yeah!" Jett yelled excitedly. "You're looking at this, right?" He asked while lifting up his shirt.

"No biggie. I've got that too." Miranda spoke up, repeating Jett's earlier gesture.

"See? You're going down." Hazel answered as she and Miranda left the room giggling.

"Is there something going on with you two?" Sean asked Jett, moving from his lounging position to a sitting one.

"Just met her. Why?" Jett responded as Sean shrugged it off.

Alex: Confessional

The only reason I'm sitting in this boxed in room in because I was called in to do a confessional. We have to do at least one a day. I guess I'll be in here a lot seeing that the people in here are idiots.

Already, they're pairing off and going at it like … rabbits. Oh, yeah and did I mention that they put in two idiots from my old high school in here? Hazel and Sean. Hazel seems as stupid and boring as ever while Sean looks like he's trying to pretend like his past never happened.

I know it. I remember it, but the problem with that is that he knows my past too. He knows about … what I did in high school, how I declared myself a lesbian. My mom didn't find that out until recently. Ha.

Truth is I don't know what I am. I'm 22 years old and I still haven't got it figured out. I still don't know how I said, "yes" in the first place. How did it get to that?

Augie: Confessional

I can't believe that someone I know is in the house. Scott Barringer. I haven't gotten a chance to have a one-on-one with him and I want an update.

Miranda: Confessional

Lizzie is my best friend—my best, best friend of all time, but … this game is serious. I know how trusting she can be and how this game is not made for innocents like her. And the truth is, although, I love Lizzie like a sister, she could make me lose this. I've trained for months for this show. Plus, I am having way too much fun to leave just yet.


"All Big Brother Cast Members to the living room." Connie Chung's voice interrupted our meet and greet. I had just started talking to Jordan about his music career. Right now, I had talked to all of the guys and about half of the girls. I just needed to see who I could trust and form an alliance with.

Jett seemed like he and I were on the same wavelength physically, but so did Sean, so I really wouldn't want to go up against those two. Miranda had something up her sleeve … rooming with all guys … or else she hated being around chicks. It was still hard to tell about everyone yet, besides who really cared? I'm here to have fun.

As I walked into the living room, I noticed that Sean was already attached to one if the girls, one of the ones that I hadn't met yet. She was short, petite brunette with a really killer ass.

Wait a second. I almost froze as she sat down on the couch.

There was no way. It couldn't be Ashlee Davies, my Ashlee. I tried to pretend like I didn't see her flirting with Sean on one arm and eyeing Jordan who was on her other side. All-of-a-sudden, I didn't feel so good. I didn't want to compete and play this game.

In the past, I'd tell myself that I just wanted to see her again, one more time. I got what I wished so much for.

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