Sakura: This little story was just something I thought up while on Myspace, so I figured why not post it and see what others think.

Yugi: Remember Sakura does not own us or Yu-gi-oh or Myspace!

The Meeting

Yugi's P.O.V

I was laying on my bed staring at the ceiling when I heard a noise coming from my laptop. I turned my head to look at it sitting on my desk and saw that someone had sent me a message on myspace. I got up and went over to my desk and sat down. I saw it was from Puppy's got game . I opened it and it said

Hey yug, it's Joey. How have you been? Sorry I haven't talked to you in a long time. Tokyo is great, Seto and I are having a great time. I hope you are not too bored on your summer break back there in domino. Also me and Seto wish you a happy 17th birthday.

Then the message showed a few pictures of Joey and Seto at different places in Tokyo. I missed Joey so much. It seemed like only yesterday he told me he was going with Seto to Tokyo for summer break. That left me poor little Yugi Mutou alone in Domino. My other friends were on vacation somewhere else too, even my grandpa was out in Egypt with Professor Hawkins but I couldn't go. I feel very alone right now and I don't know what to do with myself. I was thinking of just turning off my computer, but I look at my profile one more time to see that I had a friend request. I have no idea why I felt I needed to see who it was, but I did. The username read Pharaoh of Doctors . I clicked on his name and saw the profile it showed a picture of a man who look just like me. He had the same hair well for a few blond streaks going up in his hair and he had crimson eyes. I look at the other stuff and found out he was a 21 year old doctor who used to go to Domino High then moved to Tokyo before his senior year and started going to Tokyo University. I was surprise that he used to go to my school and the fact that he wanted me as a friend. I added him anyway then I sent him a message saying

Why the add?

It wasn't long before he sent a message back. It said:

Just having fun on myspace looking for friends. How are you?

This was kind of weird me talking to a 21 year old who might not be 21 years old. Hell, he could of been as old as my grandpa but I decide to talk to him. We talk for hours and hours. I was really having fun until I looked at my clock and saw it was 2:00 in the morning. I just didn't want to stop, so I didn't. I knew I would be tired later but it was summer so who cares right? He typed back a message saying:

Pharaoh of Doctors: So you go to Domino High what is it like there now

King of Games: nothing much is different then when you went I bet, so are you really a doctor

Pharaoh of Doctors: yup, what do you do

King of Games: I work after school in my grandfather's game shop

Pharaoh of Doctors : that must be fun.

King of Games: it can be boring at some points but it is a little fun, if your not moving boxes

Pharaoh of Doctors : I guess, but I bet it is a good work out girls must love you

I blushed at that.

King of Games: I well you see I am...

Pharaoh of Doctors : your what? Did I say something wrong

King of Games: NO..I mean no it's just if I tell you, you might not be friend with me anymore a lot of people stopped being friends with me after I told them

Pharaoh of Doctors: I promise whatever it is, I will still be your friend

I didn't know if I should tell him or not but he seem like someone I could trust.

King of Games: I am gay

He took a long time to type back and when he did.

Pharaoh of Doctors: really, your profile says your straight

King of Games: because I don't want people to know but if they ask I tell them the truth

Pharaoh of Doctors : Look at my profile

I was so confused by that but did as he said and looked at it. I got a shocked when I read it. It said he was single and he was GAY! I could not believe it. Why would a doctor be so open about being gay.

King of Games: Your really gay, no girlfriend or wife I mean your 21

Pharaoh of Doctors: yea I am gay and no I don't have a wife or girlfriend

I yawned and realized how tired I was.

King of Games: I am sleepy do you mind if I log off

Pharaoh of Doctors: not at all sorry to keep you up so late, would you like to talk tomorrow

I smiled.

King of Games : Sure tomorrow we can talk more, Nite

Pharaoh of Doctors : Nite sweet dreams

I log off and got up stretching my arms and legs. I moved over to my dresser and started to get ready for bed. I turned off the light and got into bed. I closed my eyes and tried to go to sleep but pictures of that guy came into my mind every time. I thought I don't even know his name, am I falling for him, oh well I think I will ask him tomorrow I turned over away from my window and fell asleep.