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It was Prom night and Yugi Mutou was sitting of course on his bed. He was staring at his closet door, which had his prom outfit hanging on it. He wasn't going to prom, but nobody said that he couldn't buy an out fit. He picked out some nice black leather pants with chains haning off the belt loop, a white leather shirt with buttons going down the front and see through selvees. He had his favorite black boots sitting by the door and on his dresser was a black choker and two black braclets for each wrist. He sighed and laid down. Joey had tried calling to ask if he was going to prom, but Yugi didn't pick up the phone. He was thinking of calling Atemu, but knew he was most likely asleep after a hard days work. Yugi looked at his clock to see it was 7:30, prom had started an hour ago and while he was most likely the only one not going.

"YUGI, Someone is here to see you?"

Yugi sighed. He really hoped it wasn't one of his friends trying to get him to go to prom. He didn't want to do without his date and his date was in Tokyo. He got up anyway and headed down stairs. He walked into living room to get the shock of his life.

There stood Atemu in the middle of the living room, smiling at him. He was in nice black dress pants, a red button up shirt with the first three buttons undone, and nice dress black dress shoes. The only jewely he had on was a silver watch on his left wrist.

Yugi was too shock to say anything. He couldn't believe this. He was about to walk up to Atemu and hug him, but then he remember the promise. "You broke your promise."

Atemu blinked. "Huh?"

Yugi was mad. " Your promise. You broke your promise. You said you wouldn't do this and you did. You are not suppose to be here. I told you I didn't want to go to prom."


"No don't aibou me. I thought I could trust you, then you do this. How will I be able to trust you again.."

Atemu kissed him. While Yugi was talking he didn't notice Atemu making his way over. Yugi forgot everything else and leaned into the kiss.

Grandpa just shook his head and went into the kichtern.

Once the kiss was broken, Atemu looked Yugi in the eye. "So am I forgiven?"

Yugi smiled. "For now." He hugged him. "I was just thinking about you and now your here."

Atemu chuckled. "I see you missed me. Don't worry. I talked to my boss and he didn't care if I took a few more days off."

Yugi looked up at him. "Well what do you want to do?"

"Go to your prom."


Atemu shook his head. "No buts. Now I am sure you have an outfit, so put it on and meet me outside."

Yugi nodded, before running back upstairs.

One Hours Later

Yugi had taken a quick shower, gotten dressed, said goodbye to his grandfather, then ran out the door with his house keys in hand.

Yugi had to stop in his tracks as he saw a limo waiting for him. "Huh?"

Atemu just smiled and opened the door. "Come on, before we are even more late."

Once they got in, Atemu tapped on the driver's window telling him or her it was time to go. As the limo started off down the street, Atemu sat down and pulled Yugi close to him.

Ygui giggled. "So Mr. Atemu, are you just staying for tonight or the rest of the week."

"No I am staying the rest of the week."

Yugi looked around. "Then where are your bags."

"At my hotel room."

Yugi pouted. "Atemu I told you it was ok for you to stay at the gameshop."

Atemu shook his head. "I got a hotel room, so after prom. Me and You can have some alone time, with out grandpa in the house."

Yugi blushed big time. "I don't know."

"Yugi we don't have to do anything, but I just want it to be me and you ok."

Yugi nodded.

Atemu smiled, before leaning in close to Yugi's ear. "I really like your outfit."

Yugi giggled and couldn't help, but let out a moan as Atemu started to nibble on his ear.

Domino High

Finally after what seemed like hours they got there. Atemu helped Yugi out, then went to tell the driver when to be back.

Yugi looked up at his school, alittle afraid to go in. His date was a boy. What would everyone think of them. Would it be bad. His thought were stopped, when he felt Atemu tug at his arm.

"You ok?"

Yugi nodded, before linking his arm with Atemu's. The two made there way inside and to the gym.


Alot of couples were already on the dance floor when Yugi and Atemu walked in. The song was a pop song called Face Down. Yugi had heard it before, but he knew it wasn't a good song to dance to. He looked around and saw lights of all colors flashing and a lot of white and blue ballons. On the stage was the DJ with a sign hanging above his saying 'Good Luck Senior Class Of '09'

Atemu pulled Yugi along as he saw a open table for them to sit down at. Once Yugi sat down he looked around to make sure no one was staring.

Atemu padded Yugi's shoulder. "Don't worry so much."

Yugi bowed his head. "I can't help it."

"Yugi you can't be like this forever."

Yugi laid his head on Atemu's shoulder. "I promise I won't."

Just then they heard footsteps coming up behind them. "YUGI!"

Yugi's ears started to ring at that squel. Both of them turned to see a grinning Anzu with a boy with orange hair and grey eyes, who looked like he didn't want to be there. "Yugi How are you, You remember Kido from Chemsity right."

Yugi nodded. "Yes I do remember and I am fine." He didn't really.

She looked at Atemu. "Oh you must be Atemu. Its very nice to see you again." She winked at him.

Atemu just turned back around. "Yes its nice to see you too Anzu."

Anzu didn't like that. "Oh um... well me and Kido are going to go dance, see ya later." She almost dragged him off.

A nice slow song had just come on and Atemu really wanted to dance with Yugi. He put out his hand. "Would you like to dance?"

Yugi wasn't so sure, but he really liked this song. "Sure." He took Atemu's hand and Atemu lead him off onto the dance floor.

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