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Chapter One


Rodney had found yet another Ancient machine with an unknown purpose during the search of Atlantis for weapons to be used against the Wraith, or any useful technology that could just be helpful in surviving the Pegasus Galaxy. This time he proceeded with caution, or at as much caution as he could while in the presence of his own and Radek's assistants, two attractive and intelligent women. Within only a few hours of finding the lab that housed the machine, they had learned it was biological in nature and focused more on harvesting DNA for unknown purposes. With their previous bad luck with DNA experiments, Teyla had been called in to sense beforehand if there was any Wraith experiments contained within it.

The room was not much larger than a personal bedroom in Atlantis and seemed ill fit for a lab of any kind. The five people in the lab made for a snug fit. There were two consoles, making up a half circle each in the middle of the room, but never touched. The walls were lined with computer panels as well. They had been combing through data about the machine and the room all morning and Rodney had decided it was time to try and power the machine to get more information they were missing. Rodney was unable to find a main panel to trigger the machine, but nothing responded to him.

"Hmm." Rodney mumbled with a frown.

"Perhaps it only reacts to people with the gene of the Ancestors." Teyla said as she gently placed her hand on the main console.

"I have the gene." Rodney spat, insulted.

Rodney's assistant, Anna Bennett looked up from her tablet at her bosses discontent. "Naturally," she said quietly, hinting toward people who were born with it. Anna was one of his favorite assistants, even though Rodney would never admit it. She was smart and could keep up with him reasonably well. She was a pale, taller than average woman with a soft figure, nothing uncommon. Her most striking features were her shoulder length dyed dark hair with several inches of blonde roots and her blue-green eyes. She was a fantastic assistant and very easy on the eye.

"Oh," he muttered to himself then hastily tapped his ear piece. "Sheppard, where are you?" He barked.

"Having some down time with Ronon, why?" John asked suspiciously.

"Get to the floor under the east pier, there is a lab at the end of the hall, meet us there." Rodney said in his domineering voice and tapped his ear piece.

They continued to try and turn the machine on. Rodney was driven more so as he thought it would help them disperse the Ancient gene through the population and gain more control of the city. He rather wanted to have a stronger gene himself as well. John and Ronon showed up thirty minutes later, dragging their feet, talking about the old times in the military.

"Finally," Rodney mumbled under his breath, which was useless since John and Ronon heard him anyway. However, just as Teyla suspected as soon as John walked through the door way and everything lit up like the 4th of July.

"It's still weird when that happens." John said pointing at the lights.

"Uh huh," Rodney said not listening to what he was saying. "Bennett, Lopez what do you have?" he asked barely looking up from his laptop.

Radek was on the other side of the room looking at a panel while his assistant, Becka Lopez walked over to Anna to analyze the readings. "It's definitely something with genetics." Becka said surely. She was short, only about five-foot-two, a slim figure from running with her Marine friends daily, brown eyes and brown wild hair. She was far more outgoing than Anna but just as smart.

"There is nothing Wraith here." Teyla said with an assuring nod after she walked around the lab once more.

"That's good." Rodney said some relief.

"So, what exactly is this place?" John asked walking to the most attractive looking panel.

"No idea, actually." Rodney said with knitted brows.

"Oh, well, in that case, me and Ronon are off, Teyla would you like to join us?" John asked walking toward the door. Before Teyla could voice her response, the door whooshed shut. "Um, Rodney," John asked turning back toward the scientist, discontent spilling over his face.

"It wasn't me." Rodney said in a surly tone. Situations like this never ended well.

"Not us," Becka said holding one hand up while the other clutched her tablet. Anna shook her head when Rodney looked to her.

"It wasn't me, either." Radek said from one of the panels. Rodney let out a sigh and set his laptop down on the center panel.

"From what I can tell, half of the room deals with males and the other half deals with females." Anna said looking at the data on her laptop.

"Yes, I can see that." Rodney said, getting snappier by the minute. Anna made a face at her boss and went back to work.

"How long is this going to take?" Ronon growled leaning against the wall next to the door.

"I don't know." Rodney said in a whiny voice, one that rubbed Ronon the wrong way. John rolled his eyes and tried to, coolly, lean on the nearest panel only to find his hand almost glued to the grid looking panel.

"Uh, Rodney…" John said worryingly pulling on his hand.

"What?" Rodney snapped turning toward the Lieutenant Colonel. John nodded at his hand and Rodney sighed. "Must you touch everything?!" he yelled.

"I was leaning on it!" John yelled defensively.

Radek walked over to John, set his laptop on the panel and tried to help him pull his hand back. Ronon watched with a raised brow. Radek sighed and stopped for a minute and his hand was yanked to the panel. "Um… Rodney," Radek said as he and John shared a rather frightful look.

"Oh not you too?!" Rodney yelled incredulously.

"Dr. McKay," Anna called out.

"Yes?" Rodney snapped tiringly, turning to the other group.

Anna and Becka had walked over to the opposite console from the one John and Radek were currently stuck to and started trying to find answers to what was happening. Teyla joined them as well. "I think the machine is acting on its own." Anna said fearfully.

"We need to turn it off." Becka said looking over her shoulder, her wild hair obscuring her view.

"Well then do it." Rodney said dryly.

"We are trying, Rodney." Teyla said firmly, looking away from the panel to Rodney giving him a stern look. He lost his snarky look and went back to working to turn the room off. Anna was right; the machine and the lab as whole was working on its own. Rodney tried to over-ride the commands but nothing was taking.

"Rodney!" Teyla called out. The four men looked to the console directly across the room to see Teyla, Anna and Becka all stuck to the console like Radek and John.

Ronon pushed himself off the wall with a scowl, the machine could toy with John and Radek all it wanted but when it came to women, and someone close to him at that, that was when he drew the line. Just as he walked in front of the console John and Radek were stuck to, his hand was drawn to the console on the other side of Radek.

"McKay," Ronon bellowed trying to pull his arm away from the panel.

Yells of pain filled the room as all their hands were run over with what could be described as a prickly rolling pin and Rodney could only watch in horror from the center of the room. Now Rodney was fearful.

Three blinding lights rose from each console and filled the entire room with searing white as they met overhead in the center of the lab. Everyone ducked and covered their eyes from the light that felt like it was burning. Then there was a small pop and all power left the room and three bodies it the ground. The three women were collapsed on the ground and their hands were free from the console.

Ronon immediately started pulling at his hand but it wouldn't budge from the console. Radek was yelling in Czech in his panic.

"Teyla!" John called out worryingly, pulling harder at his hand coming close to ripping it from his wrist.

Rodney rushed to the women, checking all their pulses. They were indeed alive. A moment later the three stuck men were released and were on the other side of the room in half a second.

"They're alive" Rodney said with a sigh. That didn't reassure the others. John crouched next to Teyla, keeping her pulse at his fingers at all times incase it changed. Ronon was crouched at Teyla's head looking over all three women. Radek was on his knees next to Becka, while Rodney stood.

John tapped his ear piece. "Medical team to East pier." He rushed out quickly.

"What happened?" Carson's Scottish accent filled John's ears.

"Bennett, Lopez and Teyla are down." John said looking at the other two passed out on either side of Teyla.

"I'm on my way." Carson said calmly, which made John feel a bit better.

"Rodney, what just happened?" John asked with a tight jaw.

"I don't know." Rodney said defensively.

"Well maybe you should find out" John said softening his tone.

"Yeah," Rodney murmured holding up his finger and stumbling for his laptop.

"Rodney, open the damn door!" was heard from the other side of the sealed door a few minutes later.

Rodney made some adjustments on his laptop and the door whooshed open. Carson stood with two bags in hand, with several nurses, and glided into the room and knelt next to Anna, checking her vitals immediately.

"What happened?" Carson asked, slightly angered.

"We're not quite sure." John said in a tired voice.

"Nowhere near sure, actually." Rodney said from behind his laptop. John made a face then turned his attention back to Teyla.

"Get her back to the infirmary." Carson said to a male and female nurse. They carefully loaded Anna onto a stretcher and rolled her toward the infirmary.

Carson moved to Teyla, she was in the same condition as Anna and then Becka same as the other two. All three women were on their way to the infirmary within minutes.

"Well they look like they just fainted, and will be fine when they come 'round." Carson said with a sigh.

"Thanks Carson" John said with a weary smile.

"I'll be sure to contact you if I find anything else out" Carson said then jogged out of the room and for the infirmary.

"Alright Rodney," John said with a sigh, turning around to Rodney. Ronon was leaning against the wall watching the exchange. "What exactly happened here?" John said in a tone that told Rodney his patience was wearing thin, or non-existent.

"I'm still figuring that out." Rodney said painfully.

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