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Chapter Twenty Two


Ronon held his arm out for her and Anna took it gratefully, looping one arm around his bicep and resting the other on the crook of his elbow. Ronon led her into the restaurant before Anna stopped him at the front desk, Talia was waiting near the entrance to the dining room with her arms crossed over her chest like a sulking child and less like the twenty-year-old woman she was.

"We're here for Becka's lunch." Anna told the man behind the desk.

"Ah yes, this way." He said with a smile as he walked around the desk and escorted them to the back corner of the restaurant. The large circular table had three empty seats waiting for them, two were mashed between John and the chair that held Gavin in his car seat and the other was between Becka and her father. Jorge Lopez still looked in his prime, only a tiny hint of gray speckling his deep brown hair.

"Thank you," Anna said to the host with a sweet smile. The man gave a small bow before leaving them to go back to the desk. Ronon had already strode to his seat next John when the host left and Anna quickly took the seat next to Gavin while Talia walked slowly to her father and kissed his cheek lovingly.

"Papi," She said with a special smile for him then turned to her sister. "Rebecca," She spat.

"Talia," Becka said with a forced smile. "Radek, this is my sister Talia, Talia this is my fiancée Radek." She said looking to Radek, who squeezed her hand tightly.

"Hello," Radek said politely.

"So, you're gone for almost a year and last we knew you were single and now you show up with a fiancée and a kid, how are we supposed to react to that?" Talia asked frustratingly, throwing her hands around.

Anna heard Dave grumble, "I'd like to know that as well."

"Talia, please calm down." Becka snapped.

"Why should I?" Talia spat back.

"Because you're being a little-" Becka growled.

"Ahem!" Anna cut off Becka quickly. Talia, Becka and half the table looked to her surprised. "Please don't make me let my brothers and Ronon mediate this." She said nodding toward her annoyed older brothers and Ronon who perked up at the thought.

"She is right, Talia, your sister brought us all here for a reason, lets listen to her and see what that reason is." Jorge said diplomatically.

"Thank you Papi," Becka said with a nod to her father as she stood. "I've forced you all here today to meet these little people that we brought into the world. I know we all have our issues with someone here and I want you all to suck it up and play nice for the babies." She said rather harshly, then took her seat. She sat for a few seconds before standing again. "Please and thank you," She added sweetly.

"Smooth," Radek chuckled.

"You got a better speech?" Becka hissed under her breath.

"I think what Becka was trying to say was, you all have things you need to talk about and this is your chance." Jorge explained to the confused faces at the table.

"Pretty much." Becka said with a shrug, she liked her explanation better.

"Let's start with how you got pregnant." Jorge asked expectantly.

"Heh, funny story Papi." Becka laughed uncomfortably.

"She in trouble?" Ronon asked with a grin as he leaned his head down toward Anna while still looking at Becka stammer on.

"Big time," Anna said with a sympathetic look toward Becka.

"Why didn't you contact me when you came to town?" Dave asked hotly, looking around Teyla and to his younger brother.

"Didn't really think you wanted to see me." John muttered with a small shrug, gripping Molly tighter getting ready to use her cuteness as a shield if he had too.

"Probably not, but it would have been nice to know I had a niece and sister-in-law." Dave said still angered.

"I myself did not know John had a brother." Teyla tried to say diplomatically.

"Well, did you tell her about our mother and father or did you just come from thin air." Dave spat.

"Can we please not fight?" Teyla pled.

John and Dave shared the same guilty look as the hung their heads.

"What did you name her?" Dave asked finally after a few tense moments.

"Huh?" John asked confused, looking to his brother.

"My niece, what did you name her?" Dave said nodding to the six-week old in his arms.

"Molly Brenna," John said almost meekly, his cheeks reddening a few shades when he realized he hadn't even told his brother his daughter's name.

"After Mom," Dave said with a half grin as he watched Molly gurgle and wave her arms toward Teyla.

"I figured she would have liked that." John said nonchalantly with a shrug.

"She would've." Dave said with a sad smile at the thought of his dearly departed mother.

Anna looked between Becka having a fierce conversation with her father and John having a tense talk with his brother. "We have nothing to argue about." She said almost disappointed.

"I can come up with something." Marc said from five chairs down.

Anna narrowed her eyes at her oldest brother then looked up to Ronon. "You can beat him if you want." She growled.

Ronon, who had his arm tossed around Anna's shoulders and was stroking Gavin's cheek on the other side of her, smirked. "I'll think about it."

"… So you see Papi, Anya was a miracle from God." Becka said holding her daughter to her cheek who looked around almost afraid.

"You expect me to believe that pile of shit?" Jorge asked with a cocked brow.

"You bought it when it was her story." Becka cried, pointing to Talia hinting back to the time she had to explain to her father how she "found" a new puppy when she was sixteen.

"You lost him at undying gratitude." Talia piped up after downing her hot Sake.

"That was a slight bit out of character." Radek pointed out as he held up his finger.

Becka let out a frustrated sigh. "I didn't mean for her to happen, but I'm not upset that I had her, married or not." She said firmly.

"You don't wish you were married?" Jorge asked.

"No, I want to have a big wedding with her as a part of it. That's more special to me than anything could have been without her." Becka said sincerely as she looked down to Anya who had nestled into Becka's neck.

Jorge didn't respond to Becka, instead he look around her to Radek with a proud look. "Radek, I must thank you." He said in a calm voice.

"Why Mr. Lopez?" Radek asked trying to keep his cool, although he was scared out his genius mind.

"You are the first man that my daughter has seriously considered marriage with." Jorge said with a smile to Becka.

"Well he's a special man, Papi." Becka said resting her head on Radek's shoulder. Radek blushed and started mumbling in Czech.

"I have a question," Talia said demandingly. "Well, for you, Anna and Teyla." She said pointing to the women. "How did you all get pregnant at the same time?" She asked confused and apprehensively.

Becka, Teyla and Anna had the fearful look on their faces as they thought of a feasible excuse for a short moment before their men answered for them.

"Vacation," Ronon answered with a shrug.

"We were all accidentally slipped a fertility drug, it was meant for other couples at the restaurant." Radek explained expertly.

"And bam, were all pregnant on the same day." John finished with a dramatic clap.

"Wow, you really have to watch where your food comes from these days." Cole said shaking his head. He and his brothers knew the truth, since they all worked for the SGC under different fields, but the shock and awe from them was making it more believable for Talia, Dave and Jorge.

"Where did you guys go?" Dave asked suspiciously.

"Thailand," Ronon answered before taking a long gulp from his beer.

"Another couple came with us, they had a boy." Radek added.

"So why aren't they here?" Talia asked with her arms crossed over her chest again.

"They worked on a separate base so we never really spent time with them." John answered simply.

"What a shame." Vera said shaking her head in mock disappointment.

"So, are you all staying on the base, even with the babies?" Dave asked in a far less suspicious tone.

"Yes, the military has been very accommodating." Teyla answered with a smile.

"How big of them." Talia almost grumbled.

"Well, Radek is a key part to the team, and I'm his assistant and Anna is the assistant to another important scientist and then Teyla, John and Ronon protect the base." Becka explained with a blinding smile.

That seemed to have quelled all their questions about how they all became pregnant at the same time as they all started other conversations. Talia starting asking Radek every question she could think of, while Dave started asking Teyla about her interests. Anna couldn't stop gaping at Ronon.

"What?" He asked.

"Who came up with that?" Anna asked incredulously, still trying to wrap her head around the fact that they had all covered so brilliantly.

"Sheppard came up with the vacation, Radek gave the details and they just told me what to say." Ronon explained with a shrug.

"I'm impressed." She said still shocked they had come up with the explanation all on their own.

"I know," He said grinning from ear to ear.

"Yes, modesty becomes you." She said dryly eliciting a chuckle from Ronon.

The people at the party continued conversing with their family, occasionally picking conversations with someone outside of their bloodline. Anna mostly talked with her mother and brother Eric while Ronon was almost carrying a conversation with Rob, Marc and Cole. Almost. Becka was arguing with her sister like she always did and Radek and Jorge held a conversation about Becka and Anya. John was stuck with his brother and the sporadic conversations that would pop up every so often.

"So, you leave tomorrow?" Dave asked suddenly.

"Bright and early." John answered with an awkward nod.

"If I ask you to call when you're back in town again, will you?" Dave asked suspiciously.

"Yes, he will." Teyla answered surely.

"Well there's your answer." John said shrugging.

"Kelly and the kids would love to meet Teyla and Molly, and my two youngest have yet to meet their uncle."

"You had two more?" John asked taken back. His brother was perfectly happy with the two he had when he left.

"Yup, twins, Adele and Aidan." Dave answered nodding with an absent smile on his face.

"Wow," John sighed.

"That's what I thought when I heard you had a kid." Dave chuckled. John threw him a look as he turned to Teyla. "You have no idea how dead-set against kids he was all his life. He was so convinced he would turn them into serial killers somehow." He said with a teasing grin.

"Thanks Dave," John ground out threateningly.

"I think Molly will be fine, John is a wonderful father." Teyla said with a sweet smile to John.

Molly started to fuss, kicking her legs and pouting deeply. By the pungent smell that wafted into the air, everyone guessed she needed her diaper changed.

"I'll change her," John offered, half standing.

"No, you stay." Teyla said grabbing the diaper bag that hung from the chair and stood with Molly cradle in the crook of her neck.

Anna started to stand just as Teyla did, with Gavin in her arms and his diaper bag slung on her shoulder. "I'll show you where the bathroom is Teyla, Gavin needs to be changed too." She said walking away from the table. Teyla smiled at John and Dave then followed Anna to the bathrooms.

"You better hold onto her John," Dave said once Teyla was out of earshot. "Before she realizes she's too good for you." He added seriously.

"Yeah, I know." John said quietly.

Dave went to say something to little brother but Ronon stopped him. "Sheppard, you know what time it is?" The Satedan grumbled, twisting in his seat to look at John.

"Almost one-thirty, why you have a date?" John asked teasingly.

"Gav will need to be fed soon." Ronon muttered to himself, ignoring John's date comment.

Dave raised a brow at the duo. "Oh, Ronon this is my brother Dave." John introduced awkwardly.

"We met." Ronon grunted then turned back toward Anna's family.

"His fiancée was more for conversation." Dave noted.

"Yeah, Anna tends to be the polite side of the relationship." John said snickering.

"How did those two get together?" Dave asked confused.

"Anna ran into him the most." John chuckled.

"What?" Dave asked looking at his brother like he had grown a second head.

"Inside joke, so how old are the twins now?" John said changing the subject quickly.

The conversations went on with only interruptions from the babies, when it was clear that the youngest people at the table wanted to their mothers to themselves they all decided it was time to leave. Anna's family said goodbye to Becka's father and sister as well as John's brother before piling back into the Tahoe. Anna gave Talia and Jorge tight hugs and let Talia plant kisses all over Gavin and said a polite goodbye to Dave then went back to the rental car where Ronon and Jen waited for her. Becka said tearful goodbyes to her father and sister while Radek tried to calm Anya down.

"I'm not sure when I'll be back Papi, but I promise, I'll bring Radek and Anya back home and spend the whole week with you." Becka cried hugging her father tightly.

Jorge smiled over his daughters should then pulled away. "Sounds like a plan," He murmured, brushing some of her hair behind her ear. Jorge looked to Radek and smiled appreciatively. "Take care of my girls Radek," He said seriously.

"Will do Mr. Lopez." Radek said, bowing his head slightly.

"You know I hate this part." Talia muttered, standing five feet away from Becka.

"I know," Becka sighed.

"Send pictures." Talia said with a small smile.

"Yeah," Becka said nodding.

"Bye," Talia said curtly.

"Bye," Becka repeated and Talia sped off to her car.

"And you said I had an odd relationship with my brother." Radek said shaking his head.

"You slept with his wife!" Becka exclaimed.

"Well John, I guess this is the part where we force the goodbye hugs." Dave sighed with a teasing smile.

"Ah, the best part." John said painfully.

"It was wonderful meeting you Dave, I'll be sure to have John contact you when we have time to come back." Teyla said shaking Dave's hand.

"You too Teyla, it's comforting to know my brother has someone like you to make sure he takes care of himself." Dave said with a comforted smile. He crouched down to Molly's level in Teyla's arms with a mischievous grin. "Goodbye Molly, be sure to give your old man as much trouble as possible." He said winking.

"Hey! Don't say that!" John yelled, smacking Dave's shoulder.

"Payback," Dave said grinning.

"It was high school!" John yelled incredulously.

"I was waiting for the opportune time." Dave responded simply.

"Wonderful," John groaned.

Dave laughed, patting John on the back. "Take care of them John, and don't forget about your other family." He said seriously.

"Yeah," John said with a serious look of his own. "See ya Dave," He added with an awkward nod.

"You too John," Dave said with a mirroring nod as he left for his car.

John let out a long, relieved sigh and looked down at Teyla, who was looking at him with raised brows and an expectant look. "What? At least we said something with 'the nod'." He said defensively.

Teyla let out a long sigh. "We should get back to the hotel and finish packing." She said as she started walking toward the Impala without him.

John groaned and followed, shuffling back to the car. When he got there Teyla had already got Molly in and was waiting in the front seat. He slipped into the driver's seat and started the car but didn't move.

"John," Teyla said softly as she watched John stare out the windshield.

"Yeah?" He asked without looking at her.

Teyla reached out and wrapped her fingers around his bicep and gripped tight. "He may not have said it, but he loves you and he knows you do as well." She said soothingly.

"Yeah," He aspirated tiringly.

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