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Chapter Thirty One


"Gavin!" Anna called out as she grabbed her tablet from the kitchen table.

Her oldest son, now a little over five, walked out of his room holding hands with his three-year-old sister, Arianne. They both shared curly hair and big green eyes with tanned skin like their father. Ronon came out with them with their five-month-old son Robbie in his arms.

"Is everyone ready?" She asked with a smile.

"Think so." Ronon grumbled.

She smiled at her husband and took Arianne's free hand. "Let's go." She said smiling.

They all walked out of their apartment and toward the nearby transporter. They were alone in the hallway but the others would be joining them soon. In the transporter Anna placed a kiss on Robbie' head as her older children started chatting. Ronon grabbed Anna's hand.

"It'll be fine." He tried to soothe her.

When the doors opened again they all walked out and continued down to one of the observation rooms that had been converted into a daycare for the children of Atlantis.

Gavin, Arianne and Robbie were only three of the fifteen children within Atlantis now. Teyla had John had four, Becka and Radek had three, Jen and Lorne had two of their own and so did Laura and Rodney. There was also another Marine that had a child with a scientist.

Now that Atlantis was more of a home than a military outpost, accommodation's needed to be made for the parents and children of their home. Larger apartments were still being made but at least they had a place for the children to go during emergencies that was completely outfitted with everything they might need, as well as a two-man guard at all times. It made everyone feel better knowing that the children were safe. Ronon and John even volunteered for the guard.

The daycare now had a full staff of four women, all with high level degrees to help teach them and care for them and was now opened. Everyone was worried about this first day and did what they could to prepare their children but it was obvious that the parents needed more support than the children.

Ronon and Anna arrived with their children first. All four women greeted them. Ronon hugged and kissed all of his children and crouched down to be at Gavin's level. "Look out for your brother and sister until we get back." He said as he hugged his oldest.

Gavin nodded. "I promise Daddy." He said quietly then ran at his mother's legs and gripped them hard.

Anna had already given her baby to Lacy, the youngest of all women in charge of the daycare facility and Arianne was getting another hug from her father. She picked Gavin up and held him close. "Don't worry Mommy, it'll be okay." Gavin whispered to her, almost making her cry.

"I know honey, I'm just going to miss you." She sniffled.

"Are you still coming for lunch?" He asked, almost worried.

"Of course, just like we normally do." She promised.

Gavin smiled and Anna was still floored at how much he looked like Ronon as she sat him down. He took Arianne's hand and walked with her to where Lacy had taken Robbie and they all played nicely together.

"You can go to the observation deck if you would like." Dahlia, the director of the daycare, offered.

Anna nodded wordlessly and left to the observation area. Ronon followed and when they got up there he took her into his arms. "Anna, it will be fine." He swore. "Look," He said pointing down to the play area before them.

Gavin had taken Robbie, who was sitting up on his own, into his lap and was playing with both of his siblings easily.

"I know, they will be fine, but that doesn't mean I will." She sniffled.

Ronon almost laughed and just held Anna close to him.

John and Teyla arrived next with Molly, almost four-year-old Charin and their two-year-old twins Arlo and Sera. All of the kids already played easily together and didn't seem to notice their parents leaving. John and Teyla joined Ronon and Anna upstairs soon after.

"John, look, they are fine." Teyla tried to show him.

"Sera looks upset." He said, pointing to his youngest daughter.

"She is suffering from allergies." Teyla said shaking her head as she pushed him out of the room.

Anna chuckled. "We really do worry a lot, don't we?" She said as she wrapped her arms around her husband. He didn't say anything, he just held her while they watched their kids.

Radek and Becka came with Anya and two-year-old twins Alexander and Anthony and easily left them to play with their friends, not even stopping on the observation deck. Becka had been counting down the days until she got time alone with Radek.

Jen and Lorne showed up with their two boys, Steven and Aiden and she had a teary goodbye as well but they both had a debriefing to go to and couldn't stay.

Rodney was last to arrive with four-year-old Layla and two-year-old Edward. Laura was speaking to Dahlia while Rodney inspected everything. Layla, with her long red hair, had already walked over to Gavin and sat down with him and Edward followed. Rodney was pulled out by Laura a few minutes later and they arrived at the observation deck soon after.

"How have they been?" Laura asked curiously.

"Perfectly content." Anna answered honestly.

"Of course, children like to play without hovering parents." Laura said crossly, to Rodney.

"Ronon, your son is too close to my daughter." Rodney said stubbornly.

"He's five." Ronon answered with an incredulous look on his face.

"From what I could gather, you were already wielding weapons at that age, I'm sure sexual encounters followed soon after." Rodney rambled.

"Rodney! He is a boy, you don't need to worry about them for another ten years or so." Laura said surely, smacking her husband upside the head.

Anna and Ronon chuckled at Rodney and looked back to the kids. They were all so happy and at ease. They had all grown up together and they all played well together. Even the siblings were decent to each other. Gavin was very protective over his siblings, following anyone that held Robbie and Anna could tell that Ronon was proud of him.

"I think we did well." Anna said as she looked at her children.

"We did." Ronon agreed.

She smiled and held herself closer to him. Rodney and Laura were still arguing and Ronon looked down at Anna slyly.

"Your boss is fighting his wife about germs, you know what this means?" He said grinning.

Anna looked at him with a raised brow. "What?" She asked curiously.

Ronon pulled her out of the room and rushed her to the transporter that led to their home and pushed her inside, kissing her deeply as the doors shut.

"You get the day off." Ronon said as he scooped her up and carried her out of the transporter and into their home. "I love you." He said to her once he had her alone, in their home.

She kissed him again, savoring the silence. "I love you too." She murmured.

Anna couldn't help but smile as she reminded herself that she wouldn't be here if it weren't for a broken, Ancient, baby maker.

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