TITLE: The Touch of Green Fire

AUTHOR: AlyssC01

CATEGORY: Adventure - Drama.


SPOILERS: None specific really. I'll warn if something comes up. This is set somewhere in Season 3.


WARNINGS: If you find same sex relationships between women appalling... Sorry! You'll have to move along. This won't be explicit but I understand that people have different views in life.

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Chapter 01: Mixed Emotions.

In a Top Secret lab under a Top Secret mountain, a team of Top Secret scientists were working on a Top Secret project.

A Top Secret code was typed into a console, but the Top Secret red button wasn't pushed just yet.

Top Secret chatter rose up in the Top Secret lab as the Top Secret scientists grew impatient, waiting for their Top Secret boss to arrive.

"What a relief that we finally got the v5.2 to transmit," one Top Secret scientist said, looking at a Top Secret schematic in front of him. "I did not think that this model would still be viable after all these years."

"It was all they had available back then." His friend, another Top Secret scientist said. "Way ahead of its time in those days. Boy, if they could do then what we could do now..."

"The world would be a different place." A voice finished for them dryly. There was no mirth or warmth in the voice, almost cold resentment.

Perhaps sarcasm.

But it was too friendly an emotion.

"Are you sure that you have picked up the project this time? I have no fancy to run after another windows 3.1 model computer."

One of the Top Secret scientists sank back in her chair a bit.

"It was a minor calculation error," she said weakly. "Fitting for the data that we are working with... I..."

An evil look was fixed on her.

"Errors are not fitting," the Top Secret boss said. "The only thing fitting for an error is elimination. Do you understand what I am telling you?"

The Top Secret scientist made a squeaking sound and quickly returned to her work.

"The system is ready to receive the data, Professor," she snapped promptly.

The Top Secret boss smiled.

"Excellent. Are we ready to commence?"

"Yes Professor!"

The Top Secret boss smiled again, causing some of the Top Secret scientists to shift uneasily away easily as the Top Secret boss approached the red button.

A latex covered hand hovered over the panel.

"Gentleman," The Top Secret boss said with a smile. "And ladies, let us reap what we have sowed."


Shego was in a bad mood.

And it wasn't exactly normal.

She generally went through life with Dr. Drakken in one of two permanent frames of mind: indifference or irritation.

Irritation was taken out and put in place when Drakken prepared for a mission, generally because he irritated her when she was trying to catch up with some reading and indifference was placed in its stead when that mission failed.

It never counted as a bad mood of course.

It was...


Now, though, she was in a bad mood.

And it showed.

Dr. Drakken of course wasn't feeling too great himself.

He was irritated with himself, an action he normally associated with Shego's emotions towards him.

But, because he believed that he could do no wrong - that irritation was shifted to Shego.

Who was...

In a bad mood.


"You know Shego," Dr. Drakken said irritated as his sidekick flew the hovercraft above cloud level. "I'm considering deducting every failed mission from your pay."

The raven haired woman's temper flared.

"Hey!" she snapped. "It was your stupid plan, not mine! I only followed your stupid orders. Getting that stupid toaster... Get a grip."

Drakken, for once, was not deterred.

"But you got beaten by a teenage girl. Again. You know Shego, you came highly recommended but of late I've truly doubted your skills. You won't come that highly recommended by me."

The woman grabbed him by the collar before he could say something else.

"Again," she hissed, taking her eyes from the sky. "Your plan, not mine. And I didn't see you jumping in to help. You were too busy screaming because there was a naked mole rat in your shirt. And, if you doubt my skills so much why don't I give you a demonstration..."

She took her other hand from the console and pointed at him, green flames flaring up and licking at her black glove.

The mad scientist swallowed and tried to draw back.

"I ah... know exactly what those can do Shego," he said carefully. "No need for a demonstration at 2,000 feet. Why don't you ah... Touch the buttons again. Okay?"

The hovercraft was veering off course in a troubling downward fashion.

Shego shoved him back and grabbed the levers in much the same way she had grabbed his neck.

Dr. Drakken swallowed and sat back a bit.

"It would've been nice to be ruler of the world right now though," he muttered to himself, but a glance in his angry sidekick's direction showed him that it would be even nicer just to reach his lab safely.

He sighed and looked away from her at the clouds.

They reminded him of his mother's potato salad.

He was hungry.

Next to him Shego momentarily closed her eyes and rubbed her brow.


"Aw, come on KP, what's eating you?" Ron said as they walked out of Cheyenne Mountain's Top Secret military base to its helipad. "You beat the bad guy, quite nicely if I have to say so myself..."

Rufus climbed onto his shoulder and nodded vigorously.

"Ah huh!" he said and made a kung fu move. "Ka-pow!"

Ron carried on with a smile.

"You got back the Top Secret military secret..."

Kim snorted.

"It looked like a radioactive toaster," she muttered under her breath.

Rufus glanced at her.

"Hmm! Toast!" he chattered and scampered back into Ron's pocket. Seconds later he emerged with a snack bar and leaned back happily, chewing on it.

"And!" Ron continued undeterred. "Because we're going to ride in this SUPER COOL military helicopter you'll be back in time for cheerleading! Why can you possibly be so glum?"

Kim didn't answer him as one of the privates joined them and escorted them to the helicopter that was waiting on the pad.

When she climbed into the helicopter and put on her helmet she leaned over and briefly touched the pilot's shoulder.

"Thanks for taking us home Captain Reich," she said into the microphone and settled into the front seat with him.

"That's nothing, Miss Possible." The pilot said cheerfully. "After you got my daughter's dog from the tree last Christmas, I couldn't wait to volunteer for this drop off mission."

Kim glanced back to see if Ron was settling in. He was having trouble with his helmet but Rufus quickly sorted it out for him.

"Aw, that was nothing, Captain," Kim said as she settled in. "Who would've thought that dogs can climb trees?"

Ron appeared on the microphone link. "Jack Russell, Kim," he said disgusted. "That should be an explanation in itself. And I thought we established that it had leaped from the house to the tree..."

"Who would've thought?" the Captain said. "Hold on ladies, gentlemen and naked mole rats, we are leaving the warm embrace of mother earth..."

Kim smiled at the captain then turned her attention away from him and out of the window. She sighed heavily and closed her eyes.

The radio squawked.


She didn't open her eyes.

"Yes Ron."

"What's wrong?"

"Nothing Ron."

Her sidekick hesitated.

"Did Shego hurt you?" he asked suddenly, almost worried.

Kim sighed and shook her head.

"She hardly touched me Ron. I'm fine it's just..."

The Ron-Factor smelled a story.

"You're just..."

Kim was very careful with her words.

"Disappointed," she said vaguely.

"Disappointed?" Ron was a bit confused. "In the mission?"

"No," Kim said quickly glancing at the Captain. "The mission was fine."

Ron thought for a moment.

"In Drakken?" He queried surprised.

"No!" Kim said again quickly. "Drakken was... fine... You know, all his plans; you've foiled one, you've foiled them all. So not the drama."

"Ah," Ron said then sniffed. He took the last bit of snack bar that Rufus offered him.

"In Shego then?"

Kim didn't reply.

"You know, KP, you kicked Shego's but back there. Rufus and me, we were really impressed."

"Uh huh, Uh huh!" Rufus said from the confines of Ron's pocket.

Kim rubbed her shoulder and shrugged.

"It was nothing," she said. "Really Ron. Nothing. Shego... She... Wasn't even trying you know?"

Ron blinked.

"Not trying?"

Kim shrugged.

"Yeah like... this was just a job for her."

Ron didn't get it.

"KP – it is just a job for her. Shego's hired help."

Kim shook her head, unable to voice her emotions.

"I know," she said miserably. "But... Normally at least she's... Well... She's got more energy directed towards me. She didn't call me Princess once. It was as if... She just wanted to get it over with so that she could go home. She wasn't even trying to hurt me."

"Oh!" Ron chimed from the back seat. "So... you feel neglected."

Kim shifted uncomfortably, wondering whether it was going to be a long flight home.

"Maybe," She said softly.


She slammed the door to the garage shut.

Which was quite a feat because it was an automatic door.

Drakken watched his sidekick with growing worry.

"You seem tense," he said as he followed her to the kitchen. "You know, it's karaoke evening... Why don't we get a snack and then..."

Shego opened a cupboard, took out a glass and slammed it shut with a vicious look in his direction.

"I've got plans."

Drakken tried to smile enthusiastic.

"Oh!" he said and clapped his hands. "What are they?"

The raven haired woman snorted.

"None of your business," she poured herself a glass of water and went to rummage through the other cupboard.

"Can I come?" Drakken tried. "You look as if you need company..."

Shego found what she was looking for and turned around.

"The only company I need is my bed and magazine thank you," she said coldly as she picked up her glass again. "See you on Monday; I'm taking a long weekend."

Drakken blinked surprised.

"But Shego, it's Wednesday. You can't just..."

Shego had pushed past him but turned around and put down the phial she had taken from the cupboard.

Her hand flared to green life.

Drakken cowered back.

"Of course you work very hard," he said, holding up his hands. "You are welcome to a long weekend. Are you... Is that the aspirin bottle?"

He glanced at the bottle that Shego had put on the kitchen counter.

His sidekick sniffed indifferent and snatched it up.

Drakken followed her doggedly.

"I'm worried about you Shego," he confessed. "If there is something wrong you will tell me right? You know we are like family..."

Her jade coloured eyes spoke volumes when she glared at him.

Drakken had an idea.

"Does this have anything to do with that monthly woman cycle...?"

He just managed to dodge the green, burning aspirin bottle that was hurled his way.

It hit the wall with a small explosion, sending burning bits of plastic oozing everywhere.

Dr. Drakken was generally oblivious to most things in life but he did have a certain instinct for situations and he could clearly tell when things were going badly.

He was quite use to the feeling, though generally not in his private time.

He looked from the bottle of aspirins to the furious woman before him, her green plasma fire still licking at her now empty hand.

"I'll just leave you to your magazine," he said. "Just... take care, all right... You're a bit... Pale. I'll bring take out!"

He left before his sidekick decided that she was better off without a boss.

Shego watched him leave and allowed her powers to die away. She closed her eyes and bit her lip, feeling a sudden wave of vertigo rush over her.

When it passed she looked at the burning aspirin bottle wistfully and sighed.

'That temper will kill you one day.'

Shego growled and stormed to her room.

"Shut up," she told the voice from memory. "Just shut up."

She took the glass of water in both hands, trying to keep the water from spilling out of her shaky grip.


To Be Continued...