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A/N: This poem is in Lily's POV during Harry's birth and naming. 'Nuff said. Read on and review!

Emerald Eyes

The final push, the final release

That brings forth my baby's cry

Soft tears of joy caress my cheeks

'Congratulations! It's a boy'.

Echoes over and over in my awestruck brain


Thunderous need, erasing all thought

To hold my child

My boy

Feel his tiny hands, touch his sprigs of hair


Does he look like me?

With auburn red hair?

Or his father, with an ebony mess

Never tameable?

I need to know

I need to hold that life I bore

Nine months in coming


The mediwitch has finished cleaning him

And she turns, a bundle of blankets in hand

Beaming, as she lays the boy into my husband's arms

James; father and son


I see the noticeable tear tracks;

The glimmer still present in his hazel depths

That I know is still in mine

He leans in, mischevious smile I so love tugging at his face

'Meet our baby boy'.


And a small baby, fragile as porcelain, is laid into my awaiting arms

I part back the virgin white blanket

And gasp, the glimmer in my eyes spilling over once more

As I'm greeted by my own eyes

Staring back up at me, curiously

Emerald eyes

Below a mop of black


He's James

He's me

He's our baby, our love, our creation


I kiss his soft forehead

And capture- entangle- his fingers with mine

All the while James' palm strokes my ginger curls


What shall we call you, little Emerald Eyes?

What name is worthy of such a perfect boy?

I feel there is something big in store for you

You'll do great things,

I know this, in my very bones

What name can be worthy of such fame?

Of such innocence, such beauty?


My heart whispers

Harry James Potter.

My special little

Emerald Eyes.

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