(A.N. Yay another Song based Fanfiction! lol this is actually my first WilsonCuddy Fic I've ever made so I'm sorry if I get some of the things wrong or if they are OOC. I actually haven't been keeping track of House, (stopped waching after "Son of a Coma Guy" and just saw the last 20 minutes of the Finale, so I don't know of any new things that hava arised except for a few spoiler, but still I love this couple : Song btw is "Smother Me" By the Used. )

Let me be the one who calls you
baby all the time
Surely you can take some comfort
knowing that you're mine
Just hold me tight, lay by my side
Let me be the one who calls you
baby all the time
Smother Me- The Used

He held her on the bed just watching her sleep. It was…different. With his other wives he never felt this way; this want to be hers, the want to always keep her safe.

He lets her go and turns on his back. He wants to love her. He wants to hug and kiss her, to always be with her. Yet, he doesn't want to. He doesn't want to harm her just like he harmed his ex-wives because he just loves her that much. All of this pondering was giving him a massive migraine.

She stirs in her sleep, and for some unforeseen reason, he finds it beautiful, but then again he finds everything she does beautiful.

He thinks that he's been in love with her ever since they first met. Twenty-five years old, marriage on the rocks, and an intern at Princeton-Plainsboro. He saw her as this beautiful enigma the he could never touch, but he couldn't- no did not resist.

Years later, after becoming friends, she becoming his boss, and 3 failed marriages later, she asked him out on a non-date. Even though it wasn't a date he couldn't help but be fascinated by her beauty and grace.

Things lead to another until he was where he was now, in her bed, battling a war inside his heart.

She has now awoken, though half asleep. She turns to him, "Hello James." She smiles.

He smiles warmly back at her, "Good Morning Lisa."

There is silence for a while. It feels awkward. He knows he should say something, but he can't seem to think of the words to say. His mind is in a conundrum. His skimming of his memories had made him really contemplate, he loves her. He really wants to be there. He wants to be the one who calls her "baby" all the time, the one who stays by her side, he wants to tell her.

The words come into his brain all jumbled, he feels like he will trip on them at any time, yet he gets the courage. "Lisa… I-I love you."

She has the biggest smile on her face that he has ever seen, and he feels that those three words have real meaning for the first time in his life.