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Chapter Eighteen – Dark Knights and Dark Marks

Harry, Hermione and Batman arrived outside of the graveyard in Little Hangleton.

"Fawkes," Harry said. "Nagani is your job; please make sure she doesn't cause problems."

Fawkes trilled softly and told Harry, 'I will do so, be careful as I may not be able to protect you until I am done.'

Harry smirked at the bird as it flew off and sent, 'Cheeky bird, just be careful yourself.'

"Riddle is in the house most likely," Harry said. Then adjusting the new Omnioculars built over his glasses he added, "He is over confident, there are no wards of any kind here."

The three of them passed into the graveyard and slowly up to the house.

Batman held up his hand and they all stopped as he asked, "Do you hear that?"

Hermione listened and shook her head, and then they both looked at Harry as he was listening intently.

"Fawkes has found Nagani and they are insulting each others parentage as they fight," Harry said. "We should expect company any minute."

The three of them quickly hid themselves as three Death Eaters ran out of the house to find out the cause of the sound.

"It is the Master's snake," one said with a shaking voice.

"Quiet Worm," one said with an almost aristocratic air.

"Yes, something is not right," the third one said.

All of the sudden, two bright red beams shot out at two of the Death Eaters and Bat-A-Rang flew at the third.

"Scatter," Harry shouted.

"Potter," Snape hissed, "I will make sure I don't miss this time.

"Snivelous, you are a coward. The only way you could hit me is if my back was turned," Harry said as they began casting deadlier and deadlier spells at each other.

'Diffindo' Hermione shouted at Lucious Malfoy, clipping him across the cheek.

"You filthy Mudblood bitch," he snarled as he wiped the blood from his cheek. "I will make sure you suffer before I kill you."

Malfoy began casting bone breaking and blood boiling curses at Hermione making her have to dodge and dive behind cover, before she could cast her own curses and jinxes back at him.

Batman had tackled Wormtail after he had missed and was currently fighting for his life as Wormtail had his silver hand pressed against Batman's throat.

"A costumed Muggle," Wormtail said with sadistic glee. "I will show them I am not someone to be trifled with, after I kill you."

"You aren't the first to say that and you won't be the last," Batman said as he held a taser against Pettigrew's ribs and electrocuted him.

Batman pushed the smoking form off of him and made a mental note not to let the twins upgrade his own gear again. He then stood and watched as Harry and Hermione were in their own life or death struggles, when he felt his body screaming in agony as he felt the cruciatus curse for the first time.

"Who dares attack me," Voldemort hissed as he saw the fighting going on. "Potter, the Mudblood and who are you?"

Batman rose gingerly after regaining some feeling and said, "Someone who doesn't appreciate people with delusions of grandeur." He thought to himself, 'I have got to buy Harry time to finish so he can take care of this guy.'

"Draw your wand," Voldemort commanded.

With a slight smirk, Batman pulled the twins latest invention a charged rod, that held ten charges of stupefy and pressed the button to fire his first spell. Voldemort quickly cast a shield and sent a sickly yellow spell back at Batman which he dodged.

"Silent casting, impressive," Voldemort said, "but surely you don't think you can stop me like that."

As Batman was stalling Voldemort, Hermione was fighting with a sprained wrist and a broken ankle. Lucius was not fairing much better as Hermione had shattered his shoulder blade.

"Come out Mudblood," Lucius said as he came around the head stone he thought Hermione was hiding behind. He then heard the last words he would ever understand as he felt a wand tip at the back of his neck.

'Obliviate' Hermione cast, as Lucius Malfoy's mind was reduced to that of a newborn. She then collapsed from the pain of her injuries and drank a pain numbing potion so she could go help Harry.

Harry was having his own troubles with Snape. Snape was deflecting and shielding against most of Harry's spells, while Harry had to dodge or block most everything Severus cast at him.

"You are pathetic Potter," Snape spat. "I only wish Dumbledore were still alive to see what a failure you are."

Harry's eyes began to glow with power as righteous anger began to fill his body and several spells flew at Snape; Bludgeoners, Blasting Curses, Stunners and finally a bone shattering curse that struck Snape in the hands.

Snape cried out in pain as he dropped his wand and cradled his hands. Harry approached him and said, "I am not going to kill you, I am going to do far worse." He then cast 'Sectumsempra' at Snape's hands. "You will live, but you will never be able to make another Potion, Snivelous."

Harry turned and saw the Batman dodging spells from Voldemort, but tiring quickly. "This ends now," he said as he ran to face his destiny.

"Time to die," Voldemort said and cast 'Avada Kedavra' at Batman.

As he saw the green spell flying toward him, Bruce thought how ironic after all the attempts to kill him by the Joker, the Riddler, Bane and others he would die in a graveyard in England.

Then he heard Harry shout out, 'Stupefy' and Bruce became the first Muggle to witness 'Priori Incantum'.

"Tom," Harry said as held tightly on his wand, "How nice to see you, I think it is time to finish this. What about you?"

"Potter," Voldemort hissed as he held his own wand tightly. "Never call me that name. I can never be stopped, and when you are dead I will go on as an immortal."

"About that immortality, Tom," Harry said as he began pushing the balls of light toward Voldemort's wand as he walked toward him.

Hermione who had given Bruce some healing draughts then threw the Diary at Voldemort's feet as Harry said, "I think I should write this down what about you?" The second and third horocruxes landed at his feet, "I think the ring is too gaudy, but the locket might make a nice piece to wear for special occasions." The fourth horocrux landed near him, "I don't know about you but I am thirsty, though that cup won't even hold water now." Fawkes then appeared and dropped Nagani's body and the gem near them. "Now that would make a nice broach for Hermione to wear," Harry said as he stood next to Voldemort and saw the fear in his eyes.

"Did you know you actually made a sixth horocrux, Tom," Harry asked.

Batman then threw the dagger and it lodged in Voldemort's shoulder causing him to drop his wand and break the spell. Voldemort looked at the knife he had taken to Godric's Hollow in 1981 to make his final horocrux and then he looked at Harry. He finally felt true fear at the realization he was mortal and was about to die.

Harry eyes glowed with power as he pulled Gryffindor's sword from his belt and with one swipe quickly removed Voldemort's head.

Snape screamed in agony as the Dark Mark on his arm burned with pitch black flames and then faded permanently.

Hermione moved over to Harry and hugged him tightly as relief flooded both of them.

"It is done," Harry said, "Thank you Batman for your help."

Batman nodded and then said, "I think I will stay in Gotham for a while where the psychos are more predictable and only want to get rich or take over the city."

Harry and Hermione looked at the Dark Knight and laughed at the morbid humor.

He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named Dead! Boy-Who-Lived wanted for Murder!

By Alyx Roberts

Last night, the Ministry of Magic reported that after a vicious battle between Aurors and Death Eaters. He-Who-Must-Not-Be Named was defeated.

Minister Scrimgour was quick to comment that it was his leadership that has now made the Wizarding World safe once again.

When asked about Harry Potter, the Minister said, "Mr. Potter and Miss Granger are still wanted by the Ministry of Magic for their dark acts earlier this week."

At this time the two former Hogwarts students have not been seen and are still considered armed and dangerous. Citizens should not attempt to confront them and should contact the Department of Magical Law Enforcement.


Harry, Hermione and Bruce went back to Godric's Hollow to rest and heal from the battle.

After reading the paper the next day, with Scrimgour taking credit for the defeat of Voldemort, Harry snorted and said, "I guess this settles it, we can't stay here."

Bruce then asked Harry, "Why don't you two come back to Gotham with me? That way you will be away from this and can think about what you want to do with your lives."

Hermione nodded her agreement to the plan and went to call her parents to let them know the war was over and what they were going to do.

A few days after the defeat of Voldemort, Harry and Hermione left England with Bruce and Alfred.

Perhaps Gotham would give them a new start away from the corrupt politics of the Ministry of Magic and the fickle opinions of the Wizarding World.

Rufus Scrimgour was removed from office six months after Voldemort's defeat. He and his entire staff were found guilty of embezzlement and fraud and sentenced to Azkaban Prison.

Fred and George Weasley left England a few weeks after Harry and Hermione and became the stars of Wayne Industries new Wizard Division, producing items for use in the Muggle World and for the Dark Knight.

Hermione stayed with them for a while but ended up leaving to attend Salem University's School of Advanced Magic and Theory, where she achieved Masteries in Runes and Charms. She eventually returned to Gotham, met Dick Grayson and fell in love and married. The two of them would work together protecting Gotham as Nightwing and the Enchantress.

Harry after taking a few weeks to heal realized his oath was for more than just Voldemort. He began training with Bruce and started helping out with Gotham's Criminal element as the Mage. He met the mysterious Oracle and was able to with Hermione's help heal her spine so she could walk again. They spent a great deal of time together, before finally settling down.

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