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"What the hell are you two doing?" Gaara asked

Temari and Shikamaru froze "um….." Temari began but Gaara cut her off

"If you two are going to fight, do it outside, and try not to rip your clothes as much"

Shikamaru gave Temari one puzzled look before excusing himself, she however stared at her brother whilst slowly buttoning up her dress.

"Gaara…..random question, what made you think Shikamaru and me were fighting?"

"You were fighting?" Kankuro made his entrance plopping down on the coach beside his blond sister

"No…." Temari's eyebrow twitched as she recovered a sock from behind Kankuro's head.

The puppet master watched in adject horror before turning to Gaara.

Seeing the calm, cold look his younger brother was giving the pair he turned back to Temari. "Is he still alive?" he said referring to the so called genius of Kanoha

Gaara growled, capturing both his siblings attention "As I said, if you guys are going to fight don't do it in the house."

"They weren't fighting Gaara…..they were making out" Kankuro said carefully


More silence

"Um, Gaara….do you know what I mean?"

His raised eyebrow indicated no…he did NOT know what they meant.

"Dude, didn't you go to the special class days y'know every 10th of may?" Kankuro said

"I was told not to attend school on those days" Gaara said coldly, wondering what his siblings were on (and if he could get some…joke)

"Oh god" Temari said "We have a Kazekage who doesn't know about sex"


Temari tapped her fingers on the shiny desk in front of her. She looked down her long boot clad legs which were crossed where they rested on the desk. She snorted.

"You're kidding right?" she asked looking at the small woman in front of her. The headwoman of the teachers guild

"Ano…..Temari-sama… will take the assignment…."

The blond woman rubbed her eyes tiredly. Unhooking her ankles she made to get up and leave, but the smaller teacher put her hand on the womans arm.

"If I may suggest….."

"Hai….you may"

"The Kazekage is beyond the basic sex-ed courses offered by teachers, he needs to not only be taught the basics that we all know, but he also needs to be taught about situations that his position may force him into"

"Pardon?" Temari said losing train of the small womans quick speech.

"Gaara-sama needs to be taught not only about sex, but about women, and predators, and political situations where they may send women to persude him"

Temari cringed "Where the hell am I going to find someone to do that?"

The wizened woman looked at the elder sibling and smiled "What about one of our allies, I hear they have some good medic-kunochi?"



Temari now sat with Kankuro, files in front of them, each with a glossy picture of a Kunochi on the front.

"What about her?" Kankuro said showing Temari a picture


"Awww Why not?" Kankuro said, "We've been at this for hours! What friggin order are we even working on?"

Temari sighed "One, Tenten isn't currently available, two she hasn't got the relevant experience, and we're working from cheapest to most expensive brackets. We just hit the most expensive bracket"

"Ouch" Kankuro said looking at the price tag these kunochi had

"Worth it" Shikamaru appeared sitting beside Temari "I know most of these women"

"Oh…in what way?" Kankuro said leering jokingly at the shadow-master

The snap of Temari undoing her fan-catch was enough to have Kankuro looking buisily at the files

"Any suggestions?" Temari said hopefully

Shikamaru smiled at her "You could have just asked, Sakura Hurano"

"Hurano?" Temari said finding the file "The picture looks familiar….TSUNADE'S APPRENTICE?"

"SHHH" Kankuro said looking nervously at the door, they were currently sat in the last place Gaara would go on a Sunday afternoon….his office…..but that wouldn't stop him beating the crap out of them if he found them going through his files

"She has relevant medical knowledge, she teaches sex-ed occasionally at the academy, and she has the strength to keep Gaara in the room…"

"…and the looks" Kankuro said looking at the picture Temari held

"Alright, we'll hire her"